ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3

ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3[EPUB] ✷ ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3 ✺ Cameron Dane – Lawman Cade McKenna carries deep scars physical and emotional Cowboy Ren Boone hides his fears behind an easy smile When sabotage hits the ecological project Ren is working on Cade is assigned the cas Lawman Cade McKenna carries deep scars Brothersuinten Montana PDF º physical and emotional Cowboy Ren Boone hides his fears behind an easy smile When sabotage hits the ecological project Ren is working on Cade is assigned the case Suddenly Cade is fighting an attraction for the boss's son and Ren starts to see the serious Deputy McKenna a man who can no longer smile as breathtaking and beautifulAs danger mounts tempers and desires flare out of control Ren and Cade explode in an act ReneCade Hawkins PDF/EPUB ² of passion that sends them both reeling A secret affair begins one fraught with peril and misunderstandings right from the start Then Ren makes a catastrophic mistake that almost costs Cade his life Can Cade forgive him and let Ren back into his vulnerable heart Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices violence Note; ReneCade is affiliated with Demon Moon and Falling an erotic love Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana PDF/EPUB » story but can be read as a standalone title.

I am an air force brat Brothersuinten Montana PDF º and spent most of my growing up years living overseas in Italy and England as well as Florida Georgia Ohio and Virginia while we were stateside I now live in Florida once again with my big wonderfully pushy family and my three legged cat Harry I have been reading romance novels since I was twelve years old and twenty years later I still adore them Currently I have.

ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3 PDF/EPUB ì
  • ebook
  • 344 pages
  • ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3
  • Cameron Dane
  • English
  • 24 January 2016
  • 9781596326453

10 thoughts on “ReneCade Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #3

  1. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    45 starsI found Ren and Cade’s story to be both emotionally exhausting and satisfying The angst was so real Ren and Cade are carrying on a secret relationship and they are both closeted Unfortunately both of these men are dealing with insecurities that lead to misunderstandings and a huge regretful mistake OMG It’s not pretty It’s damn heartbreaking and my stomach was in knots pretty much throughout the entire book I can see this book pissing a lot of people off Definitely a gritty and raw read

  2. DarienMoya says:

    ^^RENDERED SPEECHLESS^^ 45More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSI love Cameron Dane; I know sounding like a broken record but she is just so gooooood when it comes to angst and the hottest sex Her men will leave you weak in the knees it’s a darn shame they have no interest in my girly bits because I would want these hot sexy menRen is a gay man the town don’t know his dad don’t know The only people with any idea are his best friends and one only knows because he is doing him Ren is in love with Tex but Tex does not feel the same to make matters worst he is in engaged to be married and Ren provides sexual relief Even though they truly are friends Ren harbours feelings and the sex only keeps complicating them Tex will never leave his fiancé and Ren wants from him with that their relationship comes to a close and they will become proper friends Or will they? In comes Cade Mckenna and he sets Ren’s world on fireCade is the deputy sheriff of uinten he just moved from the big city trying to escape an incident that has shaped his very outlook on life Until there was Ren Boone he wants this man but is so afraid to trust him What begins as like turns into hot blazing love The road won’t be easy and there will be betrayals which made me cry like a true baby Gotta give props to a book that makes you wanna throw something and if I had it in paperback I would have thrown the sucker across the room That’s what I call good times This book is true reflection of that all your actions has conseuences and in this case people were hurt all for a little nookyThe sex is soooooooooooo HAWT and the emotions so raw It was great too see how situations was handled and how stupid men can be and man can they be stupidOverall a great read with hot sex and hunky men a good time I recommend Cameron Dane like no other

  3. Kade Boehme says:

    K so I drank the Cameron Dane kool aid LONG LONG ago She's pretty much my auto buy damn me and my angst addiction Ren and Cade are exactly what I love about Dane novels hot fucked up imperfect Cade physically as well as emotionally and stubborn as hell They're men They don't communicate they use sex too often in stead of expressing emotions and by dammit they are dickheads sometimesI LOVE IT Now make no mistake there's lots of sex and it's hot but Dane likes to use some strange and repetitive descriptions at times and don't even ask how so many guys assholes throb with their heartbeatick but the story here is great Ren is terribly insecure with major abandonment issues and a stupid crush on a childhood friend which causes him to doubt his grown up relationship with Cade Cade is damaged emotionally by his past Being gay is something that's had painful repercussions for him so he's terribly skittish about getting into a relationship with his bosses son who is also younger than himself But they come together and it's hot and it's goodBUT and this is a spoiler while not being a spoiler since it's shelved as one of the Best MM With A Cheating Hero The cheating is total bullshit Cade has sex then doesn't call for two weeks then does it again now I'll be damned if you think I'm gonna realize you're attempting a relationship with me while you're acting like that Cheating my ass You hit and run and while later those runs were countered with decent reasoning you DID NOT COMMUNICATE THAT TO ME UNTIL THE 13th HOUR DUMBASS Until Cade gave me a sign as to what the hell he wanted I'd've fucked who I wanted to as well Especially someone I had history with It irked me how shitty Cade was If I'd been their friend I'd've told Cade he was a repressed dumbass Moving onIt's a great story but that damn treatment toward Ren seemed over the top and made me really pissy with Cade Ren's actions were incredibly excusable to me But I've re read this enough times it obviously didn't change my enjoyment of the story over all that Cade was an ass

