Police Craft

Police Craft[PDF / Epub] ☃ Police Craft Author Adam Plantinga – Bluevapours.co.uk A veteran police officer gives his thoughtful balanced views on police shootings racial profiling community relations and every other aspect of policing and he'll change what you think about the polic A veteran police officer gives his thoughtful balanced views on police shootings racial profiling community relations and every other aspect of policing and he'll change what you think about the policeFrom the author of the acclaimed Things Cops Know AskTellOrderMake is a thought provoking and revelatory examination of policing in America as seen by a working police officer Adam Plantinga a year veteran sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department gives an inside view of the police officer's job from handling evidence and conducting interrogations to coping with danger violence and death Not hesitating to confront controversial issues Plantinga presents the police officer's views on police shootings racial profiling and relationships between police and the community and offers reasoned proposals on what the police and the public can do betterHard boiled humorous and compassionate Plantinga wrestles with the complexities and contradictions of a job he loves in which he witnesses so much suffering Transcending today's strident pro copanti cop rhetoric AskTellOrderMake will give every reader a greater respect for the police and greater understanding of the job they do.


Paperback  ã Police Craft ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Police Craft
  • Adam Plantinga
  • 20 September 2016
  • 9781610353311

10 thoughts on “Police Craft

  1. Mary says:

    South Bend Indiana home of presidential candidate Mayor Pete has had a fatal police shooting of a man who allegedly threatened him with a knife Sadly the officer did not turn on his body camera This incident has disrupted racial relations in South Bend and has had national repercussions as a part of the political campaignAdam Plantinga's book is really worth reading in this context He is fair but certainly defends his fellow officers not all but many It took me a long time to read this book One chapter at a time is disturbing enough to read In fact I left the chapter on Predators to read later and then still left it mostly unreadThe chapter on Interrogations was disturbing to me One of my GED students was tricked into a confession of rape and murder spent 17 years in prison in Chicago and was later cleared by DNA evidence I can't see lies of any sort to provoke confessions That said I am not a policeman and found Officer Plantinga's perspective really worth reading

  2. Evan says:

    As a lefty brown person most of the time I come upon cop related reading it's news that warns me to avoid and distrust the police They kill us for no reason and get off scot free This book was a great peek at the other side into the every day lives of the police Plantinga lays out his tale in a fun and informative style that really made me appreciate the difficulty and danger and responsibility of cop life while also giving me some good chuckles and inspiring me to be a better person to those around me I have a great newfound appreciation for the police and SFPD specifically for all they do out here in the hood to make life safer for us all You go bro

  3. Vinnie Hansen says:

    I seldom keep books any but as a crime writer I'm putting Police Craft on my bookshelf beside Plantinga's first book 400 Things Cops Know Both are invaluable reference books But they are also eminently readable When I bought Police Craft I didn't have a chance to start it for two weeks because my husband who read the first book snaked it away from me For two weeks I listened to him read aloud passages and murmur This guy can really write So obviously people who don't write crime fiction can enjoy the book as well

  4. Karen Wenzel says:

    I loved this book It’s a great reminder of all the services that our police perform on a daily basis As the wife of a retired police chief I can say without uestion that the author’s accounts and attitudes are spot on This should be a must read for any city council member considering the insane idea to defund the police

  5. Charlie says:

    Loved the book Really interesting and intricate view into a world most people don’t see The writing was excellent entertaining and it was a breezy read

  6. Vince Cooper says:

    Before anyone goes off to demand police be defunded; please read this book I’m not saying it will change your mind but at least you’ll be informed

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