Storybound➲ Storybound Read ➺ Author Emily McKay – I’ve lived in nine towns in the past six years I know my mom feels bad about it, but I don’t mind Who wants friends anyway?

All I’ve ever needed are my books I’ve lived a thousand liv I’ve lived in nine towns in the past six years I know my mom feels bad about it, but I don’t mind Who wants friends anyway?All I’ve ever needed are my books I’ve lived a thousand lives, had adventures I couldn’t even begin to imagine To me, the places I discovered between the pages of a book are as real as the world I live inWhen I walk into my favorite bookstore, the last thing I expect is to walk out onto the pages of the kingdom of Mithresor that the book boyfriend I’ve loved than life, Kane the Traveler, really exists And he has no clue the fate that awaits him in book fiveNow that I know the truth, I have a chance to save Kane But if I change the story, will I ever find my way home?.

I write the kinds of books I want to read Fastpaced books with lots of worldbuilding, snarky heroines, and swoony heroes I love story, pop culture, gossip, and baked goods I’m a modernday hippy and certified LEGO nerdI live in the Austin, Texas hill country, with my geeky husband and two extremely geeky kids We have dogs, chickens, cats, and LEGOs than should be allowed by law Oh, an.

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Storybound
  • Emily McKay
  • 10 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Storybound

  1. Candace Robinson says:

    I couldn’t get into this one as much as I wanted to but I loved the concept and the writing!

  2. Shannara says:

    I really loved this book. I’ll admit it took what seemed like forever to really get hooked, but once I was, bam!! I just couldn’t stop. It was funny, had lots of fun details, and Cupcake/Edie/Edena was so human that I couldn’t help but love her. She was kind of a pain sometimes though because she flip flops and it’s a little annoying a few times. Like she learns something and then two pages later she forgets and has to relearn it. But then, that’s the type of thing that makes her so human. The star I took away was because it took me until about 30% of the way through to really get into it and also for the ending. You’re left hanging with no real ending and a thousand questions. So I’m fully expecting book two and I will be reading it once it comes out. One thing I really enjoyed was this author has an awesome writing style that felt smooth and witty to me. It’s writing like that that makes me love to read.

    Thank you NetGalley for providing this book in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  3. Amber (The Book Bratz) says:

    Book about your book boyfriend being real? 🤔 HELL YEAH!

  4. Maddie says:

    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

    TW: Discussions of a mentally unstable parent.

    This was fun. And I don't mean that in a sarcastic, this-was-painful way. It was genuinely a fun story, with an interesting concept and a quick pace that made the book seem to fly by. There was something so... nostalgic, for lack of better terms, about this story. It gave me old YA vibes which, paired with a story about literally becoming part of your favorite series, definitely gave it a wistful air. Plus, added bonus, there were some parts that were funny . It was nice to have a story that didn't take itself too seriously.

    There were, however, just a few things that kept me from rating it higher. The first, and most prevalent, one being that some of it just didn't make sense? It's a fantasy story about entering your favorite book series, so clearly, not everything needed to make sense. But there were still some things that I personally wish would have been explained better. I never got a full grasp on the world, or the way the magic system worked (I'm exhausted so that could be part of it, just saying lol) There were moments I was pulled out of the story because they're in an alternate Houston and for some reason, it just messed with my head.

    Overall, this was a nice, fun story that I'd recommend to people in need of a light read with comical characters.

  5. Kacey says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My opinion was not affected by the free copy.

    Sorry to say, I'm bowing out of this one. This seemed like something I would enjoy. I'm a huge reader, and who hasn't envisioned going inside their favorite story and meeting the main character? But I just can't seem to get myself invested in the story. I think it's because I know nothing about Kane's world-- none of the exerpts from his book give me any real clues-- and the main character accepts all this a little too easily. This might just be a pet peeve of mine, but it also bugs me a little when authors try to insert their fictional bestseller in the same world as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and so forth.

