Level 13 (Slacker, #2)

Level 13 (Slacker, #2)Cameron Boxer, king of the slackers, has foundsomething worth his time By playing video games online in front of an audience he can find both fame AND fortuneespecially with Elvis a beaver who seems to love video games as muchas Cam at his sideThe only problem? Things keep getting in Cam's way Like school And the club he accidentally started And the misguided people in his life who don't think beavers should be playing video gamesIt's going to takesome trickery, some close calls, and a fierce devotion to slacking in order for Cam to get to his goalconquering the game's infamous LevelBut if any slacker can do it, Cam can.

The Sixth Grade Nickname Game, wherein Mr Huge was based on that th grade teacherKorman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife; they now live in Long Island with their three childrenHe has published than books.

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Level 13 (Slacker, #2)
  • Gordon Korman
  • 13 March 2019
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10 thoughts on “Level 13 (Slacker, #2)

  1. Melanie Dulaney says:

    Gordon Korman is a master at writing for my 4th and 5th grade library patrons and giving them novels that they really connect to and love. "Slacker" remains steadily checked out and "Level 13" is likely to be even more popular with its focus more on the gaming side of Cameron Boxer. In this installment, which can be read without reading book 1 first, Cam is more determined than ever to do nothing but sit in front of his gaming console and goes to great lengths to get as far away from his accidentally formed Positive Action Group and all of its worthy endeavors. Unfortunately this time, his Awesome Threesome friendships are suffering, as is his health, his relationship with his sister and more. Readers will laugh as Elvis the Beaver gets involved in the gaming, a new P.A.G. acting president reigns, and students at Cam's school strive to help him regain his role as club leader. Highly recommended for libraries and readers in grades 4-8 without any notes needed on potentially objectionable content. Thanks for the dARC, Edelweiss.

  2. Emma says:

    I am obsessed with gordan korman books! I had to read the next book and I enjoyed it sooo much I just wish that he would have said a bit more about what happened at the gaming con thing from the first book. I can't believe the ending though! First off what would a beaver laugh sound like I mean I would probably laugh at the laughing beaver! Though seriously the game was banned for a TOOTHPASTE SIGN a whole game months of work from the creators of the game demolished because the didn't have permission for a sign! I mean a destroyed earth was scary sounding but come on a sign! That was a hilarious twist! Five stars all the way!

  3. Steven R. McEvoy says:

    This was the sixth Gordon Korman novel we have read in the last few months. After reading Restart, my son and I each picked two other books by him and picked up the eBooks. My son can read on his iPod and I can read on my phone during my commute to work. And we can share about our experiences with the story and have conversations around the books. Sometimes when we really get into one, we will also read it together in the evening. So you might be asking why 4 books by Korman, we each had preferences for which ones we wanted to read. I gave in a bit and we each got 4 and have a book to read each week for the next month together. But this is the last of those original selections. We have both become addicted to Korman’s writing. And we already have another half dozen that we want to read. Moth my son and I love the books by Korman that we have read. But it seems that ‘to be read piles’ are constantly having more Korman books added!

    This is the second book featuring Cam Boxer, or at least the second that we have read. And to be honest we really hop it is not the last. In the first one Slacker, all Cam wanted to do was live his lifestyle, be a gamer and making a living live streaming. He created a fake school group, the PAG, Positive Action Group/ And his fake group became a big hit, and ended up in conflict with the High School group. In this volume Cam’s role as president of the PAG is really cutting into his gaming time. So he and the other two members of the awesome threesome let word get out that he needs to pull back because his grades are slipping. And thus is born GameFox229, Cam goes online wearing a Zoro mask and with gummy worms stuffed in his cheeks to disguise his voice. During that first live stream the town beaver, Elvis, sits on his shoulder and really seems to be into the game. And soon his live stream is taking off. But only while the beaver is there.

    Soon he has hundreds of thousand followers and ten of thousands of subscribers. They seem as into the beaver as the game he is playing. And both Elvis and the followers are really interested in the Guardians of Geldorf game he is playing. It appears to be a variant that was banned in 47 states and people who love the game are picking up all the differences and dreaming of a hidden banned level. Soon Pavel and Chuck are helping to cover it all up again. Cam is accepting assignments and school help from anyone in the school.

    But something is going sideways for Cam. And his sister who has always considered that he lived a charmed life is really starting to worry about him. Daphne is really worrying about Elvis and his loss of weight. Cam is looking like a wreck, bags under his eyes, pasty, losing weight himself. And when certain things come to light it all starts collapsing around him.

    But to find out if Cam can figure a way out of the mess, he created this time, you will read to read this awesome book. Slacker was an excellent read, but in may ways this follow up is even better. Last year my Gordon Korman wish list will consumed a lot of my reading budget towards the end of the year. It is another excellent read from the always entertaining pen of Gordon Korman. A great read and fun for readers of all ages.

    Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Gordon Korman.

