Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found

Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found[BOOKS] ✸ Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found By Sam Glory – I'll Meet You at The Lost and Found is a manual for all who wish to integrate a heightened state of self awareness into their conscious creation With Transpersonal Psychology and ancient spiritual kno I'll Meet You at Epub á You at The Lost and Found is a manual for all who wish to integrate a heightened state of self awareness into their conscious creation With Transpersonal Psychology and ancient spiritual knowledge this innovative guidebook includes techniues that have helped many people realize the boundless Ill Meet Epub / power and wisdom of their Inner selves.

Sam Glory You at Epub á offers a fresh new voice in the generation of books about the expansion of consciousness Author of I’ll Meet you at the Lost and Found Sam is passionate about presenting relatable self development to help the reader of today live a fulfilled life from the Ill Meet Epub / context of their inner self awareness.

Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found ePUB à Meet You at
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found
  • Sam Glory
  • 15 October 2016
  • 9781789040302

10 thoughts on “Ill Meet You at the Lost and Found

  1. Kirsty ❤️ says:

    Firstly I cannot look at the first part of the title without my brain changing the words to the Meatloaf song Midnight at the Lost Found and then it gets stuck in my brain for hours so yeah thanks for thatThe book itself doesn't really break any new ground however I didn't find that a problem For anyone new to their spiritual and awakening journey it's an excellent starting place and if like me the journey has already started it's a fantastic reminder on stopping and taking stock I've been immersed in my journey and helping others with there's for over a decade and I still found something useful to take from the book For anyone interested here is a blog I wrote inspired by the first few chapters loved the chapter headings; they're uniue sometimes inspiring sometimes silly but always with meaning It's easy to understand and breaks the journey of self discovery into understandable chunks and throughout the whole thing we have the story of Max I got so engrossed in his story at one point I was really frustrated trying to find out if he ever got his 'dream' job You'll have to read the book to find outno spoilers here Overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend 

  2. Roger says:

    Illuminating guidance that invites us to develop high vibrational freuency states of beingIn an elouent way Sam Glory exposes us the importance of moving towards our inner self to listen to our heart to express unconditional love since many of the problems arise from impulses needs and motivations based on ego fragmentation And it is not that the ego is an enemy rather it is that we have given it the status of the driver of our life He reminds us that through meditation it is possible to integrate our ego and direct our life from a higher level of consciousness then we will be better able to create higher states of coherence and harmony on all levels of being The author discusses many topics such as mindsets beliefs our purpose forgiveness strength gratitude humor abundance among many others It also invites us to be attentive of the vibrational exchanges we have with our body our relationships and environment in such a way that we can raise our freuency Even when we suffer a loss and feel hurt and lost it can be an opportunity to generate self awarenessThe author presents the information in a well organized way the chapters are not extensive beginning with a beautiful uote and then the subject which presents a practical tip and finally closes with the corner of Max which is an exemplified explanation based on a real life story But what I enjoyed the most is that there are many provocative moments of inspiration and lucidity In my personal experience practicing meditation gratitude and forgiveness has allowed me to develop coherent emotional states of high vibrational freuency I have also acuired sensitivity and recognize that we are interconnected and therefore it helps me to further develop my ethic of cooperation and solidarity as well as my generosity And all this together seeing the best in life and people makes me have moments of happinessMy sincere appreciation to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book

  3. Ann T says:

    Thank you John Hunt Publishing and Netgalley for this ARCWithin this book the author explores how we can lead a authentic life There are exercises to help the reader and it is written in an easy to read manner

  4. Jespionage310 says:

    This is a wonderful book I really enjoyed reading this I found it very insightful and learned a lot from reading this I will definitely recommend

  5. Craig M says:

    This thoroughly uniue book pushes conventional new age ideas into something fresh and inspiring Glory’s sense of humor is a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with feel good titles The chapters are full of insights and tips on how to find happiness and a deeper understanding of your true Self Highly recommended

  6. Louise says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring little book Who knew self realization could be this funSam delivers insightful chapters filled with humor and creativity as well as exercises to help theory become practice I really enjoyed reading this and I would recommend to anyone looking for an inspirational read

  7. Janey& says:

    So glad I received this as I couldn’t put it down Such an inspirational little read about honouring your inner self to live a happier and fulfilled life Thank you

  8. The Starry Library says:

    'I’ll Meet You at The Lost and Found' by Sam Glory is a guide on how to live an awakened life Max provides a case study throughout of a man who was a successful career driven guy who seemed to have a million dollar lifestyle all until the day he woke up This book uses his journey as a way of explaining how a person can find themselves Sam gives lots of tips throughout this book on how to live a authentic life from learning how to listen to your intuition to practicing gratitude and everything in between I didn’t find this book to be groundbreaking or uniue it summarizes the redundant messages of every other spiritual book Overall it was a uick read that I would recommend for those who are in the midst of an awakening and for those who are seeking purpose and meaning in their lives

  9. Anne says:

    I absolutely loved this book it speaks my language is down to earth and offers worthwhile exercises which the beginner or less experienced spiritual amongst us should find very helpful It gave my hopes and my fears validation showed I am not alone and signposted the correct paths to takeFound it so useful I immediately ordered my son who has issues with self love a hard copy

  10. Dawn Thomas says:

    I’ll Meet You at The Lost and Found by Sam GloryBook Review by Dawn Thomas160 PagesPublisher John Hunt Publishing Ltd O BooksRelease Date January 25 2019Self Help Personal Growth Religion SpiritualityThis book was a surprise I did not know what to expect but what I found was amazing The book takes the reader on an adventure We follow Max as he grows spiritually and can connect with him and his imperfections Max is self absorbed He thinks his job cannot do without him until he gets his notice He hits rock bottom before he can pick himself up and move forwardThe author has an easy to read writing style I read the book in one sitting I couldn’t put it down until I was finished I cannot say that about many books I was able to see myself in Max and now can see things I need to change in my life I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to improve their view of life

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