Catch Me (The Winters Family #1)

Catch Me (The Winters Family #1)✮ Catch Me (The Winters Family #1) Books ✰ Author Terra Kelly – Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00PKMUP1WMaybe the curtain was a little too see throughSexy firefighter Drew has it allA loving familyHis dream job He even lives alone in a little cottage by the beac Alternate cover edition of ASIN BPKMUPWMaybe the curtain was a little too see throughSexy firefighter Drew has it allA loving familyHis dream job He even lives alone in a little cottage by the beach his own paradiseEverything changes when he sees his neighbor standing naked in front of her windowIsabel makes a mean cheesecakeShe laughs loudly and hates wearing clothesDrew can't get the image of Isabel in her window out of his mindIsabel is on the hunt for new curtains maybeInstant attractionForever romanceAnd you'll never look at a grilled cheese sandwich the same way again.

Terra loves snuggling with her cat and relaxing with her amazing hubby A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp and am seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep She laughs loudly smiles often is a bit of a klutz and tries to always find the positive in everythingShe first started writing contemporary romance in the beginning of her writing career Then.

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  • 168 pages
  • Catch Me (The Winters Family #1)
  • Terra Kelly
  • English
  • 01 February 2015

10 thoughts on “Catch Me (The Winters Family #1)

  1. Traci says:

    Reviewed for Naughty Nympho's Book Promotions BlogI actually did like this story however there were a few things that made it difficult to read Enough that it takes my rating from a 4 to a 3 There were a lot of grammar errors Too many for it not to be mentioned This definitely needs to be re worked and fixed and you would actually have a pretty good beach read on your hands The pace is also very uick maybe too uick for it to be believable The beginning was specific in both Drew and Isabel being fearful of being in love after what they went through with dating in the past yet they were in love a uarter of the way through Its not the uick love that is the problem its basically that its stating two different things Nothing was taken slowly As a novella this pace would have been acceptable but in a full length novel it actually turns it into a bunch of fluff that isn't very believableHowever the characters are well written and do mesh well together You cant help but love Drew He is cute sexy sweet and has a hot career any girl would definitely fall for him within a few hours of meeting him Isabel is also a pretty sweet character She is so far from whiny and a joy to read I usually hate woman but Isabel has a fabulous sense of humor and you want to have a bestie just like herOne problem I found was with the ending Now don't get me wrong i love how Drew and Isabel ended their story however the lead into the next characters book i felt just wasn't enough We spent a lot of time with Isabel's family but Drew's was skimmed over and barely addressed and to be honest considering the name of the series is his last name we should have gotten time with his brothers and parentsThis book has so much potential to be a 5 star read but i really feel it needs to go back to the editing and beta processes and get a little bit of a work over I would recommend the story but I'd also recommend the problems I found being addressed and fixedMuch luck to the author

  2. Morgan Kelley says:

    50 out of 5 stars Sweet sexy and didn't disappoint December 26 2014By morgan This review is from Catch Me The Winters Family Series Book 1 Kindle EditionI love a great romance bookThere's nothing like falling into a story and meeting two people who will change each other's livesThis was just that kind of bookI found a fondness for Izzy She connected to me and drew me in I loved everything about her From her dialogto her little insecuritiesTerra Kelly wrote some amazing charactersI won't spoil the plot but if you like romances sweet sexy reads then this is the book for you I could picture myself sittingon the beach and reading this bookGreat job Ms KellyKeep writing I look forward to the next book

  3. Jackie Parry says:

    Romance joy love and smilesBelievable appealing characters with potent chemistry Kelly skilfully relies on real life events and emotions that we can all relate to With such seemingly simple but effective prose she doesn’t need a shocking or outrageous story lineMasterfully under pinned with fascinating families the characters come to life This is sexy seductive real and fun with an added bonus of mouth watering recipes I’m not big on romance but this book kept me turning the pages far uicker and often than I usually do with this genre Catch Me will leave you feeling warm happy and upbeat – what could you want

  4. Amy says:

    This book is a very uick read It's a fluffy little romance with a fair helping of smutThere was a plot and it kept me interested though it was a little fantastical at timesA nice read if you're looking for something uick that doesn't reuire any thinking

  5. Felipe Lerma says:

    I'll start by saying this was out of usual reading range I'm a guy and I generally prefer thrillers But I also belong to a group that had expressed a lot of good things about this author's work I'd already been exploring books outside my comfort range and thought this was a good book to also try I'm glad I did Though this book didn't change my reading preferences it did present a lot of good surprises and exposed me to a whole new viewpoint that of a plus size woman worth than she realized And how she came to value herself The story itself is sweet clean and young Yet also very sexy with early graphic episodes But not before some very playful fun flirting With dialog that was catchy and contemporary and stayed that wayThat alone without maybe specific exploration of Isabel's issues about her insecurities wouldn't have gotten me to give this book 5 stars It was the combination of the story well told consistent in tone and purpose with the writer's techniue that moved this from a 4 to a 5First returning to the idea of exploration about the female lead's feelings we are told about which kinds of boys had passed her up or ignored her And there were moments like Isabel 'I love you than chocolate'Drew smiled 'That sounds pretty serious'Isabel smiled 'You have no idea'Lots of little gemsBut again for me it was the author's use of section breaks that brought the story to lifeUsing short narratives and freuent segment breaks denoted by extra space between the narratives the point of view pov changed and mirrored and contrasted the two main characters' view of what was happening The interaction was convincing for me I believed the two characters real involvement with each otherThe author also used segment breaks within one person's pov to signify moments pauses that meant something to one or both characters It's a nice touch like reading a cinematic camera change with a written narrative I hadn't seen this beforeAnd the author was able to do these segment changes and pauses with the same smoothness and fluidity within segmentsIt created a convincing atmosphere of a genteel sweetness that was also hip and youngThere's but this alone swayed me to a 5 starAnd yes it was a fun read smiles