  4. Montana says:

    My dislike for this book runs pretty deep so those who don't like to read negative reviews should consider this fair warningFrom the very beginning I didn't find either Ren or Cade a particularly sympathetic character Ren's sexual relationship with Tex— particularly the way he went from frustrated and resentful of the limitations Tex imposed on their relationship to an immediate rationalization of his acceptance of those limitations—set off warning bells for me Still his conflicted feelings could have been indicative of a character trait that would build tension throughout the book a willingness to settle albeit bitterly for what he could get even when he wanted Sadly though this wasn't his only character flaw He's also immature spoiled and has abandonment issues of epic proportionsOddly even though Cade is the older of the two by nearly a decade he's even emotionally immature than Ren There are constant hints dropped about the trauma in his past that left him repressed to the point of non functional in a relationship context The reveal which finally comes near the end of the book doesn't have nearly enough impact to justify all the hype along the way Like Ren Cade has a laundry list of what are presumably meant to be uirky or interesting character traits but they mainly serve to remind the reader that he's fictionalDespite his complete inexperience Cade is set up as the relationship expert dispensing sage advice and even lecturing Ren on the ways in which Ren has wronged him Ren of course recognizes the wisdom in Cade's words and sees the error of his ways at least until they do it all over again At best their relationship feels like a co dependent mess and at worst like mutual emotional abuseWe're told that when they have sex it's transcendent and life changing but neither of them seems to change as a result of it Each time Ren realizes how much he cares for Cade and each time Cade runs away as soon as it's over That lack character growth is a problem that plagues the whole book in factThe conflicts that keep them from their happily ever after are repetitive too and don't grow organically from the plot The failures of communication are overly melodramatic even by romance trope standards and the ultimate conflict that leads to an apparently permanent break up is so clearly manufactured by the author without regard for any kind of logic that it makes it impossible to suspend disbeliefThis is a very long book that could've been cut by at least a third if not half by a good editor with a sharp red pencil and a willingness to roll up her sleeves and really dig in Honestly though I'm not sure even a good edit could've saved it because the characters are so unlikeable that even after cutting away all the excess padding you'd still be left with two self absorbed people who should be in therapy instead of in love

  5. Natsroshan says:

    Renecade is a superb story really moving and intenseI was swept away by the characters really fast Cade is a sweet and reserved man but someone who need love A very bad experience in the past push him somehow to keep away from everyone and to trust no one Ren is a young stud who seems full of life and confidence but he is extremely insecureTheir connection is intense and fragile at the same time their need for each other makes them both frightened and clumsy I thought it will take years lol But even if the word L was not pronounced or much less thought i could feel itIt was like i want you i'm falling in love with you so stay away from me but i can't take my hands off youThen the mistake is done and it hurt so muchI cried a lot till the endThere is a back story about sabotage that has a surprising endHighly recommended

  6. Kazza says:

    Bloody Hell There is something about Cameron Dane's writing that is incredibly erotic Seriously how can steaming anus's and cocks get one going? Somehow they just do when Cameron Dane writes it Of the 2 main characters Cade and Ren I just loved Cade He had so much of what I like particularly in this genre a bit of a gruff veneer loyal a strong moral compass sweet with his partner loved animals with just enough of a sad past to add some mystery or angst Ren well I liked him up until he erred on the stupid side Then he pissed me off I get why he did what he did but he hurt Cade not to mention others as well He wouldn't take real responsiblity for his behaviour for a while and that just bugged the hell out of me In all honesty even though he did come good and grew as a person I would not have blamed Cade if he chose not to forgive himThe book was uite angsty the sex smoking hot and there was a good storyline with Ren's mum the vandalism and sabotage and shooting It also sets up nicely for the next book featuring Risa and Duke Ren's best friend and father I will definitely be reading this whole series as I've enjoyed them all so far and it seems I am uite the fan of Ms Dane's writing

