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Grounded Spirituality☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Grounded Spirituality By Jeff Brown ✓ – In this courageous leading edge book author Jeff Brown takes us on the spiritual ride of a lifetime In Part One we join him on an engaging often hilarious and compelling personal journey through decad In this courageous leading edge book author Jeff Brown takes us on the spiritual ride of a lifetime In Part One we join him on an engaging often hilarious and compelling personal journey through decades of tasting from a banuet of spiritual approaches Through his direct experience fierce exploration and scintillating discernment Brown exposes the fragmented ungrounded and dissociative notions of spirituality that have imprisoned our consciousness and obstructed our awakening since time immemorial In his cuttingly straight style he reveals that much of what we have been calling spirituality is actually a patriarchal emotionally bereft construct that perpetuates our self avoidance He then proves to us point by brilliant point that true spirituality is a whole being awakening one that wonderfully embraces our entire human experience In many spiritual practices emotional healing processes blockage clearing issue resolution the working through of the shadow have been bypassed and trivialized as though the 'real' spiritual realm exists independent of our feelings Brown makes no distinction between these realms revealing that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are synonymous and that any spirituality that desacralizes our selfhood is not enlightenment at all It is a bypass of that which is fundamentally human our feelings our stories our bodies our relationships with each other and the earth that houses us In his words Detachment is a tool not a life If you can't find your transformation in the village you haven't found a thing In Part Two Brown engages in a riveting dialogue with an ungrounded seeker named Michael Their dialogues unfurl in warmth humor playfulness personal story threaded with challenging confrontation and cutting truth Hands on exercises are dispersed throughout providing readers with a direct experience of a new inclusive model Here the author lays down the tracks for a balanced heartfelt and relational spirituality one that leaves us enrealed integrated and purposeful Not awakened but awakening Not escaping our humanness but finding our meaning and spirituality deep within it Out of the ashes of old ways of being a bright new paradigm comes into view An inclusive self honoring and healing spiritual perspective that will be a welcomed relief for any seekerIn the author's words It's one thing to briefly detach from story in the hopes of gaining a different perspective it's uite another to deny our storied roots altogether What will we stand in then At a time when our personal stories have been shamed and shunned in the spiritual community it is all the imperative to revive them and makes luminous their sacred transformative properties The past is not an illusion as many would suggest It is the ground of our being the karmic field for our soul's transformation the mystery that threads right through our history Story is where we come from Story is what roots us in the present Story is how we arrive at the next place intact A spirituality without story is like a body without breath Dead to the world What we need now are models that lead us back into our hearts into relatedness into a deep and reverential regard for the self's journey through time In this magnificent book Brown endeavors to hearticulate one such path reminding us that heaven on earth begins and ends deep within the recesses of our enlivened humanness At long last we can lay down our weary heads burdened by the impossibility of transcending our human experience Back to our roots back into our bodies back into all that makes us marvelously human Home at last.

A former criminal lawyer and psychotherapist Jeff Brown is the author of popular books Soulshaping A Journey of Self Creation Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground Love It Forward An Uncommon Bond and Spiritual Graffiti He is also the producer and primary journeyer in the award winning spiritual documentary Karmageddon which also stars Ram Dass Seane Corn David Life Deva Premal and.

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  • 10 April 2016
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10 thoughts on “Grounded Spirituality

  1. Sanja says:

    It's so off putting reading a book that claims it's about 'spirituality' and bashes on other teachers Regardless if you agree or not with their ways naming them calling them head trippers and claiming you know better how someone else's awakening process occurred or did not occurs is downright arrogant If anything from a person on their inward journey that is supposedly understanding everything is One being I expected compassion and humility particularly when it comes to the paths of others The lack of both and the firm grasp on 'I need an Ego' which it oh so surely shows is what makes this book a waste of time I am glad it 'worked' for the author and his approach brought him relief from his past but to claim that that's the ONLY way is laughable AwakeningEnlightenmentSelf realization call it whatever can contain multitudes for various people on various level of depth After all it's a very personal journey which we traverse alone because it's an inside game The claims of the author about how Eckhart Tolle's awakening is not real because it wasn't like his reads like such a bashful and spiritualy immature stance As if anyone has the right to claim what or how an awakening or burning of patterns really happens in another If you are expanding in consciousness but you can't get over the pettiness to banter the ways of other selves and respect their Truth no matter how different from yours then there is work to be done I only wished it stopped there it took a swing at teachers and ways all different from the author's therefore proclaimed wrong It's a very self entitled book that ultimately is really nor cutting edge nor paradigm shifting just another person thinking they know better