    The book borrows a lot of ideas from some familiar source material. Going into other worlds is nothing new, and neither is going into a book. When they started talking about Threads and how it was fueled on belief, I couldn't help thinking of The Neverending Story. Kane wearing a leather duster made me think of Harry Dresden; the fact that his world borrowed from ours reminded me of The Dark Tower. And yes, I know that there are only so many original ideas in the world and every other one is just a different twist on it, but the similarities still bugged me. Even if it can be explained by all those stories being real in some universe.

    I didn't even get to the romance, but it felt like it was gearing up to be one of those we're destined for each other kind of deals, which is probably the most annoying plot for a romance. Maybe I'm wrong, since the whole point of this book is for Edie to save Kane from his supposed fate, but I honestly am not interested enough to find out.

    The funny thing is that I would probably read a book with Kane as the main character. Maybe I need to go find some books starring anti-heroes.

  6. Christine says:

    I really tried to get into this one but I just couldn't.
    From almost the beginning I felt that this book was a little more juvenile than I thought it would be and that it wasn't going to be the story for me.
    I'm disappointed because the premise sounded really promising.

  7. Alaina says:

    I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Storybound was a pretty interesting book. I mean if you loved a series so much what would you do if you somehow jumped into the book? Freak out? Fangirl? Shit your pants? Most likely all of the above.

    Enter Cupcake, who is also known as Edie or Edena. Now she just got the final book from her favorite series and she can't wait to dive into it. The one thing she wasn't expecting.. was to literally dive into the book. Now if I was her.. I have no idea what I would be doing. Knowing me.. I would probably try to change how certain things happened or ya know.. make my ships sail before they crash and burn.

    That being said, Cupcake tries her best to make things go the way they did while she read it. She knows who is supposed to end up with who and what happens in each book. Yet, she can't help but start to fall for the main lead. No matter how many times she mentions she can't have feelings for Kane herself.. she does. It was obvious to everyone that they started to care for one another.. but the characters themselves knew how the series was supposed to go - which I found COMPLETELY interesting.

    I wont lie, I really enjoyed this book and with that little cliffhanger ending I am wondering when the next book will be out. Or if a second one will even be made at all. I really hope there is because I need to know what is going to happen next for everyone involved.

  8. Kailey Steward says:

    DNF at 31%

    Good lord. Okay. So, hear me out here. I tried. Really, I did. And there was at least one part I enjoyed. But I just couldn't do it.

    There was a lot of stuff I disliked about this book. But I want to say that there was one thing I did like. I absolutely adored the premise of the novel. I think it's one that, when done properly, could be amazing. Sadly, it did not work out that way here (for me).

    Yeah, that was what I liked. I don't have anything more to say in that vein. Now I'd like to explain why I couldn't make myself finish this book.

    For one thing, the voice was not for me. I straight up disliked it. I don't have anything more to say on that because it's just how I felt about it. Maybe other people won't mind but it grated on me.

    Another thing was that I strongly disliked Edie, the main and POV character. With her there seems to be a lot of hatred towards teenage girls. There were so many nasty comments about the way the other girls in the story behaved. Her attitude was pretty out of date honestly. I'd expect this from a YA from 2010, not one coming out in 2020. There was too much of a not like other girls undertone to her character for me.

    But, aside from her attitude, there were other reasons that turned me off to Edie's character. Her insistence that she's in love with Kane, for starters. I get having book boyfriends. I had a ton of book boyfriends as a teen. Most people bond to the characters they read--that means they're good characters! Written well! But no one actually, truly thinks they're in love with them. Teenagers are smart. They know characters aren't real people they can have a relationship with. I don't really think Edie gets that. She's insisting that she has been in love with Kane since she read his first book. And not in a I love my book boyfriend way. More like I'm not going to date or befriend actual, real-life people because I have my book boyfriend. That's not healthy. It's just not a healthy behavior to demonstrate. At first I thought we were in an insta-love situation. This would've been . . . less than ideal. But, nope, just a main character that has me worried and seriously put off.