  7. Fonzie says:

    I've been reading some of Cameron Dane's books They are a fun read not really deep it is smut after all although I tend to skip the lengthy sex descriptions Who can get it up 5 times in one night anyway?Sadly I couldn't even remotely enjoy this one The characters were good the premise was interesting and then come the annoying bitsFirst everything gets spelled out If an author feels the need to explain everything in great detail she is not doing a good job and at the same time insults the readers' intelligence I mean yes thank you we get that Ren sidestepped a uestion by denying one part of it and leading the good deputy by his nose but why does it have to be spelled out so much in detail we lose the point of the story?Then the second the whole cheating idea threw me for a loop So far the story is about Cade fucking Ren Cade getting his panties in a twist after the sex Cade leaving Ren and not talking to the hapless guy for weeks Again and again and againThen comes a glitch when Ren gets ignored for about 2 weeks and has some comfort sex with someone else As a predictable plot twist Cade sees the whole thing and once again gets his panties in a major twist claiming that Ren cheated on him What? And I thought I was reading about two guys silly meWell last I checked you need to be in a relationship first before you can actually cheat on said person Not to mention if someone treats you like dirt a fuck buddy and never says he actually cares for you he definitely has no claim on you whatsoever It can't be expected of somebody to take being ignored and rebuffed in stride and wait around forever just in case Silent Sam decides to actually tell him he loves him and wants him That's far fetched pointless angst right thereThird the whole you are afraid of a relationship thing Where the hell did that come from? I'm completely flabbergasted No sign of Ren being afraid of actually getting into a relationship whatsoever in the story so far It's pretty stupid to introduce relationship phobia issues in the last 34 part of the book no? I think it's just a f ed up attempt at trying to justify the cheating that doesn't even constitute as cheating It feels like putting a center piece over the wine stain on the table clothAnd the angst still won't end They fuck Cade bails out they spend some time apart they fuck Cade gets his panties in a twist rinse repeatI'm thinking of making this book into a drinking gameI'm wondering if an editor has ever read this I'm pretty sure the answer is no

  8. Heather says:

    Oh my god this book was so awesome I might have to add this to my top 5 favorite erotica books Ever Cade is a physically scarred police officer working in Montana near the Hawkins ranch He keeps himself all closed up and emotionally unattached to prevent something horrific from happening all over again However Cade has a hard time staying detached around Ren Ren is the sheriffs son and Cade has had a thing for him for a long time When Cade overhears a private conversation between Ren and his friend Risa he finds out Ren is gay Now Cade really has to stay away from Ren so that A the sheriff doesnt find out about his crush and B so that Cade doesnt let himself get hurt again Ren is so attracted to Cade despite the scars that mar half of his face When Cade is in a small car accident Ren rushes out to see what happened and they share a scorching kiss Cade pulls away determined not to let Ren get to him Ren feels slighted and so he tries to stay away After a dramatic turn of events Cade and Ren have a passion filled night together and from this point on the drama really begins Can they manage to make it work even though they have to hide their new relationship? Misunderstandings and much drama ensues while they try to figure it out I Loved This Book It was so freakin good Of course you have to like mm romance to enjoy this book but if you do your in for a treat This story has so much romance angst drama heartache and passion that I couldnt put it down until I was done This is one of the few erotic romances I've read that really gives you that gut wrenching ache when things aren't working out or that elated high when things are going well I highly recommend this book by Cameron Dane although you really should read Demon Moon and Falling first AwesomeThis book has lots of mm hotness so if that's not your thing dont pick this up

  9. ElaineY says:

    One of the best mm romances I've read in that there's a lot character development here due no doubt to the book's length This is one book I would have liked to have bought in printOne thing I'm beginning to notice as I read gay romances is that the authors allow infidelity after the romance has begun For example in this book Ren cheats on Cade during as low point in their new relationship This is something rare in mf romances I've never read an mf romance where either protagonist cheats and hurts the other after their romance has bloomed Granted they may be some that I haven't come across but in my opinion they're rare I really like that Renecade is filled with so much emotion The sex is much much explicit than many I've read so if this is going to be your first gay romance be warned Renecade brings to mind all the old romances once written full of angst psycho drama and the expected and necessary emotive HEA They don't write these mf romances anywhat a pity

  10. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) says:

    Betrayal BETRAYALA poor man's MM sex filled Shakespearean taleThis book has a hint of Shakespeare gone gay western and modern Things happening behind the scenes melodrama affairs duplicitous parents secrets being kept and even some plotting going onIt's hard to break down this story without giving anything away and really without the surprise factor this book is just angst for angst's sake When someone is especially melodramatic in a book I say that they are having a Marlon Brando Stella Stellllllllaaaaa moment Ren and Cade have one Marlon Brando moment after another back to back I mean these men are on their knees in the middle of a deserted street heads thrown back screaming sobbing and tearing their shirts with their bare hands It's bordering on ridiculousThe sex in this book is hot Hot and dramatically angst filled It's like sex is a life and death situation for these men I saw what the author was going for but I wanted to say Seriously guys if you don't dial down the intensity I think you might pop something vital So why the three stars? Because it's Cameron Dane and somehow even when I wanted to smack these men upside their heads I still kept reading I wanted them to be happy because all of that torment needed to pay off for them In the end it did pay off Thank God because if it hadn't I would have been the one having a Marlon Brando moment

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