  2. Eugene says:

    Jeff Brown has a great knack for coining memorable names and aphorisms that punctuate his exhortation for grounded spirituality New cage beginner's heart vs mind excavation meditation vs insight heartfulness or soulfulness vs mindfulness breakthrough vs breakdown and the litany of language around addiction and dissociation juxtaposed with enlightenment like being a transcendence junkie His proposition is a humble one not necessarily that new and potentially obvious the fullness richness and mundanity of our lives take place in our bodies Patterns and behaviors common to the human experience entering relationships seeking meaning and purpose and clarity enjoying beauty being present are all happening here and now rather than in some other plane spiritual or otherwise In fact those other spiritual locations and dimensions are part of our real lived immediate earthly experience What is new are the striking conclusions Brown draws from this view He calls out blatant hypocrisy in the practices of a broad swath of spiritual teachers particularly when they do not embody the ualities of their teachings He argues convincingly for many ways which ungrounded forms of spirituality can cause people to change their aesthetics demeanor and worldview without fundamentally addressing their underlying problems or providing meaningful inner peace Finally he offers specific techniues and frameworks to illustrate the features inherent in grounding oneself which consistently point toward deeply feeling one's emotions and identifying behaviors coming from patterned response like what we should dofeelthink or how we've become strategically numb in various waysI've also enjoyed pairing this spiritual take with reverence toward the inherent complexity and beauty of life and particularly tying this in with eg Drescher's take on consciousness as an inherent mundane property of inhabiting the bodies we do

  3. Michelle says:

    Life changing stuff especially for those who have been hurt by the way nondualism and the way it sees life and all its treasures as meaningless trivialities that must be sacrificed on the altar of enlightenment It helped to validate the reasons I walked away from it and toward earth spirituality It helped me to deeply understand my complicated past relationship with nondualism and if course I found the content to be smart and wise I think that for many people this book will be a profound read and its time has truly come

  4. Jón Ágúst says:

    A fresh voice guiding to a fuller and better human experience here on earthI found this book very useful and inspiring to live a fuller life The author guides us through asking the uestions about our purpose in life and guides in stepping into that fully ourselves and togeather in relationships I reccomend the book to anyone who wants to live a fuller bigger beautiful life

  5. Shirley Jodouin says:

    Phenomenal I think everyone on the planet should read this book This book is a keeper for sure I will definitely want to re read it again Thanks for your vulnerability and hard work in writing such an awesome book