    Oh, and, the third reason I don't like Edie? She's contradicting herself constantly. I'm not talking, unreliable narrator or making changes based on new information. I'm talking she says outright she's never really believed in magic or fantasy, then two pages later says of course she's always believed in it. Then another two pages after that she's back to how can I really think this is real that's ridiculous. It's not to other people either. It's her just thinking to herself. And it's not even presented in a way that would depict disorder or confusion at having your world get turned upside down. It's just irritating, bad writing.

    This is my last point I'm going to explain about why I wouldn't finish the arc. The writing just was not good. It was disorganized in the beginning, lacked any sort of the real, significant world-building a fantasy of this magnitude needs, and didn't improve. I think the main thing that bothered me was, the farther I got in, the less annoyed and the more bored I got. I didn't even get to any sort of major romantic or action plot point. I was going to try and stick it out but . . . I just got so bored. Which is probably the saddest thing about the entire experience. At least annoyed I had some emotion. But the writing couldn't hold my attention once I got past that 25% mark. It stopped being irritating and went flat instead. 

    Now, I could also go into how the author appeared to use mental illness as a plot device, the use of every YA stereotype under the sun, and the near-immediate attack and dismissal of the only powerful POC that we were introduced to, but I'm not going to. Mostly because I did DNF and those things could be more than they appeared. Maybe these are explored further later on in the book. I don't feel I have enough information to fully judge these things, but this is how they looked at about a third of the way in. That's not great.

    Overall I can't recommend reading this one, because I don't think it's really worth it. But, as always, I advise determining that for yourself. 1.5/5 stars because the premise rocks. I just wish the execution was better.

  9. Meghan says:

    This book was received as an ARC from Entangled Publishing, LLC - Entangled: Teen in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

    I was waiting for a book where the prime focus is being transported into a story and we have not seen many of those since Inkheart and The Book Jumper but in this case it was falling in love with a character and having him literally come to life. As many YA novels whenever there is a dream coming to life there is always a price to pay and that is finding your way through the story and finding your way home. I know our teen book club will have some enticing discussions from this book.

    We will definitely consider adding this title to our YA collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.

  10. Annette says:

    As soon as I saw this book on Netgalley I knew I had to request it. I crossed all fingers, all toes and everything else I could cross and luckily I quite soon got the message that I could indeed read this story! I mean, which reader doesn't want to jump into their favorite story to meet their fictional crush and to save his life? Cupcake is literally living the fangirl dream, although, is it still that much fun if it's really happening to you?

    Let me start with saying the the execution of this awesome prompt is amazing and well done. Mostly because McKay never loses herself in that fangirl dream. She is very aware of the flaws of wanting to travel to those worlds and wanting to meet these characters. Cupcake is confronted with the fact that reading about a world is not the same as knowing that world through and through, just like she discovers that her perfect book boyfriend is not as flawless as she had made him to be either.

    At times the world building feels a little unsteady, mostly because a lot of what has happened in the book series is mostly mentioned when it's needed. We know that Cupcake knows all those things and has read about all those things, but she only brings them up when the situation asks for it. Therefore the base doesn't always feel solid, although I do think in reality it is. The story is too well thought out for it not to be.

    The plot is too clever too. Where the mythology and world building is only brought up when needed, the overall plot is wonderfully built up. More and more pieces of the puzzle are given out and eventually, when it all clicks, it's breathtaking. Just like the ending. I don't know if there will ever be a second book, there's for sure loads of room for one, but even if there won't be one, the end feels very fitting. Fitting for the story and fitting for the characters.

    Because it are the characters who really steal the show. Kane, who we get to know through passages from the books he stars in, and Cupcake, who is our guide through this fantasy world. They are interesting, layered and they both have their strengths and flaws. Just like the quite impressive ensemble of side characters. Even though not all of a them are introduced in detail, they're all memorable and unique.

    Gosh, I really want another book. I wanna learn more about those characters and I wanna see more of their world. And I also have a few questions I'd love to see answered.

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