टाटायन: एक पोलादी उद्यमगाथा

टाटायन: एक पोलादी उद्यमगाथा✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ टाटायन: एक पोलादी उद्यमगाथा By Girish Kuber ⚣ – Bluevapours.co.uk The Tatas is the story of one of India's leading business families It starts in the nineteenth century with Nusserwanji Tata a middle class Parsi priest from the village of Navsari in Gujarat and wide The Tatas is the story of one of India's leading business families It starts in the nineteenth century with Nusserwanji Tata a middle class Parsi priest from the village of Navsari in Gujarat and widely regarded as the Father of Indian Industry and ends with Ratan Tata chairman of the Tata Group until But it is than just a history of the industrial house; it is an inspiring account of India in टाटायन: एक Kindle - the making It chronicles how each generation of the family invested not only in the expansion of its own business interests but also in nation building For instance few know that the first hydel project in the world was conceived and built by the Tatas in India Nor that some radical labour concepts such as eight hour work shifts were born in India at the Tata mill in Nagpur The National Centre for the Performing Arts the Tata Cancer Research Centre the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research the list about the Tatas' contribution to India is a long one A bestseller in Marathi when it was first published in this is the only book that tells the complete Tata story over two hundred years.


टाटायन: एक पोलादी
  • Hardcover
  • 276 pages
  • टाटायन: एक पोलादी उद्यमगाथा
  • Girish Kuber
  • 15 February 2015
  • 9789352779376

10 thoughts on “टाटायन: एक पोलादी उद्यमगाथा

  1. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    Tata group was founded by Jamsetji Tata who's a nationalist having an ambition to create social wealth in country through business The same culture has been abided by the Tata group for over 150 years putting nation and employees first over their businessTrue inspiration for countrymen

  2. Prachiti Talathi Gandhi says:

    I always appreciate reading about Tata True business house in India Recently someone gifted me a book about Tata in Marathi language I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Tata and their businesses The book is very focused on business and growth of Tata Group Author has handled all the details very well It is written in a simple language This book gives information from Nursewanji Tata founder of Tata empire till Ratan Tata who retired recently and now Mr Cyrus Mistry is heading Tata group Tata always had amazing business sense but they never focused only on profit For all leaders from Tata group put people first They always considered all their employees as their family Always treated janitor and CEO with the same warmth Tata's were always ahead of time in their business decision For investors in Tata companies Tata is eual to trust Sometimes Tata spent from their own pocket to retain that trust of investors Entire business community had faith in Tatas It is very rare that entire family shares the same passion and vision for business as the founder Tata is one of them Truly inspiring book

  3. Sharad Pawar says:

    This is an excellent book written on Tata This book expresses complete life story of JRD In this book we can see how the great man work and style of life

  4. Lubinka Dimitrova says:

    For a person like myself who has only a vague idea about the role the Tatas play and have played for than a century in building Indian corporate culture industry society and so much else this book was a good primer But I found it way too flattering lacking any critical approach to controversial issues that the conglomerate faced at different stages of its evolution Always claiming that they conducted all their business with the utmost perfection whereas everyone else is mired in scandals and corruption well this was not really always convincing and it actually detracted from the admiration one might feel for a company that has been a major pillar in Indian history Still a good book with plenty of interesting details

  5. Suraj Kumar says:

    The Tatas traces the 200 year old legacy of India’s one of the biggest business families Right from the birth of Nusserwanji in 1822 to the present chairman Natrajan Chandrasekaran this book encapsulates the journey that the Tatas have undertaken Parallel to the story of the Tatas runs the story of India so that the book depicts how the building of a business impacted the building of a nationThe book begins by capturing the toddler steps taken by Nusserwanji then moving on to the pace and firm grounding provided by Jamsetji and finally the long strides taken by JRD Tata and Ratan Tata The account of the family and its business skills presented here in this book is awe inspiring Rising from the regional to the national and finally to international level amidst the occasional crisis arising from within the group and sometimes without the Tatas represent the power of convictionI was not sure about this book and I thought it would be boring because of being all facts But I was wrong The book is a page turner and one feels like watching a movie or a documentary on the subject And that makes me say that the translation from the original Marathi has been done brilliantly It always felt as if I were reading an original workThere are several bits of information about the Tata family and personal lives of the famous Tata figures These peeps into the lives of the members of the Tata family formed an interesting part of the narrative and sought to break the monotony of what is otherwise an historical account The book is written within a broad chronological framework but the author does move to and fro in time and space within the chapters which worked really well for meI feel the author’s account of the history was objective to a large extent especially the period before JRD Tata However I feel that in the later period that is the contemporary times the Tatas were being presented in an all good and always good light I maybe wrong but this is what I felt Besides that I feel that had there been of personal stuff the book would have been even interesting Nevertheless it was a great read for me and I enjoyed it thoroughlyMy Rating 45Originally published on

  6. Rohit Harip says:

    'Tatayan' is complete story of Tata Family From Jamashedji Tata ; who was the founder of Tata Empire he was contemporary to Rockefeller a business tycoon from US who establishes the petroleum industry to Ratan Tata ; who recently retired from the chair of president of Tata group in 2012 There is kind of negative feeling in common public against industrialist in India especially after Independence in nehruvian era there was a complete socialist hangover because of it everything which is capitalist is bad was the common notion in the societyTata industry is always exception to this Without Tata group of Industries it was impossible to fulfill the dream of Pundit Nehru of modern India Tata family is bounted freely with the vision of technology and innovationsToday Tata has occupied every house of India from slum to multi storied towers you can see the Tata products Tea Salt Steel Watch Car Truck Mobile in every household and list is never ending Apart from this productions noteworthy thing of Tata family is they had never forget their roots and social responsibility Their contribution in the establishment of Indian Science Institute Atomic research center Tata institute of Social science and so many is very much Important this complete saga of Tata's is beautifully narrated by author Girish Kuber editor of Loksatta According to best of my knowledge this is only book which can depict the story of TATA family among all Indian Languages

  7. Shrinivas Devshatwar says:

    Easy and interesting writing which is must for business books Sometimes the content is repeated while describing each Tata characters individually The writer should have explained the relationships between Tatas thoroughly I was uite confused about Ratan Tata since there are three of them in this book

  8. saumya says:

    Industries evolutionThe book very beautifully describe the industries evolution of 150yrs A read that I enjoyed throughly and gained information about TATAs

  9. Vitesh Shah says:

    Amazing book The only book till now which has covered the whole history of the TATA group Learnt many new things and new stories about TATAs Really inspiring business story and kind of shows how business can be done with empathy for society around us Details are well covered though in some parts I felt the book is praising the TATAs a bit too much Even then overall it is a very good book Being a person who has worked at TATA Steel the story about setting up its first plant was very interesting

  10. Siddharth Gupta says:

    Was the book sponsored by the Tatas Almost looked like it Not one word of criticism or critical analysis of any kind Actually scratch that the book is reverential toward the Tatas The author elevates the Tatas to a status akin to some demigodDon’t get me wrong The Tatas are a great industrial house one which every industrialist worth his salt admires and envies in eual measure Lest this review be construed as a gutter inspector’s report the book is episodically exhaustive tracing the Tata family history from the beginning But the largest industrial house in the country has not one bad apple Not one controversy Not one negative issue worth elaborating upon Even episodes in popular memory like the Nira Radia controversy or the Mistry Tata fight are passingly mentioned as if they were issues not worth the reader’s time In conclusion pick the book up only if you want to read some grandstanding eulogy of the Tata Sons

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