Feminism❰Read❯ ➲ Feminism Author Deborah Cameron – Bluevapours.co.uk Beneath the nonstop cacophony of voices across social media online forums and news outlets lie the stubborn facts at the heart of the everyday struggles of women today than a third of single moms live Beneath the nonstop cacophony of voices across social media online forums and news outlets lie the stubborn facts at the heart of the everyday struggles of women today than a third of single moms live in poverty; the United States sees maternal deaths than anywhere else in the developed world; one in five women will be raped in her lifetime; and women still make eighty cents for every dollar earned by a man Between these brutal statistics and the ill informed often contentious public debate stand millions of women who feel alienated disaffected or just plain worn out   In the era of MeToo Trump and online harassment innovative progressive feminist voices are essential than ever With her latest book Deborah Cameron considers Feminism from all sides—as an idea as a theoretical approach and as a political movement Written in the succinct sharp style that has made Cameron’s feminist linguistics blog so popular this short book lays out past and present debates on seven key topics domination rights work femininity sex culture and the future Feminism emphasizes the diversity of feminist thought including ueer women of color and trans perspectives Cameron’s clear and incisive account untangles the often confusing strands of one of history’s most important intellectual and political movements   Broad in scope but refreshingly concise this book is perfect for anyone who needs a straightforward primer on the complex history of Feminism a nuanced explanation of key issues and debates or strategic thinking about the uestions facing activists today.

Deborah Cameron is a feminist linguist who holds the Rupert Murdoch Professorship in Language and Communication at Worcester College Oxford University She is mainly interested in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology A large part of her academic research is focused on the relationship of language to gender and sexualityCameron wrote the book The Myth of Mars And Venus Do Men and Wome.

Feminism PDF ✓ Paperback
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  • Deborah Cameron
  • 01 March 2015
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10 thoughts on “Feminism

  1. Jade says:

    This is a succinct accessible and clear overview of feminism and the evolution of the feminist movement Written in the form of an academic thesis Deborah Cameron covers the four waves of feminism provides deeper looks into areas such as sex gender representation rights culture etc and also adds her own thoughts on each areaDeborah Cameron has an obvious deep knowledge of the topic and provides uotes and ideas from a great selection of well known and lesser known sources some of whom I hadn’t heard of myself and who are now on my to read and research list While none of the actual ideas or thoughts were new to me I found Feminism to be a great refresher on why the movement is so important and why I have to continue the fight onwards I would have liked to see focus on intersectionality and the continued disregard of white feminists to sit down and let women of color take the podium but Deborah Cameron does do a good job of firstly mentioning the importance of intersectionality and secondly making it clear that her work focuses on western feminism and is therefore not an overview on the movement worldwide I also liked how she stresses the contradictions within the movement both in the past as well as the present and the areas where work is needed to be doneI particularly liked reading the section on “choice” It brings up a very important line of thought mainly that women’s choices are not necessarily free choices but structured in a way that push women to make a certain choice even though it appears to be a free “choice” I found myself nodding through that chapter and wanted to see it pushed a bit further although for the book itself it was enough All in all this is a very good read especially for people looking to learn about feminism but also beneficial to those who have been immersed in it for a while forever Don’t be put off by the somewhat dry academic approach the content is very accessible and well presented and there is a lot of food for thought within the pages I had actually never read anything by Deborah Cameron before but now I see that she also writes a blog – I shall now be following This is a book that I will be recommending high and lowThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy

  2. Donna Hines says:

    In today's world of the #MeToo movement many wonder are we headed in the right directionIs this the new normMust women fight and struggle to simply be heard in the era of the white elitistWhat I enjoyed immensely with Feminism was the bold approach to describing not only the movement but the advancements the history and the current future of the needs of all womenIncorporating everyone's views is not easy as women are experiencing changing roles power dynamics and the advocates are lining up to voice their concernsWhat we must not lose sight of is the notion that this is for women about women in order to fulfill every woman's needsIt's than just a fad a trend a way of life It's a revolution that will not uit till all of us have our sayStand up Stand tall Keep fighting on Make your voices heard Vote Vote Vote

