Dream Flights on Arctic Nights

Dream Flights on Arctic Nights❮Ebook❯ ➩ Dream Flights on Arctic Nights Author Brooke Hartman – Bluevapours.co.uk At night just as the moon climbs high I make a wish that I could fly Follow a child's dreamy flight through the Arctic and discover the animals that live there from the wolves prowling in the snow to At night just on Arctic eBook ☆ as the moon climbs high I make a wish that I could fly Follow a child's dreamy flight through the Arctic and discover Dream Flights PDF or the animals that live there from the wolves prowling in the snow to the goats and sheep standing on the mountains to the walrus and sea lions Flights on Arctic ePUB ´ lying on big glaciers Told in singsong rhymes and colorfully illustrated with gorgeous linocut art Dream Flights on Arctic Nights is a beautiful bedtime story for children to explore the Arctic before drifting off to sleep.

Brooke Hartman is on Arctic eBook ☆ an Alaskan mom and award winning author of books for children When she isn’t writing you can find her flying fishing and having Dream Flights PDF or fun with her family enjoying all the magic life has to offer Follow her writing adventures at BrookeAHartmancom or on Instagram and Facebook BrookesBooksAK.

Dream Flights on Arctic Nights Epub º on Arctic
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Dream Flights on Arctic Nights
  • Brooke Hartman
  • English
  • 10 March 2014
  • 9781513261898

10 thoughts on “Dream Flights on Arctic Nights

  1. Calista says:

    You know the frosted windows that grocery stores and banks do in college towns during football season; well I think that is the best way to describe the artwork I absolutely love the artwork in this book It’s gorgeous It has a black background and the colors really pop off the page It’s a Caldecott contender in my mind A boy is taking a flight over all the wondrous creatures of the Arctic in his dreams so the black background works very well I did feel like I was in a wonderful dream and the poem worked for me There are salmon narwhals bears and puffins in this story They are the interesting arctic critters The nephew enjoyed this too He loved seeing all the animals and he got swept up in the story He wanted his dreams to look like this too He gave it 4 stars

  2. Amanda Geske says:

    “To dream of snowy starry flights Deep in a land of arctic nights”

  3. Tasha says:

    An Alaska themed bedtime story this picture book matches gorgeous illustrations with rhyming verse A boy makes a nighttime wish that he could fly and a raven appears at his window ready to carry him away The boy climbs on his back and they fly together seeing all sorts of Alaskan wildlife along the way such as wolves ptarmigan bears and sea lions For awhile the boy flies on his own near eagles then a snowy owl takes him even further on his journey The northern lights appear in the sky and the boy floats with the colors and the stars Then the raven returns to fly him back to bed just as dawn begins to breakHartman’s poetry is rhyming and gentle She takes readers on a beautiful journey through her native state allowing them to see the incredible animals and natural features that make Alaska so special Throughout the child is enjoying his flight and in control of his journey through the sky There is a sense of thrill and joy as he makes his wayThe art in the book is exceptional Done in linocuts the illustrations are dramatic and very effective With the darkest of black backgrounds the stars animals and northern lights shine like lanterns on the page The images have a feel of mythology and honor natureA uniue look at Alaskan wildlife and nature Appropriate for ages 3 5

  4. V says:

    Why we chose this bookWe're always looking to expand our knowledge of animals and different corners of the globe Alaska Northwest Books provided a review copyMom's Review VDream Flights on Arctic Nights is magical The black pages lit by bright stars white text and vivid arctic animals evoke an atmosphere of mystery and fantasy They are reminiscent of the moons and stars on a wizard's dark robe When a child boy makes a bedtime wish to fly a raven peeks in through the bedroom window and whisks him off on a starlit adventure I'm referring to the child as a boy because T interpreted the child as male but you could go either way Flying high they visit a different animal or two on each page and swoop beneath the Northern Lights before heading back as dawn breaks Readers will see the raven flying away with the tassel from the child's hat on the final page leaving a feather on the pillow The blanket under which the child is snuggled is now dotted with animal portraits At the start of night the blanket was merely blueFrom narwhals and snowy owls to caribou and puffins the animals and the art are the reason to read this book As I read I felt that I was falling into the depths of a beautiful night filled with spectacular animals who greet me from the snow and glaciers It certainly helps that the story is written in the first person and that it would be a dream come true for me to see all of the animals up close Some books I get into than others when I'm reading to T This is definitely one that I got really into Read it to feel enchanted and meet Arctic animals I hope you love it as much as we doSon's Review TAge 4Mom Do you think the boy was really flying or do you think it was all a dreamSon It was all a dreamMom I saw the raven carrying something Why do you think the raven took the string off the hatSon I think the boy gave it to himMom Look there are animals on the blanket at the but no animals at the beginningI wonder why the artist did thatSon Well maybe just at the starting his blanket was all regular and the raven drew those little pictures on his blanketMom I just noticed something else Look at his pillowcase Why do you think the raven left a featherSon As a present Mom Did you have a favorite animalSon Um hm This one points to ottersMom That's my favorite animal that I already knew but I have a new favorite one Do you have a favorite one that you just learnedSon This one the wolverine and this one shrewMom Hey We see a shrew at the EcoTarium How did you feel reading this bookSon HappyMom Me too What was the best part of Dream FlightsSon All of it

  5. Tam Linsey says:

    This book is GORGEOUS What a way to explore Alaska

  6. Esutterlin says:

    Using awesome boldly colored illustrations this book in rhyme introduces us to the animals of the arctic and the splendor of the northern lights through the power of imagination

  7. Jo says:

    The illustrations are gorgeous and vivid

  8. Robin says:

    Stunning linocuts with a black background The story is a little slight would be a good bedtime choice Ages 2 4

  9. William Hubbell says:

    Captures the beauty mystiue and magic of Alaska but in a children's book Not an easy feat

  10. Meagan Myhren-bennett says:

    Written with a lyrical rhyming cadence young readers are introduced to the splendors of the arctic in this delightful bedtime story

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