How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword✤ [Download] ➼ How to Steal a Dragon's Sword By Cressida Cowell ➶ – Viking Berk heir Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his dragon Toothless are target of dragon rebellion filled with the meanest Razor wings Tonguetwisters and Vampire Ghouldeaths Only a King can save t Viking Berk heir Steal a MOBI ☆ Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his dragon Toothless are target of dragon rebellion filled with the meanest Razor wings Tonguetwisters How to PDF or and Vampire Ghouldeaths Only a King can save them a champion with all of the King's Lost Things Hiccup will have to outwit a to Steal a MOBI ð witch fight his arch enemy and beat back an army of bloodthirsty dragons with just one sword.

Cressida Cowell grew Steal a MOBI ☆ up in London and on a small uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland She was convinced that there How to PDF or were dragons living on this island and has been fascinated by dragons ever since She has a BA in English Literature from Oxford University to Steal a MOBI ð a BA in Graphic Design from St Martins and an MA in Narrative Illustration from Brighton Cressida loves illustrating her own w.

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword Kindle ´ Steal a  MOBI
  • Audio CD
  • How to Steal a Dragon's Sword
  • Cressida Cowell
  • 01 July 2015
  • 9781444908732

10 thoughts on “How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

  1. Dana Salman says:

    OMG I finally got it can't wait to read it After three months of weekly visits to the bookstores only to find that they still didn't have this book in stock I could barely contain my excitement when I finally found it on my birthday coming back from the mall and stopping by the Bookworm before going home It was on the shelf with the rest of the How to Train Your Dragon books as though it had been there all alongIt saddened me that the new Eragon book had a place of honor on the front desk where everyone could see it Eragon another series about dragons is bland and mediocre But it had fans Coming out of the bookstore lucky enough to get the only copy of How to Steal a Dragon's Sword that was in there I realised it was only there because I'd asked about it previously none of the other bookstores had it yet There was only one copy and it was out of sight because no one cared about How to Train Your DragonBut these books deserve in my opinion every bit as much adoration and recognition as the Dreamworks movie Because these are NOT kid's books Not anyThe How to Train Your Dragon series as far as I can tell is regarded as being mainly for boys ages 7 to 10 ish Well I'm a girl I'm seventeen And in actual fact the supposed 'kid's' movie based off the 'kid's' book has a very devoted sect of fans predominantly made up of teenagers And some of those fans read the first book after watching the movie and they scoffed; 'oh this is just for kids it's a big joke what happened to the characters the movie was so much better'There's actually alot about the Hiccup books that are not at all childish The style of writing for one thing is very mature; I often have to explain the metaphors and big words to my nine year old sister a drooling fan of both the movie and the books when I read them to her There's blood and fighting and deep and poignant moments that can be very deepWhat people don't realise is that the How to Train Your Dragon series as a whole is made up of just as much epic win as the movie maybe a bit seeing how there's elbow room for to happen though hopefully Dreamworks will hurry up with that seuel and we can see of the movie Hiccup and Toothless tooWith the release of How to Steal a Dragon's Sword the stakes have been raised higher The danger uality is kicked up a notch You still have cartoonlike humor you still have dim witted vikings you still have a Toothless who is admittedly perhaps not as loveable as the Toothless that made the movie so popular But you have climatic decisions to be made and so much to lose You have perilous and intense situations that have you at the edge of your seat and your heart thumping wildly you have plot twists that'll have you hyperventilating and a cliffhanger at the end to top it all offBecause now the beginning of the movie plot begins Now the rebellion is comingI don't want to outrightly spoil what'll happen but I will say that this book does not have a happily ever after another trait of maturity kid's books always end on a happy note right So if you are not already hooked up on How to Train Your Dragon wait until the next book comes out who knows how much longer and by the time you read this you won't have to eat yourself raw in your hunger for the continuation as I amBecause funnily enough I was as hyped up about this book as I was when I first read the last Harry Potter book This is a series worth getting worked up over It's fun clever fast paced touching funny and as I've established with the comparison to Harry Potter of epic winAnd this is how enthusiastic I'll be when Cressida Cowell blessedly finishes the nameless future finale to this amazing series not like how I was for The Chronicles of Narnia sadly not for Eragon not for the next Twilight movie but How To Train Your Dragon

  2. sophie.connects.the.dots (on hiatus) says:

    Are you the stuff that a Hero is made of Or are you a jellyfish in a skirtI cannot even really begin to tell you how brilliant these books are and this is the best in the series so far Seriously I recommend everyone read it although of course as this memoir will helpfully remind you in bits and places you should definitely read the other stories too The humor is unparalleled And the story just keeps getting better and deep as you read along This may even be among my top favorites ever ever ever it talks about heroism and villainy it talks about failure it talks about bravery it talks about standing up for what's right it talks about youth and growing up it talks about loyalty and friendshipThis is the Dragon Jewel the gem in the series And I can only imagine it continues to grow and teach in awesome ways from here I'll sing the praises for this book like a true Viking sings for every perilous occasion