  6. Masi Dawoud says:

    I was looking forward to this book as grounding my spirituality is a core element of my current path Although I enjoyed some of the reminders and ideas from Jeff Brown like the reminder to treat my body as a temple of perception rather than a mere machine to maintain I felt let down This book did not lessen my thirst for grounded spiritualityJeff Brown takes Eckhart Tolle as the leading example in his idea that teachers like Tolle use spirituality to bypass their human wounds and the nitty gritty of human experience From a skeptical perspective Brown then proceeds to investigate the truth by reading and re reading Tolle's books Here's my first issue with Brown's approach When one approaches transcendingascending spirituality from a skeptic perspective the discerning mind takes center stage in a practice where the aim is to become centerless In a way this is like investigating the bottom of the ocean while wearing a life vest it doesn't work So it seems to me that Brown is not in a position to judge Tolle's experience based on the reasoning and show of experience he presents here The irony is that in part I agree with Brown; yes Eckhart emphasizes ascension over embodiment but it is way nuanced than how Brown presents this I feel like a full analysis of this is out of scope for my review hereOverall it is not clear whether Brown has engaged in a substantial non dual meditation practice at all and I get a strong sense that he hasn't I do not believe Brown has had the first hand experience of the depths and facets of primordial non dual awareness In my experience ascensiontranscendence is an essential part of being human as is the embodiment whereas Brown seems uite attached to the latter From the embodiment perspective it is easy to look for and bash on spiritual teachers and traditions based on classical enlightenment or classical non duality that emphasize the formless over form Escapists are indeed abundantly present to cherry pick because escapists are abundantly present in life in general If Brown indeed hasn't done the fieldwork in non dual practices he is ironically doing what he accuses escapists of; Brown negates a part of being human ascensiontranscendence and holds on to embodiment as the correct path From my experience and perspective spirituality becomes integrated when it negates no dimension of being human Grounded spirituality should hold each mode of being in context and those it both transcends and includes in an integral approach I get a strong sense that Jeff Brown has had a little taste of non dual awareness and the fear of his ego for this formless way of being defended him of embarking on this further Also and this is very much speculation he describes his relationship with his father as one where Brown was doing his best to get his fathers' attention May his father's absence have contributed to a core wound that drives Jeff Brown to have such an aversion towards transcendent elements of spiritualityAll in all I feel like Jeff Brown does not have a full picture of spirituality to be in the position he is at now to teach about integral spirituality In my own experience transcending my ego was a necessary step on my path One who is fully absorbed with the ego does need to both detach and ascend toward non dual awareness Is this the final goal No it's not Are there many traditions and teachers who present this as the final goal Eckhart included Yes they are abundantly available Are there teachers and traditions that bash the human experience see the ego as evil and portray life on earth as an unimportant step to the afterlife Yes But that does not have to mean that ascension negates being human Who is it that ascends Is it not life experiencing itself through a human Residing as the perceiver of experience awareness was a necessary step in my path to the following stage coming back down and integrating the formless non dual awareness with the form ego and daily experience A whole body experience with a wide open mind connected to the infinite sky heart warmly centered and body rooted in the earth It's an endlessly ongoing process in which the experience and becomes one where form is emptiness and emptiness is form It seems that many people have a similar trajectory from absorption to ascension back to embodiment and some teachers and traditions have this at its core—teachers like Adyashanti for instance I do not think Jeff Brown is wrong for not seeing ascension as a necessary stage Still I think he is talking about a bubble within spirituality that he misperceives as integral spirituality

  7. Annette Green says:

    The absolute BEST book on spirituality out there at the moment Jeff Brown is groundbreaking in his confrontation on the superficiality of the 'new cage' movement as he calls it and speaks about a 'feminine' and grounded spirituality that doesn't reuire constant 'positivity' and that allows for the human being to be just that; human and flawed Please read this book at least once You cannot help but come out with something learned

  8. Till Gebel says:

    Awful book Superficial boring self important kitschy effect oriented Lets take one example Complete misperception of eg non dual traditions What does one expect if his profound study consists in I browsed some of the core texts in the field of non duality which please he never sais Well that's like I browsed some of the core texts in nuclear physics and now believe that nuclear physics is just incomprehensible gobbledigook I engaged in a number of traditional non dual enuiry methods Really How many Which What did this engagement consist of in practice 1 or 2 online satsang each Did he ever dive deep into anything Another example of where his language skills make for awful reading as in a kitsch novel The guru in chief was talking about the illusion of the Self and I began to feel tremors of anxiety to surge through my body as if my very humanness was being led to slaughter Exxageration may be fine but come on don't make me believe that an online satsang guru in chief will lead anyone to slaughter The book is full of this flowery and inauthentic effect oriented languageThat said it's a very long treaties on spiritual bypassing is bad which is of course true Some people may benefit at the risk of completely misunderstanding thousands of year old traditions which today get a lot of attention in neuroscience and medicineAnd then the awfully artificial didactic pseudo dialogues rendered in a way in which no normal person would speakSorry Jeff if you read this you have so many 5 stars that you hopefully can digest this 1 star review

  9. Heather Kramer says:

    It took me a very long time to get through this book While I appreciate his views and the way he navigates his path it certainly doesn’t resonate with me in a good way I have trouble believing the dialogue he uses between him and this disillusioned man Is it real or did he make it up Some ideas and points he makes are very relatable while others are just his own personal views that are fueled by something I don’t care for I do enjoy his other books this one is not what I want when I think of my path

  10. Sue says:

    Not going to put any time in on this one The first part of the book has some meaningful things to say about spiritual bypassing and the potential tyranny of mastery but the second part which consists of a long series of imagined dialogues just didn't work for me It carried an aura of urgency earnestness and certainty that undercut or at least muddied some of the earlier messages

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