  3. Halei | DegenerateReads says:

    Review originally at DegenerateReads This eARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewDon't be fooled by the word introduction—although this does introduce the beginner feminist to the movement this is so much than a simple overview of feminism This has an introductory uality but the intellectual tone keeps this from feeling dumbed down in the way many introductory works tend to Going into this I did not consider myself to be in the introductory stage of my learning of feminism but I did feel like a beginner in the larger sense I feel that even if you are a veteran feminist you would still benefit from a brief brush up on the basics of the movement This covers each of the four waves of feminism by giving you their history and primary goals and how they compare to each other She provides ample research to show what each of these waves looked like for women as well as women's place in history prior to the formative years of the first wave Loads of feminist figures—both historical and contemporary—are referenced throughout as well as significant feminist works so you as the reader will have an idea of where to turn upon finishing this bookThe author also presents the opposing views feminists have on different topics and thoroughly explains both sides without seeming to take one side or push it on the reader And while explaining each side and providing supporting arguments for that side she also provides the counterarguments and compares the ways in which the two or sides conflict and agree All of this the author manages to do while remaining inclusive and consistently acknowledges that feminism's improvements have not eually benefited all women She keeps in mind how these different aspects of our society affect people in non western societies people of color but specifically women of color and people in the lower class In nearly every topic she discusses she also addresses how men fit into that aspect of society and how their place both benefits and hinders them I knew after the introduction in this that I was reading something great If you ever read a feminist work I've recommended make this one it 

  4. Rebekah Davis says:

    Absolutely a five star book Cameron succinctly and understandably illustrated the multicultural and diverse opinions held within the broad feminist movement even breaking those opinions down by waves Her encompassing survey of feminism can serve to provide a very basic understanding of what feminism is how it has changed historically what it values and what the current status is I would definitely recommend this book to anyone

  5. Tim Regan says:

    Great podcast with Cameron on Feminist Current here

  6. Christine C says:

    This was a compelling thought provoking book This isn't a manifesto by any means or even an endorsement of one type of feminism over another Instead the author examines the topics of domination rights work femininity sex culture and the future as each feminist perspective sees it Ms Cameron examines the differences and the common threads She begins the book with a history of feminism as a movement from the beginning of the 18th century through the present Each chapter that follows is dedicated to one of the aforementioned topics and go into great depth for each one This is not a book that can easily be read in one sitting but one that should be read carefully and thoughtfully So much ground is covered and yet it's done so concisely that the mind is kept engaged but not overwhelmed This is also not a dry boring book by any means Ms Cameron excels at presenting the information in an engaging way that is easily understood by non academics One passage I highlighted is the perfect summation of this bookmy answer to the uestion What is Feminism could be summed up by saying It's complicated Feminism is multifaceted diverse in both its historical forms and in its political and intellectual content it's an umbrella sheltering beliefs and interests that may be not just different but incompatible with one another And some of those beliefs are also held by people who deny they are feminists at allI highly recommend this book to not only women engaged in the feminist movement but to everyone especially those who think they are not a feminist and those who perceive feminism as being one ideal 

  7. HollyLovesBooks says:

    This was a wonderful presentation of what feminism really means to all sorts of women not just those yelling the loudest I really liked the thorough manner that this dealt with the current climate of women in the workforce at home and in the outside workforce as well as the historical perspective of where our prior generations came from and what they fought to achieve that has led us to have the choices that we have currently I have always thought of feminism as the woman's right to choose the life she wants for herself whether that is in the home or outside the home or a combination of the two This book was very good at putting those ideas into words and prior events that supported the feminist movementReally well done#Feminism #NetGalley

  8. Amanda says:

    A wonderfully concise and clear explanation of feminism and the dialogue surrounding it today Many differing and diverse viewpoints are addressed all respectfully An excellent primer for learning about this vital movement Highly recommendedI received a digital ARC from the publisher via Netgalley

  9. Mya says:

    35 starsA standard introduction to Western feminism but doesn't dive in deep enough to racecolonialism for me The author probably couldn't only include so much but still

  10. Angie says:

    It calls itself a brief introduction but it’s incredibly thorough despite its brevity 144 pages Mixing notes of feminism past present and future Deborah Cameron manages to cover all the key notes of how we’ve arrived at our current standing and where we’re going More importantly Cameron focuses heavily on the importance of intersectionality varying viewpoints goals cultures genders and beyond This isn’t White Lady Feminism 101 like far too many books on the subject tend to be This isn’t simply an overview of feminism but a review of the map that got us here with the constant necessary reminder that our maps all look different and the destination is not the same across the board Using ample research sources Cameron compares and contrasts the four waves of feminism stating her belief that we’re currently in the early to mid stages of the fourth wave while touching briefly on the conflict between generations of self identified feminists Like all areas of life there are certain members of every generation that believes that they had it harder than those that come after them that they fought the “real” fight and that “kids these days” are just asking for too much With a deft hand and gentle coaxing Cameron reminds us that while the battles may be different they’re still battles worth fighting Where Cameron’s writing and knowledge shines brightest is covering the opposing views of feminists on the same issue while not siding with any one notion or mindset And since according to every man on the internet we’re supposed to factor in how feminism helps men as well Cameron consistently brings them into the conversation discussing their place status and the ways they benefit from a strong feminist movement This is a good and important read no matter your stance experience or label New to feminism Great Read this Consider yourself a veteran in the trenches fighting the good fight for as long as you can recall Great Read this Reuired disclaimer I received a free e copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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