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Strategies for Being Visible[Ebook] ➥ Strategies for Being Visible By Susan Ritchie – Strategies for Being Visible 14 Profile Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders is a practical handbook providing inspiration for women in early and middle leadership positions in order to motivate Strategies for Being Visible Profile Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders is a practical handbook providing inspiration for women in early and middle leadership positions in order to motivate them and euip them with the confidence skills and strategies they reuire to Strategies for ePUB ✓ be visible at work and raise their profile This will then enable them to move into senior positions and feed the pipeline that is needed for women to attain board level positions taking their careers to whatever heights they choose Self promotion for women who don't want to feel they're showing off 'Working in a tough and male dominated environment I understand the difficulties women face to be heard and judged as euals.


Strategies for Being Visible MOBI ☆ Strategies for
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Strategies for Being Visible
  • Susan Ritchie
  • 22 September 2014
  • 9781785354724

10 thoughts on “Strategies for Being Visible

  1. Suzanne says:

    One of the critical inputs to career success is being “visible” For many women this presents a challenge they don’t want to be seen as bragging and they often believe that their work will speak for them Unfortunately staying in “head down and working hard” mode is not going to get you the results you want and deserve People are not going to recommend you for promotion or think about you for a new leadership role unless they are aware of you and the awesome work that you are undoubtedly doingSusan Ritchie has written a great guide to help women in their early to middle career in lifting their visibility game You know how often people say that a book takes a few ideas and pads them out to create a book Ritchie does the opposite She covers 14 recommendations and shares insights and anecdotes from 23 leading senior women in the UK in a concise 152 pages to help you raise your profile Most importantly there are exercises to ensure that you strategically create your plan on what you want to do You won’t find general exhortations to “get out there and network” Instead it’s all about choosing smart activities that make the best use of your time and are in service to your longer term goals Two examples of what Ritchie sharesSpeaking to how uncomfortable women can sometimes be if they don’t know 100% of a role they are applying for “As Jackie Daniel explains ‘If you’ve not been uncomfortable for a while it’s a warning signal that you’re not in the right place You need to move to a place where you feel uncomfortable for a while Women with aspirations they need to recognize that it’s part of the deal’”Talking about the importance of letting your ambitions be known and the kind of rolework you want “Caroline Welch Ballentine agrees ‘I can see this in HR; people get forgotten if they don’t make a little bit of noise We do occasionally have to say ‘I’m here this is what I want’ Maybe the company can’t give it to you at that time—but at least if the discussion is out there it’s clear that you want something’”Overall this was a practical very readable down to earth guide If you follow even half of the steps recommended by Ritchie you’re bound to see a positive impact on your career Thanks to the publishers for an ARC to review

  2. Michael Millward says:

    When I showed this book to the team at Work Place Learning Centre the initial response was a bit of a yawn not another career guide for women There do seem to be a lot of them about It must be something to do with the #meToo campaigns and gender pay gapPart of the reason for the response was not based on a negative attitude towards the subject matter it was borne of the frustration that after than forty years since legislation was supposed to remove gender discrimination in the work place there is still a need for a book that aims to address the ineualities between men and women at workThe problem is very real only today UK Government research has identified that one in nine women believe that they have been fired made redundant or felt forced out of a job when they returned to work after maternity or adoption leaveNevertheless over the years many books have been published that aim to provide a route to success for female workers and in some ways you could argue that Strategies for Being Visible covers much of that well trodden ground But that would be a far too simplistic summarisation of Susie Ritchie’s well thought out manualAlthough aimed at female workers a reader of any gender would find value in reading Strategies for Being VisibleThe reasons for this are that Ritchie hasn’t over worked her suggestions limiting them to just fourteen so there is space for her to explore them in some detailHaving a strategy is just a starting point To make a strategy work you have to understand why it is likely to work which is the main take away from reading this book Ritchie provides loads of explanation of the reasons why her proposed strategies will work and step by step suggestions of how to implement them In the process she also provides for the team at Work Place Learning Centre which is fairly gender balanced in number and outlook with some enlightenment about why past strategies have not worked Work Place Learning Centre are grateful to the team at NetGalley and at JHP books for providing us with an advance copy of this book

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    I received a free ARC copy from NetGalley for this review I really enjoyed this book My Kindle version is covered in highlights and notes There were so many good ideas both general and specific Ritchie gave lots of examples of real women who did the things she was talking about She was up to date on social media which can be unusual in books and her tips seemed solid I read some of the portions aloud to my senior family members who have worked in business for years and we discussed the ideas I didn't come across any that seemed stupid or like they wouldn't work for anyone of course not all of them will work for everyone I especially liked the Try This sections at the end of every chapter that summed the chapter up into an actionable step or steps The sections often built on each other which made it feel like a plan than a series of unconnected tips Overall definitely recommend for people getting into their careers and those in careers wishing to make big moves

  4. Cristie Underwood says:

    Honest and in depth advice for reaching your full potential This advice is presented in easy to follow language that can be broken up and applied in pieces at a time

  5. Evan says:

    Strategies for Being Visible doesn't give particularly new advice but it does provide reasons why these strategies help our careers Each chapter also provides guidelines for how to perform each step I liked the book because it seems to have spoken to the heart of the issue some career women are far modest than men regardless of whether they're actually ualified The strategies not only help us speak up but also allay our fears that voicing our opinions would be out of place Although it's not explicitly stated in the book the thread seems to be if they can do it why can'tshouldn't we Ritchie also touches on some of the systematic biases that put the glass ceiling in place We can't change people's biases overnight be we can chip away at them bit by bit For the most part Strategies for Being Visible seems to focus specifically on cisgender ie assigned female at birth and identifying as such but trans and ueer women will also find some gems in here I took away one star because this book is full of the same old advice but I still highly recommend it to any woman just starting or otherwise who feels they would like to make progress money responsibility respect etc in their careers I'd like to thank both NetGalley and John Hunt Publishing Ltd for providing the advanced reader copy

  6. Dora Okeyo says:

    There's this saying that it seems simple until you do it and that's what these fourteen tips shared here areI was interested in reading this book because I'm in my mid career and had to change professions to better pursue my passion and the author provides practical tips to help boost and maintain confidence and most of all increase focus and attainment of set goals I love this book because it seems simple enough yet these are most of the things we overlook especially as women in our careers I noticed that I do not make use of my networks and I've mapped out a better way to go about itThank you Netgalley for the eARC

  7. Nancy Vecina says:

    I have'n't finished the book yet am on page 64 but I dare say that it is an excellent book The author gave insights on common things we do and say but we don't realise its impact on our careersAnother reason I am giving this feedback early on is that i noticed minor typo errors on page 40ish and page 64Thanks again for letting me read your book Now am back to enjoy the rest of it

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