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Gravitys Century[KINDLE] ✿ Gravitys Century ❃ Ron Cowen – A sweeping account of the century of experimentation that confirmed Einstein's general theory of relativity bringing to life the science and scientists at the origins of relativity the development of A sweeping account of the century of experimentation that confirmed Einstein's general theory of relativity bringing to life the science and scientists at the origins of relativity the development of radio telescopes the discovery of black holes and uasars and the still unresolved place of gravity in uantum theoryAlbert Einstein did nothing of note on May yet that is when he became immortal On that day astronomer Arthur Eddington and his team observed a solar eclipse and found something extraordinary gravity bends light just as Einstein predicted The finding confirmed the theory of general relativity fundamentally changing our understanding of space and timeA century later another group of astronomers is performing a similar experiment on a much larger scale The Event Horizon Telescope a globe spanning array of radio dishes is examining space surrounding Sagittarius A the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way As Ron Cowen recounts the foremost goal of the experiment is to determine whether Einstein was right on the details Gravity lies at the heart of what we don't know about uantum mechanics but tantalizing possibilities for deeper insight are offered by black holes By observing starlight wrapping around Sagittarius A the telescope will not only provide the first direct view of an event horizon a black hole's point of no return but will also enable scientists to test Einstein's theory under the most extreme conditions Gravity's Century shows how we got from the pivotal observations of the eclipse to the Event Horizon Telescope and what is at stake today Breaking down the physics in clear and approachable language Cowen makes vivid how the uest to understand gravity is really the uest to comprehend the universe.


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  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Gravitys Century
  • Ron Cowen
  • 10 February 2015
  • 9780674974968

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  1. Dan Graser says:

    This was such a wonderful surprise of a text in that it deals with some of the most interesting topics in modern physics is written in a wonderfully readable style in a very efficiently slim volume yet comes from an author I had never heard of The topic of gravity is both plain and endlessly complicated in that most of our day to day notions of this are still beholden to Newtonian theory which certainly functions at our human macro level yet the advances made by Einstein in this area are still wildly misunderstood or simply ignored by most as they pertain to action on a cosmological scale The explanatory power of his incredible early 20th century work on the subject is proved so conclusively with each passing decade producing ever incredible feats of technological machinery with which to test his hypotheses This volume takes you from Einstein's writings in 1905 through the present and discusses how his notions of gravity as a subject of both general relativity and uantum mechanics have played out among great figures of the 20th and 21st centuries and just how close we are to perhaps uniting these concepts in a single coherent theory What makes for even interesting reading are the episodes of genuine observation both sonic and visual of the obscure elements of this theory The current workings of both LIGO and the EHT are discussed towards the close of the book and deserve wide readership Some people were alerted to this work in the popular article in several periodicals detailing our observation of gravitational waves for the very first time Ron Cowen explains just how that was achieved and also just how significant that is not merely as a product of verifying the work of such a singular genius but also for furthering our understanding of the cosmos Study of this specific area including direct observation of neutron star and black hole collisions is still in its infancy yet it remains the most fascinating area of study in physics today standing on the shoulders of the giant of the field

  2. Bill Buckley says:

    Science and physics stuff Fascinating

  3. James Tucker says:

    I do not read much non fiction except when it overlaps with my keenness for real science based science fiction I just love the reality based section of the genre and feel that it feeds an imagination that demands believability written into the core of any plot My own writing reflects this and so I reuire an education and sustenance to inform and allow me to weave science into my stories with books exactly like Ron Cowen's Gravity's Century Ron's writing is brilliant in explaining the science behind the strides in Physics and Astronomy since Einstein developed his Theory of Relativity in such a way that I can grasp and understand Even I only armed with Physics 'A' Level sat far too many years ago get it and the history lesson is marvellous The lengths that scientists went to in order to prove Einstein's theory and how they solved the missing bits of their understanding ending with how to create a telescope the size of Earth in order to image a black hole Okay yes I realise that they didn't actually record an image of a black hole but rather the accretion disk spinning around it but the point being is that if you ever think that science fiction is a little staggering to believe then you need to start looking at real science Some of the sections covered I already knew about from other readings eg LIGO's proof of the existence gravity waves but this book explains everything so well and puts it all into context with the other breakthroughs in Physics in such a great way peppering the narrative with personal events to keep it from being too dry I will say that this book while pitched just right for my brain does reuire a lot concentration than normal to stay on topic and grasp the conseuences of this compelling book Despite which never before has that level of concentration been so well rewarded

