We Made Uranium!

We Made Uranium![Reading] ➹ We Made Uranium! Author Leila Sales – Bluevapours.co.uk Item #176 A fire drill No not an exercise in which occupants of a building practice leaving the building safely A drill which safely emits a bit of fire the approximate shape and size of a drill bit Item A fire drill No not an exercise in which occupants of a building practice leaving the building safely A drill which safely emits We Made ePUB ✓ a bit of fire the approximate shape and size of a drill bit   Item Enter a lecture class in street clothes Receive loud phone call Shout “I NEED TO GO THE CITY NEEDS ME” Remove street clothes to reveal superhero apparel Run out for the good of the land   Item Hypnotizing a chicken seems easy but if the Wikipedia article on the practice is to be believed debate on the optimal method is heated Do some trials on a real chicken and submit a report for science of course   Item A walking working people powered but preferably wind powered Strandbeest   Item Fattest cat Points per pound   The University of Chicago’s annual Scavenger Hunt or “Scav” is one of the most storied college traditions in America Every year teams of hundreds of competitors scramble over four days to complete roughly challenges The tasks range from moments of silliness to mile road trips and they call on participants to fully embrace the absurd For students it is a rite of passage and for the surrounding community it is a chance to glimpse the lighter side of a notoriously serious university We Made Uranium shares the stories behind Scav told by participants and judges from the hunt’s than thirty year history The twenty three essays range from the shockingly successful a genuine if minuscule nuclear reaction created in a dorm room to the endearing failures it’s hard to build a carwash for a train and all the chicken hypnotisms and permanent tattoos in between Taken together they show how a scavenger hunt once meant for blowing off steam before finals has grown into one of the most outrageous annual traditions at any university The tales told here are absurd uplifting hilarious and thought provoking—and they are all one hundred percent true.

Leila Sales was born in and grew up outside of Boston Massachusetts She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in psychology We Made ePUB ✓ in Now she lives in Brooklyn New York and works in the mostly glamorous world of childrens book publishing Leila spends most of her time thinking about sleeping kittens dance parties and stories that she wants to write Please note that.

We Made Uranium! PDF ✓ We Made  ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • We Made Uranium!
  • Leila Sales
  • 15 February 2016
  • 9780226571843

10 thoughts on “We Made Uranium!

  1. Leah Rachel von Essen says:

    Very solid book that brings together the outrageous and bizarre tradition of Scav Hunt It hits all the big points from the Scavvenwedding to the reactor to Graceland Too to trainwashing to Scavair I also enjoyed additions I didn't know of from the story of how two men enter one man leaves became part of the competition to the history of the coleslaw item and stories that unlike the famous legends I had never heard—such as the Survivor itemI won't comment on my personal issues with the collection I will say though that I wish this book was longer It dealt very very well with the moments of inspiration and chaos that come with Scav including the incredible essay about a Scav proposal It also tells darker stories from one person's account of emotional abuse that was tied to their Scav experience to the way an item became a lifeline for a head judge having panic attacksBut I felt there was a huge gap here considering that the book appeared to be meant to appeal to people who didn't yet know Scav Which iswhy bother doing it There are a few essays that I think actually touch on the feeling of why we choose to do it in the first place—these include the editor's own essay and the handcuffs essay I feel like the collection could have benefited from stories that focused slightly less on the outrageous or mistakes or big wins and on the small moments of creative triumph belonging and wonder that Scav tends to bring

  2. Marshaferz says:

    Super fun for those with knowledge of UChicago's Scav Hunt and those just learning These stories really give the breadth of experiences along with some really fun lists I enjoyed this and both of my kids are loving it too

  3. Zofie says:

    hilariously true stories from the experience of scavvies st UofC

  4. Joel says:

    Full disclosure I wrote one of the essays and am friends with the editor and several other writers You will enjoy this book but the reason why depends on how well you know ScavFor those who haven't heard the word Scav used in a sentence before this is a collection of some of the weirdest things college kids have ever done I don't care what drugs you tried or how crazy your parties were You don't know anyone who Got chased off of Elvis' gravesite for leaving a banana peanut butter and hog jowl sandwich; Voluntarily put on a blindfold and got in a van in Chicago and unexpectedly found themselves a few hours later in Las Vegas wearing formal eveningwear and swimsuits; Gotten handcuffed to a virtual stranger for four days and walked away with a new real permanent tattoo that read Sorry about the syphilis can we still be cousins;These are the stories of how and the closest possible answer to why these things happenedIf you are familiar with Scav but haven't participated this is a thoroughly entertaining explainer as to what the fuss was about and why some of your University of Chicago friends seem to keep disappearing to their alma mater every Mothers' Day weekend for over a decade after they graduatedFor Scavvies this is a great oral history of the legends of Scav Want to know the full story behind the nuclear reactor Check Both the origin and downfall of the Friday Scav party Check What it was like being the groom at the Scav Wedding Check A list of all the references to the Simpsons over the years well that's probably impossible but this has ten of the most entertaining Pick it up if only to find out what the heck all those references to coleslaw and Mike Royko were about

  5. Naseem says:

    I'm really biased because I wrote one of the pieces in here but this book is a wonderful addition to anyone who is familiar with Scav—or who wants to be

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