Better Apart

Better Apart✯ Better Apart Books ✴ Author Gabrielle Hartley – “Potent accessible tools for your family and your future” —Gwyneth PaltrowMarital strife and divorce can be your chance to profoundly transform yourself your mindset and your relationship with “Potent accessible tools for your family and your future” —Gwyneth PaltrowMarital strife and divorce can be your chance to profoundly transform yourself your mindset and your relationship with a harmonious and steady vision While many of us may be better together some of us can actually become Better ApartWhat if you emerged from your divorce stronger and resilient than ever before Better Apart is the first book to apply the life changing healing wisdom of meditation and yoga combined with practical advice to help anyone going through the painful and seemingly intractable realities of divorceGabrielle Hartley and Elena Brower are warm and caring guides who can help you compassionately part from your partner Whether your separation is amicable or your ex is combative Better Apart can help you find peace calm and hope Blending practical advice from a legal perspective together with spiritual wisdom Gabrielle and Elena are experts and realists who have created a simple five step process that uses original meditations perspective shifting exercises and fresh suggestions to help navigate the common legal and emotional pitfalls of divorce Don’t worry if you’ve never tried yoga or mediation; Gabrielle’s insight buttressed by Elena’s practices and exercises are accessible for all Together they show you how to meaningfully shift your mindset and to move forward though any—or all—parts of this emotionally fraught processBetter Apart radically reframes the way couples experience execute and recover from when “for better or worse” is no longer an option and helps you find the road to a new mindset and better life.


Better Apart Kindle ✓ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Better Apart
  • Gabrielle Hartley
  • 16 June 2014
  • 9780062689382

10 thoughts on “Better Apart

  1. Steve Sarner says:

    I have several friends thinking about andor beginning the process of separating and divorcing and a few asked me for book recommendations I knew of Hartley's book coming out and was able to obtain an advance copy I found it to be a very easy and refreshing read with plenty of practical advice and surprisingly a lot of very well crafted and important psychological information too The authors have seen it all and clearly detail various scenarios applications and outcomes Anyone who is in this situation many will benefit greatly from reading this book in ways than they would expect

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is such a positive resource in the area of family law and divorce Written for regular people traversing the emotional upheaval of divorce proceedings and co parenting after separation it offers five practical cornerstones of how to move through the process with grace elegance and stability for children I am a family lawyer in Australia and whilst written by a US attorney with Meditation teacher and Yogini Elena Brower who shares her own intimate experiences and personal growth through her divorce the concepts will eually benefit people here in Australia It is a beautiful work that has already reminded me that in an area of law that is often unfair and unpredictable the only thing I do have control over is myself And through practising and integrating the state of peace patience clarity and wisdom that this book guides people toward then the parents and children I represent will have a such a better chance of moving through the system toward a healthy and happy life And that is my ultimate goal

  3. Anna Fitzgerald says:

    The material enclosed is not novel and often reads like a transmediation book I believe it is valuable to remember what is being said in the heat of stressful moments and evaluations but I don't believe I learned anything here Is being reminded to breathe enough to put the time into this book Perhaps but skipping through chapters and using it as a uick remember guide is a better use of your time

  4. PWRL says:


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