  4. James Korsmo says:

    This is a narrative telling of some of the amazing developments in physics and astronomy over the past hundred years Cowen begins with Einstein and relativity and the confirmation of his theories based on observations during a solar eclipse in 1919 The tale continues through new understandings of the universe's expansion to deeper understandings of uantum phenomena and the emergence of uantum gravity and dark energy as forces at play in the universe The culmination is the investigation of black holes and the amazing discoveries about the event horizon and uantum entanglement There was definitely some science that went above my head but Cowen does a great job of keeping the explanations clear and letting the story drive the narrative This book will definitely stretch your mind and build your appreciation for the wonders of the universe


    XXXXX A book about the development of our understanding of gravity and the universe XXXXX “During a solar eclipsetwo teams of British astronomers trekked to Brazil and the West coast of Africa to test the strange new theory of gravity by the German born Einstein As the Moon inserted itself between the Sun and Earththe teams photographed the stars that came into view asday turned tonight When the observers went home and compared images of the same stars when they were not near the Sun they found just what Einstein had said about light in his General Theory of Relativity For this prediction alone Einstein became a celebrity overnight his theory grabbing headlines around the worldGRAVITY’S CENTURY HAD BEGUN”The above uotation in italics comes from the fascinating book by Ron Cowen He is a science writer who has received the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award twice and the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society’s Popular Writing Award twiceThis slim book provides a brilliant sweeping account of the century of experimentation that confirmed Albert Einstein’s 1859 to 1955 General Theory of Relativity 1915 bringing to life the science and scientists at the theory’s genesis the development of radio telescopes the expanding universe the discovery of black holes as well as hearing and imaging them—see below and the still unresolved place of gravity in uantum theory uantum gravityWhat exactly is the “century” referred to in the book’s title? This refers to two events the 1919 eclipse expeditions mentioned above and the Event Horizon Telescope EHT observations made a century later It is these two events that “bookend an era unlike any other in the history of science” The EHT is a large telescope array consisting of a global network of radio telescopesAt the end of most chapters are “Deeper Dive” sections where the author goes into deeper detail on certain concepts These are optional to read I read them allGood illustrations in the form of diagrams photos etc permeate this bookThe picture on this book’s front cover displayed above by Goodreads is uite interesting It shows two solar eclipses each at totality The top one is of the 1919 solar eclipse dubbed “Einstein’s Eclipse” The bottom one is the 2017 solar eclipseNote that the FIRST IMAGE of a BLACK HOLE from the EHT was released in April 2019 This science milestone was not mentioned because this book went to publication before this image was released Finally even though most technical terms are defined in the very accessible main narrative I felt that this book would have benefitted from a glossary as an aid to the readerIn conclusion this book is mesmerizing both as a learning experience and as an enjoyable read2019; introduction; 8 chapters; main narrative 160 pages; source notes; further reading; acknowledgements; indexXXXXX

  6. Megan says:

    Such a good book It is a mix of historical and educational text on gravity from Newton's theory to present discoveries involving black holes aka the century of gravity If you like these two types of texts especially in regards to the subject matter you will most likely enjoy this book Although you will learn uite a bit about gravity black holes and the like I think it's less a text to teach and a text to provide a timeline and history However I do think it does a pretty good job of doing both I especially loved the short 'Deep Dive' articles at the end of each chapter that helped solidify subject matters covered in the pages prior Very informative

  7. Neil says:

    Handy refresher to the field and a good run down of the state of research Good for em to dip my toes into again having forgotten half my degree That said possibly useful to the casual reader I think I would have benefited from having read this on paper or as an ebook rather than an audiobook as for the euations in here I do prefer to see them

  8. The Inquisitive Biologist says:

    Ever since Einstein Gravity's Century is an accessible and compact overview of the theory of general relativity and the century of research that has been testing his ideas since See my full review

  9. Neil McGee says:

    Historical scientific discoveries explainations which I didn't understand a word of uite advancedVery interesting for those that do understand or simply have intrest as do I

  10. Andy Gagnon says:

    Well written book about relativity and uantum physics

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