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Underground Front[Reading] ➿ Underground Front Author Christine Loh – Bluevapours.co.uk Underground Front is a pioneering examination of the role that the Chinese Communist Party has played in Hong Kong since the creation of the party in 1921 through to the present day The second edition Underground Front is a pioneering examination of the role that the Chinese Communist Party has played in Hong Kong since the creation of the party in through to the present day The second edition goes into greater depth on the party’s view on “one country two systems” “patriotism” and “elections” The introduction has been extensively revised and the concluding chapter has been completely rewritten in order to give a thorough account of the post governance and political system in Hong Kong and where challenges lie Christine Loh endeavours to keep the data and the materials up to date and to include the discussion of some recent events in Hong Kong The appendices on the key targets of the party’s united front activities also make the book an especially useful read for all who are interested in Hong Kong history and politics and the history of modern China.


Hardcover  ã Underground Front ePUB ✓
  • Hardcover
  • 376 pages
  • Underground Front
  • Christine Loh
  • 10 December 2016
  • 9789888455799

10 thoughts on “Underground Front

  1. Song says:


  2. Xueya Zhuang says:

    Through this book the readers not only see the CCP in Hong Kong but also get an idea of Hong Kong's history with the emphasis on the CCP's role I should not have expect too many exclusives in the book but the first part the early phase of CCP in Hong Kong is uite interesting Moreover Loh also noted “the Hong Kong Chinese in the cracks” the distrust from the colonial regime and the alienation of the CCP The CCP is willing to give power to the elite and tycoons rather than the majority of the population through which strategy the CCP faces the risks of mishandling Hong Kong related issues and undermining itself

  3. Sky says:

    An important trove of information on the workings of the Communist Party in Hong Kong where the CCP still doesn't operate openly and politicians refuse to disclose whether they are membersAt time Loh goes into too much detail The early and later sections on CCP involvement in Hong Kong were most readable but the middle sections especially on handover negotiations and preparatory work were of a slog bogged down by too many facts

  4. Young says:

    It's interesting to read because I'm always interested in HK history and it's educational as the writer says no one has done such work before I especially enjoyed reading about the early sections of CCP in HK

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