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Mind Your Business❴Epub❵ ❧ Mind Your Business Author Ilana Griffo – Bluevapours.co.uk This is not your mama's business plan Mind Your Business is created for entrepreneurial women and men you're welcome too who want to turn their creative passions into a full time job If you dream of b This is not your mama's business plan Mind Your Business is created for entrepreneurial women and men you're welcome too who want to turn Mind Your PDF/EPUB ² their creative passions into a full time job If you dream of building a business doing what you love this book is for you So you're sick of the hustle and ready to take your talents to the next level but the thought of taking the leap is intimidating You know your craft but the running a business seems overwhelming and scary This workbook is designed to inspire you to help you get organized and to put you in the driver's seat with actionable steps to help you achieve your dreams Mind Your Business is for list lovers creative spirits go getters and driven women; it will be the the training wheels for your business a sidekick reference guidebook and the fuel for your creative journey.


Mind Your Business eBook ì Mind Your  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Mind Your Business
  • Ilana Griffo
  • 10 July 2014
  • 9781944515720

10 thoughts on “Mind Your Business

  1. Emily says:

    This was an enjoyable and insightful experience I rarely read books that reuire you to be so active so I had to make sure I was in the mood to work before picking this one upIlana Griffo has created a neat little book to guide you through everything you should consider as you start to take action on your early stage idea Early parts of the book felt a little beginner to me but other sections were helpful and had useful exercisesGood stuff and the author is local I’ve enjoyed using her Rule the World planner for years now and am glad to see her having so much success

  2. L.J. Savage says:

    As a new business owner this has been a lifesaverI didn't know why I bought this book when it first presented itself to me in a bookstore while I was travelling in the US but here I am 3 months later reading this like it's my lifeline to the next three five years of my lifeIlana I am so grateful Thank you

  3. Claira Heitzenrater says:

    When it comes to books containing business advice for creatives I’m a sucker for good design and short to the point information This workbook is the perfect mix of informative and beautifully designed and provides the reader with plenty of workbook space to get their goals on paper I have yet to do the exercises but my first read through made me than excited to dive into the exercises Always read the workbook before you do the exercises to make sure the book is right for your needs I read this in a matter of hours and I have the time management skills of a carrot That’s how good it is

  4. Emilie Rabitoy says:

    This is the biz book I’ve been waiting to hold in my hands for weeks It’s a practical yet inspiring workbook to help you achieve your goals and dreams I love how Ilana’s love of typography comes into plays and makes the book that much fun to enjoy I can’t wait to see how it helps me reach for the stars

  5. Melindannk says:

    Nothing super useful in this book It's fulled with passe encouragements and lists but no real guidance institutions or thinking prompts to stimulate you for completing the lists The lists could be found on any How to website or blog Really disappointed in this book

  6. Victoria says:

    I do not understand how this book has so few reviews It is one of the best business books I read in 2019 It is clear informative and SOOOO visually appealing I am going to be referring to this book for the rest of my life Perfect for the creative entrepreneur

  7. Mandi Lynn says:

    Perfect for those starting out but if you’ve already dipped your feet into the world of owning your own business you’ll find most of the information basic

  8. Leandra Vane says:

    I haven’t done a work book in a really long time but I love the format for getting ideas popping and engaging in development of various aspects of my creative projects I can definitely say the outstanding element of this work book is it is epically ADORABLE And it is packed with a variety of useful activities I didn't write in it as I'll be pulling it to help me work through future projects but this definitely has a permanent home on my book shelfI also reviewed this book on my blog Needle Bow if you want to check it out

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