  3. Deborah Pickstone says:

    And now we are into the last 4 books which are a part of each other seuentially following a storyline rather than each book being concluded in itself The Dragons have declared war on the humans and Hiccup is at his lowest ebb ever though accompanied by 3 dragons who show the greatest of loyalty to him as does Fishlegs and after a brief failure to do so Camicazi returns to fidelity Surely we all want to believe in dragons By now my only concern iswhen did they die out and was Hiccup the cause Awaiting the next installment

  4. Abigail says:

    The friendships in this series just kill me with their wonderfulness

  5. Keturah Lamb says:

    audiobookThe humor is still there but everything has got darker and maybe there’s been a plot all a long and WOW THE PHILOSOPHICAL uestions brought up in the book“Did he keep his promise”“Only until he died Men’s lives are but a breath as are their words And after that other men can break the promise”And so is the sad reality of the crumbling world

  6. King Haddock says:

    A Hero cannot triumph all the timeSometimes he will be defeated and how he faces that defeat is a test of his characterAnd now Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third had been defeatedHe had lost everythingI am exploding from feelsThis is an incredibly horrible thing because none of my other close friends have read the HTTYD series so I cannot rant off my emotions to someone elseSo expect a lot of explosions here Book one of the How to Train Your Dragon series began rather glibly and lightheartedly and many of Hiccup's other early adventures were exciting but still a bit happy go lucky THIS book however took Hiccup's memoirs to a whole new level The Viking world is becoming a lot darker creating a book that captivates me like none otherThere was so much drama in thisAnd oh so beautifulI can talk about the first half of the book and that was a lot of fun of course Hiccup saving the boys on the cliffside was an epic adventure as was the journey into the tunnels below the castle However I want to focus on the second half of the book where Hiccup's adventures exploded into their full extent of DRAMATICLearning the story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the First really excited me for many reasons First of all I wanted to know about him Second it was a great and dramatic story almost as juicy as learning about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Second Third the story of nine year old ancestral Hiccup almost marries the movies with the books for the DreamWorks story is in many ways the telling of the First Hiccup not the ThirdHiccup defeating the witch because of his immunity to Venomous Vorpent venomAnd then we got to the swordfighting competition at the end Vikings competing with one another to try to becoming King of the WilderwestMore dramaStoick fighting HiccupHis scrawny thirteen year old son winningHiccup becoming KingThe Slavemark being revealed I KNEW that was going to happen but this was BEAUTIFULLY and absolutely dramatically done It was just as juicily dramatic and so than I wanted itAnd then everything going completely downhill Sure the Slavemark being revealed would do that but the extent to which EVERYTHING fell apart shocked meI think I read this entire book swearing up a storm and screaming good thing I live aloneFishlegs declaring loyalty to Hiccup despite the Slavemark Alvin officially King Stoick enslaved Snotlout Chief Dragons hunted to Extinction The Rebellion begun Hiccup an Outcast and fugitiveHOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY END A BOOK WORSE THAN THISI love it so muchEven if the feels are going to make me explode

  7. Kristen says:

    This is both the best and the worst of the series so far It's the best because as Hiccup grows he's 13 now his character becomes complex as does the heroics he needs to accomplish It's the worst we've moved on from silly Viking games and contests to the absolute worstwar And not silly Viking war but war with dragons some of the very characters we've come to love This installment is darker sadder and harder to read than the others We've become accustomed to watching Hiccup triumph; and while he does have his moments in this one it is made clear early on that things don't always work out how we want them to There's lots of foreshadowing and hinting at horrible things to come Cowell's Epilogue is particularly cringe worthy hinting that the explanation for why dragons no longer exist will be revealed in the last books of the series This series has really transformed from a silly but enjoyable kids read to a layered emotional story Can't wait to see where things go

  8. Zoe Bray says:

    This was an amazing book and by far the best of the Hiccup series I loved the characters especially the witch I thought it was written extremely well with just the right amount of humour I was crying by the end of itThe witch was an brilliant villain throughout the book; she was far evil than Alvin just as smart as Hiccup and it was enjoyable to see the two winning small victories for themselves in all the other books the main villain had the upper hand until the end of the story They brought out the best and the worst in each otherThe cliffhanger ending was awesome and it's the only book in which everything doesn't turn out OK I am killing myself waiting for the next book to come outIt's definitely worthy of than just a 5 star rating

  9. Anna says:

    performed by David Tennant app 5 hrs“Please do not blame the storyCressida Cowell How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

  10. McKenzie Dean says:

    I will forever give these books five stars Reading them is such a joy

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