  4. Ms. Yingling says:

    E ARC provided by Edelweiss Plus

    Cam Boxer successfully got his parents off his back in Slacker by forming the Positive Action Group, a school organization that took on a life of its own, but now he wants to focus on his video game streaming career. His goal is to get 50,000 followers. This is more difficult than he imagines, since the PAG is constantly putting demands on his time. It doesn't help that Chuck is now going out with Daphne. Cam decides that if he tells everyone that he's failing in school, they will let him out of PAG obligations in order to study, and he can use the time to concentrate on his gaming. He keeps getting sucked into things, like the library fundraiser where he finds an old video game he used to enjoy. He starts playing this game on his stream, with Elvis, the beaver in the background. To his surprise, Elvis seems to really enjoy watching him play, and is quite the draw. His followers grow, but there are still problems. He isn't getting enough sleep, Elvis seems ill, and his school work is still suffering. When classmates start e mailing him assignments, he is apprehensive about accepting them, but soon caves and starts handing them in. It turns out that the video game is a rare first edition that has an outlawed 13th level, and his followers grow even more. There is even a fan base in his hometown, and t shirts with his user name are a hot seller and a big money maker for the local library. When it looks like Cam won't be able to break into that 13th level, his sister Melody helps, and additional assistance arrives from a surprising source. Eventually, Cam will be found out, and there will be consequences, but it's a wild ride until then!

    Strengths: Cam is the embodiment of all that some of my students hold dear. Why pay attention in school when they could start their "careers" as famous YouTubers right now! Korman does a good job of having Cam achieve this, but at a price that teachers everywhere will appreciate. He still gets to meet his gaming inspiration, and he does get to be somewhat famous. He does well academically by cheating, but also learns the price of that. The inclusion of Chuck and Daphne's relationship, and it's toll on the group of friends, is something we need to see more in middle grade literature. The idea of fundraising for the library is admirable. This was a very fun read, and for some reason, I love Cam's misuse of the principal's name. I may change my name to Ms. Ying-whatsis!
    Weaknesses: I personally found it beyond belief that Elvis would have been taken from his habitat and willingly watched video games, but it's believable and goofy enough that tweens will love it.
    What I really think: One of my copies of Slacker walked away; I suspect it was stolen by a student who couldn't bear to part with it. I'm reordering a copy so I have two of the first book. I wouldn't mind seeing another volume or two of Cam's adventures.

  5. Barbara says:

    Following up on the success of the previous novel, Slacker, featuring Cameron Boxer, who just might be the biggest slacker ever, this book shows that even slackers can learn to work hard if they are motivated. Cameron figures that he can play games online and attract a large paying audience, combining his need for fame with fortune and using his avocation to do so. The fact that Elvis, the beaver introduced in the previous book, loves watching him play those games is a bonus and makes his streaming of his antics appealing to his ever-growing audience. But when he finds a copy of an old video game that is now outlawed and it turns out to have a secret thirteenth level, the views for his streaming grow even more. Cameron plays the game in disguise, and because he has undeservedly earned the affection of his classmates for the club he started, his classmates start secretly sending him copies of homework assignments and notes. Suddenly, Cameron finds himself with the best grades in the class, and his classmates are feeling betrayed. There's a subplot involving one of his best friends, Chuck Kinsey, and his budding romance with the bossy, super-organized Daphne Leibowitz. He must keep Cam's secret doings from Daphne, which causes quite a lot of drama and skin-of-his-teeth moments. His loyal friend, Pavel Dysan, is also concerned that Cameron seems no longer to have any time for his friends. Readers will certainly get caught up in all the excitement, and love how the story ends. Gordon Korman has certainly not lost his touch here.

  6. Russell says:

    Ending was slightly disappointing (Which I can tell is intentional), but it was really good!

  7. Sarah Sammis says:

    Level 13 by Gordon Korman is the sequel to Slacker (2016). The positive action group Cameron Boxer created as a way to be in a club without actually being in a club has taken on a life of its own. Now it's large enough to basically run itself, so he's hoping he can finally get back to his true passion — video games. Recently he's gotten into live streaming and hopes to reach the coveted 50,000 subscribers.


  8. Trisha Perry says:

    Cameron Boxer founder of a club at school that helps people and such but he only did it to slack off because his parent said he could not play video games all the time he needed to join a club so he made this fake club but what did he know it took off and now he is stuck but he wants to be a like a youtube sensation for playing video games so he fakes having bad grades and cites the need to study more for his time away from the club and pushing his responsibilities on others. But when his success hinges on a beaver things start to change, will he make it to the famous level 13 and what happens if you do?

    This is a funny, cute, action packed, and totally suspense filled book that will have you reading by flashlight under the covers to see what Elvis the beaver does next, or if Cam can squirm out of the next fix he is in or if he finally gets caught. S grab a bag of gummy worms and get to reading you won't want to miss this book it will be a hit this year, Elvis says so.

  9. Diane says:

    “Things were going to get ugly, and I only had myself to blame.”

