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I Ran With the Gang ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ I Ran With the Gang Author Alan Longmuir – Bluevapours.co.uk The Bay City Rollers Were One Of The Brightest Things To Happen In The Tumultuous s, Illuminating A Dark Decade Marred By Falling Stock Markets, A Plummeting Economy And Industrial Unrest Alan Longmui The Bay City Rollers Were One Of With the PDF Ê The Brightest Things To Happen In The Tumultuous s, Illuminating A Dark Decade Marred By Falling Stock Markets, A Plummeting Economy And Industrial Unrest Alan Longmuir, An Apprentice Plumber From Edinburgh, Was Inspired By The Beatles To Form A Band In The s Firstly, He Enlisted His Brother And Then His Cousin And Via Throwing A Dart At A Map They Eventually Became The Bay City Rollers Success Was Slow I Ran Epub / In Coming But When It Did It Was Beyond Alan S And Almost Everyone Else S Wildest Dreams A String Of Million Selling Records Led To Rollermania A Mass Hysterical Fan Reaction Not Seen Since Beatlemania Like A Wildfire It Spread Across The World The Rollers Juggernaut Was Out Of Control Alan Longmuir Recounts His Surreal Journey From The Dalry Backstreets To The Hollywood Hills And Back To Being A Plumber Along The Way He Punctures Some Of Ran With the Kindle Ô The Myths And Untruths That Have Swirled Around The Group Most Of All, Though, Alan Captures The Great Adventure That A Bunch Of Young Boys From Edinburgh Embarked On That For A Few Years Threatened To Turn The Whole World Tartan Tragically, While Finishing His Memoirs Alan Longmuir Was Taken Ill While On A Holiday In Mexico Marking His th Birthday And Died Back In Scotland A Short While Later It Was His Great Desire That I Ran With The Gang Should Be Released.

Is a well known author, some of With the PDF Ê his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Ran With the Gang book, this is one of the most wanted Alan Longmuir author readers around the world.

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    I Ran With the Gang PDF Ù Ran With the Kindle With The Gang Should Be Released."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • I Ran With the Gang
  • Alan Longmuir
  • 01 April 2017
  • 9781912147755

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  1. *TUDOR^QUEEN* says:

    I was the only 4 year old Beatles fan in my neighborhood in 1967, during the Summer of Love My brother was four years older than me, so because of him I grew up on them They were just a part of me However, when I was 13 and in the eighth grade in 1976, I was swept away by a pop band all on my ownThe Bay City Rollers They came from Edinburgh Scotland, had cute accents, and their lead guitarist Eric Faulkner had me totally smitten with his dazzling blue eyes and long dark lashes Just the thought of him still makes me sigh Their music was melodic with a lot of production, just the way I loved it Even my parents liked their music They were wholesome, harmless, and I was seriously crushing on Eric I sat on my front porch that summer with my two friends next door, and played their first two albums Bay City Rollers and Rock and Roll Love Letter on a small portable record player We knew every lyric and enthusiastically sang alongover and over again My parents bought me a plaid bedspread for my room and I decorated my four walls with all their posters When I first attended high school I wore a Bay City Rollers tee shirt and made a new best friend who ...

  2. Lisa says:

    I veI loved the Rollers I d head down to the local music store and buy 16 and Tigerbeat magazines On my bedroom walls were poster s of B.C.R., Mostly Eric Or Andy Gibb Eric Faulkner was my dream, also Andy Gibb Can t leave Andy out, because they were the only two who fought for space on my walls I was a bit disappointed when Alan stated from the get go that he wasn t going to be dishing the dirt Truth is, had I known, I wouldn t have read this book at all See Alan, for me, was the old dude I ignored him and his brother Derek completely Alan was old, and Derek was too blonde Yeah, I know, but besides Andy Gibb, I ve never liked blondes It s just a thing After reading this book, I m quite a bit thankful to both Alan and his brother for starting this awesome band I don t know or really care about some people s feelings about B.C.R music I was in 7th grade, and 12 years old when I took notice of them Jeezum crow That s hormones raging Shit fuzzy Man, I m glad that shits done with Damn, their love songs broke my heart Hell, they still break my heart Still, I ...

