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Groundbreaking Guys[KINDLE] ✿ Groundbreaking Guys By Stephanie True Peters – Throughout history there is no shortage of men who changed the world But did they change the world with kindness by raising their voices for those in need by celebrating creativity or by breaking down Throughout history there is no shortage of men who changed the world But did they change the world with kindness by raising their voices for those in need by celebrating creativity or by breaking down barriers for those who would come after them Mr Rogers Barack Obama Hayao Miyazaki These are the names of heroes past and present who made a positive difference on history society and the world As activists as philanthropists and as trailblazers these men have had an impact in their chosen fields and beyond with actions and ideas that have made the world a better place for all They are role models for the st Century that anyone can look to for inspiration These profiles will highlight the ways in which they defied expectations followed their own paths and even rose above their known accomplishments to be truly groundbreaking.

“By all appearances I am a typical suburban mother” reports Stephanie True Peters “I’m forty three have two children Jackson age and Chloe age and a husband Dan who to me seems ageless I live in a nice neighborhood in a town just far enough south of Boston to be considered the boonies I do the grocery shopping the cleaning well sometimes go to the gym and operate the ride o.

Groundbreaking Guys MOBI ✓ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Groundbreaking Guys
  • Stephanie True Peters
  • 09 August 2015
  • 9780316529419

10 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Guys

  1. Erin says:

    Adorable illustrations Great subject choices I loved how it gave SO many varieties of what it takes to “be a man”

  2. Amy says:

    These books are always subjective but Author Stephanie True Peters seemed to go outside of the box and selected a truly diverse slate of 40 guys who became great by doing good I do have to say that I was somewhat surprised that LeBron James was not included but Peters captured other athletes who went above and beyond their cause and really made this reader think about all they had done The book seems to be mostly in chronological order by birth date For each entry there is the name of the persons Birth and in some cases Death date a uotes by the persons a brief 1 page essay about the person and on the opposite page a color illustration of that personsSome of the interesting men include Robert Smalls Thich Nhat Hahn Our own life has to be our message Fred Rogers Maurice Sendak Roberto Clemente Walter Dean Myers Muhammad Ali Bob Ross Happy Little Trees Steven Spielberg Freddie Mercury Bill Gates Anthony Bourdain Male female gay straight legal illegal country of origin who cares? You can either cook an omelet or you can't LOL Some others Yo Yo Ma Terry Crews love seeing former athletes from the MAC Western Michigan who have done well and Ziauddin Yousafzai Malala's dadAt the end of the book is a list of Source Notes for each personMost interesting

  3. Mary says:

    GROUND BREAKING GUYS 40 men who became great by doing goodBy Stephanie True PetersIllustrated by Shamel WashingtonThe Title is compelling The Copyright page indicates this book is written for an 8 12 year old Audience “Little Brown Books for Young Readers”The Table of Contents lists the 40 great guys; some I’d never heard of before – GOOD – time I learned something new The Introduction page 1 is fantastic It left me thinking I should buy a copy for each of my grandsons They are 6 9 10 and brilliant; of course As avid readers they’d each have their own uniue take away Perhaps the 9 and 10 year olds could help the 6 year old think things through a bit Page 2 my enthusiasm fizzled I’m not even sure a 12 year old would get past the first sentence without groaning and complaining “do I HAVE to read this” So much for my notion that my grandsons would find this book interestingI read this book almost cover to cover I skipped the Source Notes on page 81 92 I’m afraid I have to agree with Goodreads reviewer Stephanie True Peters “wiki entry” “no narrative” Please read her review well done

  4. Bethany says:

    I really liked this book Some of them I hadn't heard about before and the ones I knew made me like them even Reading about each of these men reminded me that there is good happening in this world and people who really care

  5. Lynda Austin says:

    Great book for later elementarymiddle schoolers to first hear of some of the exceptional men in our world Loved the diversity of the biographical subjects and that many are still living and still doing good things

  6. Cat says:

    A short and enjoyable introduction to a variety of iconic men who have influenced and continue to influence people across the globe This book screams Put me on your coffee table

  7. Crystal says:

    I love to read YA and juvenile short biography collections like this because they introduce me to people I may not have heard before but end up wanting to know much about Typically I prefer books that focus on women andor BIPOC specifically as historically they've gotten less attention than their white male counterparts But when Groundbreaking Guys came through our library I could not resist it From the eye catching bright blue of the cover to the terrific illustrations that manage to be simple and yet bright and engaging capturing each man so well to the subtitle 40 men who became great by doing good to the format I was hooked I tore through this whole book while on vacation sometimes reading a page or two when I only had a few minutes but often gulping down large sections at once I didn't want it to end I enjoyed each and every profile in the book The men featured cover a wide range of representation African American Asian Latinx LGBT Native American Jewish Buddhist Muslim Caucasian and They are bankers and athletes authors and teachers inventors and astronauts scholars and performers musicians and politicians chefs and artists among others They advocate for their own rights and the rights of others Expand cultural understanding of diversity Make discoveries that save lives Help to rescue people from at risk communities Boldly go where no one like them has gone before Leave lasting works of creative genius behind them Give back to the communities that raised them Spread peace and love to everyone who encounters them They represent the good that men can do in this world and they are so encouraging to read about No not everyone featured is entirely un problematic but they are all remarkable men who've made a difference in the worldToo often in our eagerness to provide books about remarkable women to fill the gap that's existed for so long we provide a dearth of books about remarkable men for kids to read as well Both are still necessary and this book is a terrific place for a young reader to start I would consider it older juvenile reading level but not too simplistic for many young adult readers As an adult reader I enjoyed it and it gave me not only a new recommendation for young readers but also a starting point for learning about a lot of remarkable men about whom I did not know or at least did not know much about before There's a simple bibliography in the back of the book offering mostly web resources but older readers may want to seek out in depth resources for themselves instead Now I plan to seek out further works on their accomplishments and I am looking forward to it Pick up a copy for the kids in your life and share it with them

  8. Jennifer says:

    Short little snapshots of 40 men who have all made the world a better place by actively choosing to do so The broad range of men profiled is awesome BIPOC white LGBT straight celebrities businessmen politicians athletes musicians US international etc I also loved that the book doesn't try to be than it is It doesn't try to give you all possible background information on each man it gives just enough to peak your interest and make you want to learn There's also 11 pages of source notes at the end with resources that include both print and online references where readers can learn about the men featured This book isn't going to make you an expert on these Ground Breaking Guys but it will give you an idea of who they are and what they have done that's worthy of emulation It doesn't deify them just points out how they have tried to make a difference I love the focus on positivity and how we can all make a difference in our own little corners of the world

  9. Kylie2018 says:

    I thought from the illustrations this book would be child friendly but I wouldn’t recommend this book for those younger than 1213yrs The text is very like any standard encyclopaedia wiki entry and doesn’t really have a humanistic stylenarrative The 4 paragraph length entries are dense without relief I much prefer either the lighter ‘sscience ‘ or the bio styled Little People Big Dreams

  10. Stephanie says:

    Thumbnails of 40 changemakers from different times and a wide range of backgrounds many of whom I had heard of uite a few of whom I had not Fascinating stories; great addition to our 5th grade research reading material

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