Deadeye (Hands of Time, #3)

Deadeye (Hands of Time, #3)HER SECRET COULD BE HER UNDOING The American Civil War A Woman Well Versed With Facades, Justice Hudson Is Hiding In Plain Sight No One Questions A Smooth Faced Deadeye Known For Bringing Down Countless Confederates In Battle She S An Asset The Union Army Cannot Turn Away, Though Most Soldiers Peg Her For An Underage Boy She Keeps To Herself In Camp And Serves The Army With Deadly Precision In The Field Justice Has Guarded The Secret Of Her Identity For Years, But She S Hiding Another Secret, And She Knows Her Cover Can Be Maintained For Only So Long She S Going To Be Found Out, And Dishonourably Discharged From The Army Or Worse Intimately Acquainted With Love And Loss, Union Captain Eamon Gallagher Is Trying To Keep His Head Down And Keep The Past From Following Him Into The Present While His Doctoring Days Are Over, His Keen Attention To Detail Is Not And When He Meets A Young Private Who Looks Years Too Young To Be Fighting A War, He Wonders What Secrets Young Hudson Is Hiding But As The War Draws To An End And One Of Justice S Fellow Soldiers Is Gunned Down In The Street, A Personal War Is Begun, With Consequences Farther Reaching Than Justice Or Eamon Could Ever Have Imagined They Must Find The Killer And Bring Them To Justice, Before Justice Becomes Their Next Target

Between playing Barbies for thousands of hours as a child, listening to radio drama s, taking part in plays with her siblings or read aloud s of the Chronicles of Narnia, storytelling has always been at the centre of Ashley s world Eventually her own flavour of storytelling compelled her fingers to glue themselves to the keyboard, and over a decade later, Ashley made her literary debut with Present History At the heart of it all, she desires not only to entertain her readers with rich plots and characters, a good dose of suspense and don t let s forget that romance it is her desire to shed a light on the pain life throws us, oftentimes resulting in grief of one form or another, and learn to process it in its raw, sometimes very ugly and undignified state, pressing toward healing and living to our greatest, most candid and beautiful potential.

[KINDLE] ❤ Deadeye (Hands of Time, #3) ➜ Ashley Nikole –
  • Paperback
  • Deadeye (Hands of Time, #3)
  • Ashley Nikole
  • English
  • 17 October 2017

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