  3. Michelle says:

    By the mid 1970 s, The Bay City Rollers, a five member pop rock band from Edinburgh Scotland, had reached phenomenal world wide success Around the globe, their concerts were attended by thousands of hysterical screaming teenage girls Rollermania was easily compared to Beatlemania which occurred just a decade before I Ran With The Gang My Life In and Out of the Bay City Rollers 2018 was written by founding member Alan Longmuir with sports writer and novelist Martin Knight The book shares his true inside story of the rise and fall of this incredible boy band A brief fascinating history of rock music is included in prelude.Inspired by the Beatles, Alan Longmuir wanted to form a similar rock band he was a left hand bassist like Paul McCartney, his brother Derrick could play the drums like Ringo Starr Over time, various young musicians would circulate through the BCR, the most popular classic five member line up was brothers Alan and Derrek Longmuir, Les McKeown, Eric Faulkner and Stewart Woody Wood.BCR manager Tam Paton immediately saw the potential and appeal of the band and began local bookings that quickly branched out to other countries including the U.K Tam had several influential music production connections helped the BCR get a great start Paton insisted on total control and that the BCR remain without girlfriends to i...

  4. Valerity (Val) says:

    I Ran With The Gang My Life In and Out of the Bay City RollersThis was a pleasant trip back to the mid 1970s the time when the group the Bay City Rollers were hot on the music charts It turned out to be a well written biography of the guy who started the band, Alan Longmuir, a plumber together with his younger brother Derek and cousin Neil Porteous They had a lot of members who rotated in and then out of the band over the years There s an Introduction by Alwin Turner, a cultural and political historian Then the good stuff starts in.I enjoy reading these rock group biographies from that era because we are losing some of these guys and gals every year, and this was a good one Sadly, Longmuir was among those who passed away in 2018 while working on his book I enjoyed reading the heartfelt and humble story of his life before, during and after the band My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley, authors Alan Long...

  5. Debbie says:

    Fantastic book Couldn t put it down Felt as though Alan was in the room with you telling you his life story Lots of interesting stories about his life in and out of the Bay City Rollers that even committed fans wouldn t know about This book is very different from lots of books about the Bay City Rollers as it doesn t dwell on the dark parts of the Rollers but instead comes over as a happy book, remembering...

  6. J.S. Green says:

    This book is the story of my life as I best remember it, in and out of the Bay City Rollers I will not be dishing dirt, speculating, commenting or making any shocking revelations about the personal lives of any of my band colleagues What happened or didn t happen to them is their business and not for me to state or judge They can, have and might write their own accounts In this book I will willingly invade my own privacy, but not theirs Alan Longmuir has written a fascinating autobiography He formed the Bay City Rollers back in the 60s in Scotland initially called The Saxons , and in the mid 70s the band rocketed to international stardom with a string of hits They sold over 100 million records and performed sold out concerts to screaming fans They became teen idols They had their own TV shows They caused riots and pandemonium not seen since The Beatles Rollermania spread from Scotland to England to the US to Canada to Australia to Japan With their trademark tartan outfits and clean good looks, they were on top of the world.But all good things come to an end The non stop touring and performing took a huge toll on the band Their manager, Tam Paton, micromanaged not only their careers but their personal ...

