Standing and Not Falling

Standing and Not Falling✯ [PDF] ❤ Standing and Not Falling By Lee Morgan ✼ – The Otherworld is ready for you but are you ready for the Otherworld What would you tell your own less experienced self about magic if you could go back in time and make a better start That is the ues The Otherworld is ready for you but are you ready for the Otherworld What would you tell your own less experienced self about magic if you could go back in time and make a better start That is the uestion this book seeks to address What might you need to slough off how far might you need to walk from the comfortable and familiar to truly embrace a magical life Covering a period of thirteen moons Standing and Not Falling is a workbook that allows the reader to clear the way before embarking or Standing and MOBI :✓ to conduct a spiritual detox on themselves before stepping up their practice or engaging a new beginning Suitable for practitioners of any type of sorcerous activity from witchcraft to ceremonial magic and beyond This book takes steady direct aim at the main causes of disfunction and difficulty that arise for practitioners of the art magical both individually and in relation to others and at times also at the key maladies of our age.


Standing and Not Falling MOBI í Standing and  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Standing and Not Falling
  • Lee Morgan
  • 07 February 2015
  • 9781789040142

10 thoughts on “Standing and Not Falling

  1. Narkitsa Orada says:

    I wanted to like this and in some ways I did I don't think there was a single chapter that didn't have something I found thought provoking So why the low rating 1 Morgan's prose Apparently I'm in the minority of reviewers here but I found his writing style difficult to slog through It felt like a series of rambling blog posts than a book It was frustrating how many times Morgan would introduce a fascinating topic then go off on a series of random tangents without ever getting to the main point At times his tangents felt like rants about something he really needed to get off his chest There's something to be said for an editor 2 Standing and Not Falling is a very timely book not necessarily in a good way Morgan's assumptions about his readers' needs and attitudes are so profoundly 2010s that I can't help but feel it won't age well That seems like an odd uality for a book that is after all by a traditional witch 3 The exercises felt random and at times inappropriate for beginners Why are you supposed to begin your approach to magic by recalling all of your past successes with magic This is probably the only beginner book I've ever read that doesn't begin with a basic meditation exercise but does have an exercise where you pee on the boundaries of your property 4 I struggle with this as a book for beginners and as a book that's meant to be aimed at people on any occult path because assumptions clearly drawn from Morgan's own tradition are everywhere and are left mostly unexplained Imagine a beginner book on mysticism that kept referencing the Wiccan Goddess but never actually explained who she is It's frustrating because Morgan is uite insightful and I think there's the kernel of a really good work in here But the form needed a lot work

  2. Nightshade Purplebroom says:

    The work of this book is some of the most difficult work I have seen in any occult text at least for me particularly with regards to how much one must slough off how many preconceptions one truly holds how much of ones self one needs to unravel and sacrifice I have done the work of some of the moons already and have to do many of the others still but I am glad I have read ahead because I feel each chapter should be read than once to fully understand and grapple with what lesson and exercises lie within In many ways this is a text of sorcerous shadow work and perhaps for some will hold little power and meaning but for me at this point in my path in my life it holds some deep and sometimes uite difficult wisdom It is at the right time that I came upon this text and what it can mean even if I am still struggling with some of the perpectives om amcestors and friendships and community

  3. Anie says:

    This book isn't for everyone given the mysticalmagical background For anyone who's interested in magical perspectives though I think it's a great read It's in many ways a self help book a book about getting into right relations with the people and world around you and it's a good deep progression through that Would these tactics work for everyone no But it's nonetheless a good read

  4. Natalia Clarke says:

    What an unusual and interesting book Written in such uniue language that I have never come across anything like it Found some of it very informative and thought provoking and some parts useful for my research Unsuaul writer which can hard going in places I had to take breaks from it but found it fascinating overall

  5. Brendan Howlin says:

    A nice idea well written in good prose that guides the reader through the process of becoming ready to embark on a magical path The idea of 13 chapters each a separate moon is a great idea After reading this you will know will dare and keep silent

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