    The awesome threesome are back: Cam, Pavel and Chuck. Cam, the video obsessed character from Slacker, has now moved on to a new phase of video gaming. He wants to stream his gaming live and gather followers and subscribers. That way, he could play video games for a living and never have to leave the house ... it would be video games all day, every day. How cool would that be? His goaI: 50,000 subscribers. Is that out of reach? Cam doesn’t think so, but it’s going to mean some changes in his life. “... doing things that weren’t gaming-related didn’t fit into my lifestyle.”

    First and foremost, the Positive Action Group (PAG), which he created, is taking up way too much of his time. It’s also going to take some help from friends. Pavel is still in, but Chuck is in a “ship” now with Daphne, and most of his free time is going to keeping that relationship healthy. They are, after all, Duckne.

    Step #1: how can Cam get out of leading the PAG? He starts telling everyone that his grades are slipping and that the PAG is taking too much time away from studying. And, of course, because he is Cam ... everyone jumps into action. Daphne takes over running the PAG. Check.

    Step #2 - create a disguise so that no one will recognize him when he is live streaming his gaming. Simple ... a mask for the face, some gummy worms in his mouth to disguise his voice when he’s talking. Also, create a new screen name, GameFox229. Check

    Things start pretty slowly because Cam is always being interrupted by life, including Chuck and his insane relationship issues with Daphne. But it is Chuck that unwittingly helps create a buzz on the stream. He leaves Elvis at Cam’s house one day and Elvis becomes an instant celebrity on the stream. All the comments are about him. Remember Elvis the beaver who was about to lose his habitat in the first book? Well, he has now become a video obsessed rodent and the reason Cam’s stream takes off. It’s like Elvis is mesmerized by the video games ... he even seems to understand gaming strategy. Who knew?

    Then, Cam finds a copy of an old video game called Guardians of Geldorf , which was banned in 47 states because of the content in the illusive Level 13. What could be so bad that it was banned in 47 states? Cam just has to reach Level 13 to find out. And his number of subscribers begins to explode because everyone wants to know what’s on Level 13, which is almost unattainable.

    And just as things really get rolling, life starts to spiral out of control for Cam. “How could something so successful be so doomed at the same time?” First, people start sending Cam their homework assignments and study guides for tests, because they want to help him get his grades up so he can return to the PAG. At first, Cam is reluctant to use them, even kind of clueless as to why he’s receiving them, but after awhile that guilt goes away. Then there’s Daphne, who is so worried about Elvis because he seems to be losing weight, that she is constantly going to the habitat to check on him. Which requires the Awesome Three to continually run Elvis back and forth without getting caught. Then, there’s the stalker that seems to be following Cam around. Is it a weirdo fan? Is it the FBI? Finally, why is Cam so tired all the time? Video gaming is supposed to be fun. It’s only a matter of time before this scheme blows up in smoke ... and when it does, Cam is going to get burned.

    At times laugh out loud funny, this book still manages to have a strong message about achieving balance in life. Cam’s actions, which are often reprehensible, make for good conversation with students. The alternating perspective allows for different strong voices to tell their side of things. For 4th grade students and up.

  10. ZaNdEr33 says:

    Choice book #2 quarter #2

    Level 13 written by Gordon Korman is a realistic fiction book.

    Level 13 is a book that takes place in Sycamore, a small town.

    The main character is an 8th grade boy named Cam. He is a streamer on YouTube that goes by the name GameFox229. He really liked how his life was going. He got super tired because he was playing too much video games so he started to fall asleep in class a lot. He said he was failing in school so everybody would get off of his back. People started doing his work for him because he said he was failing in school but he wasn’t. He didn’t tell the people to do his work, but he still accepted it. I think that Cam is a dynamic character because in the beginning he was all about video games but in the end he was realizing that it wasn’t good for him so he quit streaming and lived a normal life.

    There wasn’t any big problem but there were little problems throughout the book. One of them was Cam got a disease from being around a beaver and his parents were confused because they didn’t know that Cam was gaming with a beaver. Another one was the whole 8th grade was mad at him because he had won an award that he didn't really deserve because everyone was doing his work for him. The last one I remember was the whole 8th grade found out who GameFox229 was, it was Cam. The first problem was person versus nature because the beaver gave him the disease. The second problem was person versus society because the whole 8th grade was mad at Cam. The last problem was person versus society because the whole 8th grade was shocked.

    The theme statement I found in this book was always choose the good option.
    Cam decides to quit streaming because he was getting unhealthy.
    Chuck decided to not tell Daphne about Elvis because she would freak out if she knew.
    Cam decided to give all the money he earned from streaming to the library for the remodel.
    I enjoyed this book because I like how the story line is and I like to play video games.(but not too much.) My favorite part of the book was when Cam fell in the mud and everyone found out that he was GameFox229. The book felt complete to me. I would have changed how everybody found out Cam was GameFox229. I think this book is a little better than Slacker.(the first book of the series.)

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