  6. Mike Billington says:

    There are times when I like to read a good romance novelThe reasons I spend a lot of time writing mystery novels featuring strong female characters and I enjoy reading books that a give me some new perspectives and b show me how other authors treat their female characters especially those with a mind of their ownAuthor Terra Kelly's Izzy Sloane is a strong female character in Catch Me although there was a time when she wasn't In fact there was a time when she caved in to her former boyfriend's obsession with re making her into his ideal woman A Philadelphia television reporter she wised up took a job that led her to North Carolina and there fell in love with a hunky firefighterUnlike her former boyfriend however Drew Winters thinks she is already perfect and has no interest in making her into anything than his girlfriendKelly's writing is smooth and though Izzy and Drew spend a fair amount of time in each others' arms the sex scenes in this novel aren't over the top They are instead nicely written What I liked most about this book was the fact that both Izzy and Drew read as real people They are unsure of themselves in many respects especially when it comes to admitting their feelings for each other I also liked the fact that they come from loving families I spent nearly 50 years as a journalist and frankly I saw too many dysfunctional families as part of that job and don't care to read about them now that I'm retiredKelly is also a cook with her own food blog so there's a fair amount of time spent in the various kitchens of Catch Me As someone who enjoys cooking myself I also liked those scenes in the book and I especially liked the fact that Kelly includes recipes for some of the dishes Izzy and the other characters make at the end of the book I've tried two so far and will try them allA fast read with interesting likable characters I thoroughly enjoyed Catch Me and would recommend it to romance readers without hesitation

  7. Helen (Blissfully Bookish Besties) says:

    Catch Me is the first book in the Winter Family series it is set in North Carolina and is the story of Isabele Sloane and Drew WintersIzzy is a reporter and has relocated from Philly to better her career she finds herself living next to sexy local fireman Drew The two leads are instantly attracted to each other and although Izzy initially uestions that Drew could be attracted to her and her curves the two begin a relationshipCatch Me is an insta lovelust story where the two leads fall hard and fast for each other and are both surprised by the intensity of the feelings they have for the other and the speed that they develop them Although some insta love stories seem rushed and unbelievable the way that Terra Kelly manages to project Drew and Izzy's emotions draws the reader in and you feel that you are right there with them feeling everything they feel This is a sweet sexy and fun read The romance is not bogged down by miscommunications angst or will theywont they etc; It is a flirty and fun steamy romance with very likeable characters that are believable and easy to relate to There is also a good cast of supporting characters made up of Izzy and Drew's friends and family I really enjoyed Catch Me and will definitely be continuing with the Winters Family Series 'Need You' Alex Winters and love interest Alyssa's story is next and is available now A copy of Catch Me was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  8. Georgiana says:

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this book While reading I found myself smiling and laughing The characters are very realistic and I enjoyed getting to know themIsabel Sloane is a plus size women who for the most part is very comfortable in her own skin She hasn’t had many boyfriends and the last one she had was sleazy Chad After Isabel ends the relationship she decides to take a job at a local news station in North Carolina The job was only supposed to be temporary Drew Winters is a sexy firefighter living on the beach in North Carolina The only type of women he has dated are selfish and unhappy One day Drew notices new neighbor Isabel standing at her window in her house At that moment he thought she was so beautiful and he wanted to get to know her This story is about the two of them falling in love and Isabel having to figure out her next career move They are both very supportive of each others careers and are very close to their familiesThis is a light and fluffy romance with very realistic life decisions If you like sweet romances and uick reads this is the book There is no cliffhanger and the end of the story makes you want to see what’s going to happen with the rest of Drew’s brothers I'd also like to see what happens with Drew’s long time bestfriend Danny I will be reading the rest of Terra Kelly's books Also I loved the recipes at the end of the book I will be trying them out

  9. Undeniably Addicted to Books says:

    Rating 35 4 StarsThis is the story of Isabel Sloane and Drew Winters Isabel has just moved for a temporary position to North Carolina from Philly after ending a relationship with a sleazy co worker After struggling with her feelings about her plus size body for most her life feeling comfortable in her own skin but a little unsure about others Isabel is unsure whether or not to believe it when the hunky firefighter Drew tells her she's gorgeous She begins a relationship with him and falls hard leaving her with uestions can someone as gorgeous as him really love me What happens when my time here is over Will we really be able to have a futureThis story gets a 35 almost a 4 from me I love the storyline and I love Drew and Isabel they were honestly just a little too much for me They have a very romantic relationship I just felt like maybe they came off as a little too strong too soon and while some people love this it's just not really for me So if you want a super sweet easy read I recommend this to you and tell you to ignore my rating and give it a shot I am confident many readers can connect with them in a way I didn'tCaitlinARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  10. Mark Fine says:

    A modern parable of bliss For me this charming book embraces the ease and sincerity of a positive fable; the author`s desire to build a moat against an unkind world and invite us into her loving supportive and delicious bubble It was so seductive the steamy lovemaking and delectable dishes I was almost sad to leave at Catch Me`s closing Having the recipes used during to narrative posted at the end was a thoughtful touch As for this Venus and Mars thing that allegedly separates us after reading Kelly we all desire similar things sensuality trust magnetic attraction supportive family and friends and a horn of plenty supply of yummy food As for the moral of the fable be content embrace change revere oneself avoid negative karma and sex is not a dirty word if blissfully shared with a loved partnerThe Zebra AffaireMark Fine

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