Happy Endings (Happy Endings, #1)

Happy Endings (Happy Endings, #1)❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Happy Endings (Happy Endings, #1) Author Alice Winters – Bluevapours.co.uk Miles a powerful mage thinks life is right where he wants it With a werewolf a witch and a demon in his house what could go wrong When fifteen people die at the same time in different locations things Miles a powerful mage thinks life is right where he wants it With a werewolf a witch and a demon in his house what could go wrong When fifteen people die at the same time in different locations things start to look a bit bleak The police are looking for someone to help someone worthy of helping but instead they get stuck with Miles and his demon Havoc whose weakness is any woman that looks his way They have been together for hundreds of years and when things start to go wrong they may be the only two that can save humanity Which is really sad because they’re definitely not cut out to save humanity When an attack leaves Miles’s life in Havoc’s hands the two start to uestion if there’s something between them other than three hundred years of bickering Along with a forest spirit a perverted minotaur and the two human detectives that wish they’d have asked for help from anyone else Miles and Havoc try to find the answer to their happy ending No not that happy ending you pervert Okay maybe there’s that kind of happy ending too.

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Kindle Edition  ☆ Happy Endings PDF/EPUB ✓
  • Kindle Edition
  • 190 pages
  • Happy Endings (Happy Endings, #1)
  • Alice Winters
  • English
  • 11 April 2015

10 thoughts on “Happy Endings (Happy Endings, #1)

  1. ☆ Todd says:

    Magic Snark Banter Sign my ass right on up Once again I absolutely LOVED Alice Winters' humor which was a bit like a sneak attack on your funny bone Not over the top or slapstick but just subtle and very human?I was drawn in right from the first hilarious chapter where Miles a powerful mage used a glamor to make himself appear to be an old Asian woman then proceeded to harass the two detectives looking for him about getting a happy ending massage until they fled the building clutching their proverbial pearls Truly funny stuff Miles Shortly after Havoc his muscley indentured demon and resident skirt chaser arrived on the scene and things only continued to get funnier and funnier Their masterservant sorta? relationship had begun a few hundred years ago with their snarking and sniping at one another getting better with age Just pretend Havoc has horns And since this is a romance we saw their relationship change into something much personal caring even turning possessive especially on Havoc's part I can instantly tell that she’s a succubus and she’s trying to charm me with her aura “Hey I’m here to see Aiden” I say “Aren’t we all?” the other asks as she sets a hand on my chest and presses her breasts against my arm “Mine” Havoc says as he lifts up a spray bottle and suirts her right in the faceShe jerks back “What the hell?” But by that point the relentless detectives had already returned informing Miles of a series of magical murders around the area murders on which only he could assistSo with Havoc at his side Miles figured out that an old powerful foe from centuries ago had returned and was attempting to kill other powerful magical beings to gain ultimate powerAnd that was when the fighting began just done a bit differently than usual because these two goofballs weren't 100% conventional As in at all “Soare we humans supposed to run? I feel like by the time we get there the fight will be over Or I’d be so winded I couldn’t fight How do they do it in the movies?” Sam asks “I’m not a good runner” Johnson says “I’m getting old”“Let’s all walk slowly toward the fight” I say as I raise my sword The light hearted humor of the story lasted from start to finish even during the especially trying times which I thoroughly enjoyed The dynamic between the gruff Miles and his belligerent horny Havoc totally worked for me largely because I could always tell that neither man truly wished any ill will on the other That was just how they operated full stop “Demons can feel power and I was always drawn to your power than his That’s why demons always respect you You think Iya respects or listens to anyone else?”I snort “It’s just because he wants to get in my pants” I grumble “It is not” he says “I want in your pants and I don’t listen to you eighty percent of the time” The story is mostly angst free with plenty of action and some snarky sex thrown in to boot which kept me pretty damn entertained the entire way throughI didn't realize it at the time I began reading but this was book 1 of a series which ended at a good point with The Big Bad's main helper brought to justice but the story will continue with the next book 425 snarky bitch stars and very highly recommended NOTE I checked in with Alice and she told me that the follow up book should be out early in 2020 so I'm anxiously awaiting its release This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membershipSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    DNF at 82% This author just isn't for me especially when she is trying to be banter y but the characters just seem like ass faces goodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

