Giraffe and Bird Together Again

Giraffe and Bird Together Again✮ [PDF] ✩ Giraffe and Bird Together Again By Rebecca Bender ✻ – Bird lives for adventure He wants to swoop soar and explore Giraffe is perfectly happy right where he is thank you very much He never worries when Bird flits off for a while But one afternoon his frie Bird lives Bird Together PDF/EPUB æ for adventure He wants to swoop soar and explore Giraffe is perfectly happy right where he is thank you very much He never worries when Bird flits off for a while But one afternoon his friend Giraffe and PDF \ fails to return Giraffe has a bad feeling that something has happened to Bird Giraffe dreads the wide world full of tangly forests craggy mountains and mysterious plains But he doesn't hesitate If Bird is in trouble then Giraffe and Bird Together PDF/EPUB ê will find and rescue himAward winning author illustrator Rebecca Bender pushes Giraffe and Bird to new heights of courage ingenuity and humour in Giraffe and Bird Together Again The two unlikely companions are firmer in their friendship but their antics are just as uproarious as ever Readers of all ages will laugh and cheer as Giraffe and Bird discover just how far each will go for the other.

Rebecca Bender Bird Together PDF/EPUB æ is an award winning author illustrator and designer living in Burlington Ontario Canada.

Giraffe and Bird Together Again ePUB ↠ Giraffe and
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Giraffe and Bird Together Again
  • Rebecca Bender
  • English
  • 19 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Giraffe and Bird Together Again

  1. Chinook says:

    My favourite of the giraffe and bird books I think because of all the stories this one is the most plot driven We’d actually read this one sometime before but I didn’t end up reviewing it We borrowed it again from the library because it’s part of Kait’s Forest of Reading at school and I like to read them along with her Yes okay I’m a bit jealous that other people get to read books with my kidWe got the others in the series from the library as well we liked this one the best the kids especially liked the uicksand and the birds flying giraffe home but I think reading the others first and getting the feel of the relationship between these two added to our reading experience this time around

  2. Amy says:

    Very cute I'm glad Giraffe and Bird are back

  3. Nadia L. Hohn says:

    Giraffe and Bird are protective of each other I love their loyalty and how they look out for each other What happens when the bird goes missing? Giraffe’s got his back Gorgeous illustrations

  4. Villain E says:

    Giraffe and bird have different personailities but they like spending time together Giraffe is sedentary and bird goes off on adventures Then one day bird doesn't come back Giraffe goes looking for him and has an adventure of his own How giraffe finds bird is illogical and why bird needs help in unclear but once giraffe shows up they get pulled into uicksand Girafffe is tall enough to touch bottom and slog out For some reason giraffe promises to be adventurous in the futureIt's a standard story structure but the details weren't great The art is pretty good Oh and the title is a spoiler but it's a picture book so you expect a happy ending

  5. Miss Sarah says:

    A moving story of friendship about a bird and a giraffe The Giraffe loves to stay put and the bird loves adventure but what happens bird doesn't come back one day? Can Giraffe find the courage to locate his friend? Preschool and up

  6. Sara says:

    Sweet story of friendship and compromise

  7. Michelle (FabBookReviews) says:

    Up for review is Rebecca Bender's Giraffe and Bird Together Again starring the popular duo from the award winning Canadian author illustrator's Giraffe and Bird series of titles In Giraffe and Bird Together Again Giraffe becomes increasingly worried when Bird doesn't join him for breakfast or later in the day What if something has happened to Bird? Of the duo Bird is a busy and loud daredevil with an endless appetite for new flavors while Giraffe likes his routine isn't keen to travel or try new things and never gets tired of eating the same food every day You know just how concerned for Bird Giraffe must be when he prepares to face unknown dangers and starts out on an arduous journey to find his good friend An engaging story full of adventure bursts of surprise humour and highlighting a sweet endearment between friends fans of Rebecca Bender's previous Giraffe and Bird stories will likely adore this as may readers looking for a new and vibrant story focusing on friendship and courageousness I received a copy of this title courtesy of Pajama Press in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own

  8. Barbara says:

    As is the case for many friends Giraffe and Bird are uite different Giraffe prefers the uiet life munching on food while he stays safely at home Bird is far adventurous and prone to taking risks and leaving the nest far behind to see what else is out there Despite their differences they make their friendship work When Bird is missing one morning Giraffe grows worried and leaves the safety of home to make sure his friend is okay He has to go to great lengths and move past several of his own fears to get to his friend In the end despite the close call they've both had they celebrate their friendship by agreeing to change just a little bit Bird will repress some of his wilder urges and Giraffe will be open to exploring of life's experiences a good lesson for all readers since there is something to be said about how both friends lead their lives The story is complemented nicely by vibrant acrylic and colored pencil illustrations I smiled all the way through just as I know many y0ungsters will do After all it takes all kinds and it's good to know that we have friends who are willing to take risks and brave the most frightening challenges all for us

  9. Heather Tweed says:

    I can’t wait to use this for my Yoga Safari class This book will be perfect for the 4 7 year olds The theme of being willing to take an adventure and step out of one’s comfort zone to care for a friend is fantastic Bird and giraffe are endearing characters shown through brilliant and comical illustrations and it has just the right amount of words to hold attention of anyone in pre k through second grade Love it

  10. Stephanie Bange says:

    The second book in the series is just as wonderful as the first When Bird isn't anywhere to be found Giraffe follows the trail of feathers to find his friend At times almost slapstick in nature this fun book about friendship and what it entails is sure to be a hit with young readers Bender's acrylic and color pencil art is bright and colorful full of lifeRecommended for PreS grade 3

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