  7. Mark Rubenstein says:

    Throughout I Ran With The Gang, Alan Longmuir s voice, ably assisted along the way by Martin Knight, draws the reader in for a very even ride through an incredibly uneven life If Simon Spence s superb When The Screaming Stops managed to put the colossally dark side of the Bay City Rollers story into focus, I Ran With The Gang did the job of bringing the light, even if not uniformly or blindingly bright enough to completely wipe out the shadows Like many before him, and like many yet to come, Alan Longmuir s cardinal mistake was having not been careful in what he d wished for The 1970s redefined the music industry money appeared, heightened corruption followed and, for the artists, victimization often masqueraded as success Eventually, as it always must, the penny drops Alan Longmuir s advantage was his seemingly innate sense to look within for fulfillment and not without And certainly not towards the trappings of celebrity I Ran With The...

  8. Nigeyb says:

    I Ran With The Gang My Life In and Out of the Bay City Rollers is the third book I have read recently about the Bay City Rollers I am not a particular fan of the Bay City Rollers though I have always had a soft spot for their classic singles, and I was a young teenager during the glory years of Rollermania.The other two books about the Rollers that I ve also read and reviewed are When the Screaming Stops The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers by Simon Spence Review here Bye Bye Baby My Tragic Love Affair with The Bay City Rollers by Caroline Sullivan Review hereBoth are well worth reading I Ran With The Gang My Life In and Out of the Bay City Rollers is BCR founder member Alan Longmuir s account of his life Alan was the oldest member of the group and seemingly the one least taken with life as a pop star It s easy to forget just how massive the Rollers were The band were one of the biggest of their era in Britain, and then across the world Thy were also one of the few British teenybop bands to also achieve notable success in the USA The Rollers were at their commercial peak between 1974 and 1977, and this era was characterised by a punishing work schedule and manager Tam Paton exerting a tight control on every aspect of the group s day to day life Before long Alan wanted out, expecting to be the recipient of a considerable sum of money Needless to say things didn t quite work out that way Alan Longm...

  9. Keith Chawgo says:

    Alan Longmuir s autobiography dealing with his life and his time in the seminal boy band, The Bay City Rollers is an interesting novel that chronicles the good and bad of pop stardom and its many pitfalls.Longmuir is a person that everyone states as lovely and very kind and it is very evident in his autobiography He doesn t really dish any dirt but looks at his time through a kind hearted veneer that shows how much of a credit he is as a human beyond anything else He is very humble and seems surprised of his success He considers himself a plumber in the first instance and a pop sensation as the later His views of the world are innocent but he is never truly na ve He comes across as the glue that held things together and unfortunately, it seems that he was highly taken advantage of but he is never bitter The book is very informative and gives an insider view on the birth of a pop sensation and its eventual demise It also gives the financial implications of how the world assumes that the pop star becomes wealthy but the reality is far from the truth The story is very well documented and although I am vaguely aware of the group, I grew up in America and remember their two hits Saturday Night and I Only Want To Be With You and their NBC Saturday morning show, I really had no idea of the enormity of the group around the world or how big they were here in the UK It is also interesting how a new respect comes to a pop gr...

  10. L.K. Hunsaker says:

    Yes, I was a Bay City Rollers fan Still am I don t expect that to ever change However, unlike a lot of girls who insisted it was their image and the tartan and the cute faces that made them fans, that was never it for me I adored their music I still adore their music I could always, as a music lover in general, even a young one I wasn t a teen yet when they hit the US , appreciate the complexities of the songs, the gorgeous harmonies, and the subtle innuendos covered somewhat, at least sometimes, with double entendres I love clever word play I love upbeat, thoughtful, fun, different.So, yes, critics and jealous boys sometimes one and the same, really panned them way back when because of their image Eh I knew what I knew They were an awfully good pop band.I can t say how glad I am that Alan wrote this book, his story, but also the real story of the Bay City Rollers The memoir autobiography is so very Alan that you can almost hear him telling it as you read It s not a nasty tell all because that s not who he was It s genuine It s kind, even to those who may not quite deserve so much kindness It s down to earth It shows his bewilderment, sadness, humility, and, overall, his happiness It shows the harsh and often sadistic underbelly of the music world But overall, it shines through with his gentlemen like observance that his choices were his and although there were some he wish he h...

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