  3. Deborah says:

    An extra 10k meant an automatic re read And if anything it was even better the second timeOriginal reviewI do love a book that makes me laughAlice Winters has uickly become one of my favourite authors This book had me from the first pageNo longer did I appear to be twenty six with short brown hair slightly longer on the top and dark blue eyes But instead I now appear to be a person a little appropriate for screwing with someone A seventy four year old Asian woman He’s bound to a powerful demon“Havoc I call upon you” I saySilence “Goddammit Havoc I know you’re there” I snap“Havoc” I snap “You lazy son of a bitch Get out here” Goddammit” I say “Havoc I’m going to make you scrub my toilets” A minotaur pulls itself up out of the ground which is shifting back to how it was before the summoningHey Iya” I say “Where’s Havoc?” “He sent me instead” “I see that And what is he doing that was so important?” “Reading a book”I just love this book“Havoc Havoc Oh my God Havoc” He looks over at me startled “What’s wrong?” “Are you ill? What are you doing?” I ask as I touch his forehead “Oh God he’s dying Someone help” He smacks my hand away “What?” “There’s a woman she’s getting away Hurry Gotta catch them all” Havoc glares at me “Oh wait have you already slept with her?” I ask “Sometimes I lose track”“Funny” Iya says “I have been good Miles I did not penetrate the human as you told me not to even though he asked me to” Sam’s face turns bright red I could probably fry an egg on it it is so red “I told you that you could if he asked you to” I say If a bull’s face could show horror Iya’s is showing it right now “Seriously? Oh God I have made great mistakes” Iya cries “Sam He says it’s okay to penetrate you” “I’m going to run ahead and hope I get killed” Sam says as he takes off joggingSo there’s loads going on here Miles is a powerful mage He’s bound to a powerful demon We have witches wolves vampires sirens sacred creatures Plus of course an evil villain Everything but the kitchen sink and it’s a fabulous fun readNow I want More

  4. BWT (Belen) says:

    Alice Winters writes some of the best he's an asshole but he's hysterically funny characters

  5. Riley Parks says:

    Out of the ordinary thoroughly well written45 starsHavoc is my spirit demon I don’t know if that’s a thing but I really loved himAlice Winters is a great writer This genre isn’t what I typically read but the way she built the world made it easy for me to understand demons mages necromancers oh myPlayful dialogue made Happy Endings exceedingly enjoyableProtagonist Miles’ POV I enjoyed being in his head He was clever and interesting Flashbacks added richnessYou are going to ship Miles and Havoc I just know itI had to knock down a half a star for the first chapter The “happy ending” joke fell a little flat for me If it does for you too keep reading It’s worth itARC provided for honest review

  6. Kathleen says:

    DNF 75%That was some bare bones flimsy writing Some good ideas but mostly unlikable shallow characters and skeletal world building I just didn’t care enough about the protagonists to finish Not an author I’ll read again

  7. Courtney Bassett says:

    A cute paranormal adventure This book had a lot of the kind of banter and wit that I enjoyed in the other books I’ve read from the author There was a major plot point left unresolved so I’m assuming it’s the start of a series There were so many characters that I had a bit of a hard time keeping up with who everyone was but it was still a very enjoyable readEdited for the second time through I had an easier time following this time around and I am SUPER looking forward to the next book

  8. Achim says:

    35Bantering Grand Central with a lot of snark thrown into some bickering and sarcasm So much of that that I nearly lost sight of the story and they way the feelings between those two are developing but maybe I don't speak enough demon

  9. Bookreader87(Amanda) says:

    Miles375 starsMiles is a powerful mage who runs a cafe and keeps a low profile That is until a couple detectives walk into his shop looking for help on murder cases As the murders are of magical creatures Miles agrees to help only to find out the man he hates the most in the world the man he thought he killed years ago is behind it allNow Miles and his group of friends must find away to stop GeoffSolid read with and interesting cast of characters I loved the relationship between Miles and his demon Havoc I look forward to reading about Miles and Havoc's as well as their eventual encounter with Geoff

  10. Adrienne says:

    DNF as hell I actively regret buying this book and regret even MORE that I waited too long to start reading and then couldn't return itThe writing is bad enough but our love interest is so goddamn hollow and without character with what character he DOES have being THOROUGHLY unlikable that I have NO IDEA why we are supposed to be happy about this couple getting together Also it happens seemingly OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE Just Ugh I admit my bitterness may be magnified by the fact that I couldn't return the damn thing but still I am angry at the time I lost on this damn bookNow I'm even ANGRIER because it's popping up as a recommendation connected to books I love DON'T DO ME DIRTY LIKE THAT GOODREADS

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