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Remembering Emmett Till➮ [Read] ➪ Remembering Emmett Till By Dave Tell ➺ – Take a drive through the Mississippi Delta today and you’ll find a landscape dotted with memorials to major figures and events from the civil rights movement Perhaps the most chilling are those devo Take a drive through the Mississippi Delta today and you’ll find a landscape dotted with memorials to major figures and events from the civil rights movement Perhaps the most chilling are those devoted to the murder of Emmett Till a tragedy of hate and injustice that became a beacon in the fight for Remembering Emmett eBook Û racial euality The ways this event is remembered have been fraught from the beginning revealing currents of controversy patronage and racism lurking just behind the placid facades of historical markers In Remembering Emmett Till Dave Tell gives us five accounts of the commemoration of this infamous crime In a development no one could have foreseen Till’s murder—one of the darkest moments in the region’s history—has become an economic driver for the Delta Historical tourism has transformed seemingly innocuous places like bridges boat landings gas stations and riverbeds into sites of racial politics reminders of the still unsettled uestion of how best to remember the victim of this heinous crime Tell builds an insightful and persuasive case for how these memorials have altered the Delta’s physical and cultural landscape drawing potent connections between the dawn of the civil rights era and our own moment of renewed fire for racial justice  .


Remembering Emmett Till Epub ´ Remembering Emmett
  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Remembering Emmett Till
  • Dave Tell
  • 23 April 2014
  • 9780226559537

10 thoughts on “Remembering Emmett Till

  1. Rebecca McNutt says:

    Remembering Emmett Till is a fascinating book for many reasons The case itself is tragic I can't imagine what it would be like to be a boy that age to be dragged out of your own bedroom in the dark beaten and killed for something as trivial as making a whistling noise at somebody in recent years the woman who alleged that Till made a weird noise at her also admitted that she made it up so that's even worse This book isn't just about Emmett Till though It's about the modern way we perceive and respond to racial injustice using a case study of memorials in Mississippi and their connection with the civil rights movementWhile somewhat repetitive this book is extremely well written and also breathes new life into a case that is often treated as old news from a bygone time What Emmett Till's murder symbolizes today why people are still so interested and what it means to commodify death and tragedy The money and tourism from Till's murder is astounding not to mention unsettling in a way and what it means for our societal understanding of race racism and justice is explored in Remembering Emmett Till in ways both surprising and unexpectedThis book isn't conclusive nor is it a book that attempts to solve why Emmett Till was so brutally killed but its exploration into the aftermath of the murder is something both eye opening and unforgettable Remembering Emmett Till is sad but also thought provoking and inspirational It approaches a heated multi faceted subject matter in a respectful way and it dredges up an important story from the darkness of the past to connect it to the present

  2. Jon Ruhlen says:

    A fascinating account of the behind the scenes maneuvering of politics race and economics that have impacted where and how the story of Emmett Till's brutal murder is commemorated or not in the Mississippi counties in which it took place Exhaustively researched Tell manages to weave an engaging narrative of the history and factors that impact Till commemoration that provides valuable insight for both the casual observer like myself or the dedicated scholar

  3. Kkraemer says:

    This is the story of the Emmett Till story an exploration of how the story was told by whom for what purposeit's the story of historiography the story of how stories are rememberedWe've all heard the broad story of Emmett Till's murder and seen the casket picture of his face Some say that the incident was the spark that lead to the Civil Rights movement though Tell points out that the Civil Rights movement may well have been sparked by a myriad of other incidents and pictures both before and after he was killed This is the first of many truths that may or may not be true Similar are the story's inclusion of 2 murderers there may well have been the site of the murder it was probably in a different county and the center of the remembrancecommemoration a courthouse? NOT the kidnapping murder or even the grocery site? There are witnesses who might have been jailed under other names reporters who either blindly followed non leads or were willfully incomplete in their stories museums who were built on monies designed to promote computer access and are inaccurate in their information and most amazingly pride and competition in being viewed as the most racist location in our countryAs it turns out there is much money to be made because of the death of a 14 year old childThis is an academic treatise that leaves no detail or lead unturned a book staggering in its complexity and so incredibly depressing in its implications If you think that history is Truth read this book It's 'way complicated than you've ever imagined

  4. Awdur says:

    Excellent He lost me a little on Delta geography and fluvial planes but the last two chapters were riveting

  5. Connie says:

    Very interesting and insightful but very choppy repetitive writing style

  6. Bri Lamb says:

    25 stars Obviously the topic and content are important but stars were deducted for the presentation of the book by the author A lot of research went into this there is no doubt about that But I guess I should have read the book jacket carefully as I expected this to be a individualintimate book about commemorating Emmett Till rather than a look at the infrastructure Delta soil and financial aspects of the actual memorial markers and such It was interesting but I found a lot of the info repetitive and to be honest a lot of it read like a first or second draft of an undergrad research paper as opposed to a book On top of this the author while going incredibly in depth in most aspects tended to leave things out to fit the story such as the rumor that Rosa Parks thought of Emmett Till when she refused to move from her seat For all the branching out research done by Tell he never mentioned Claudette Colvin in relation to Parks While this book was packed with info much of which made me sad as I learned that Till's commemoration focused on finances than actual memorial I couldn't focus as much as I wanted on the book due to the repetiton and other aspects that took away from the main point

  7. Ryan Louis says:

    Certainly academic; yet marvelously free of most jargon Honestly each chapter felt like it was an evolving mystery novel each a story with sometimes absurd twists detailing stories of corruption blatant paternalism and fevered attempts to make money This important history of race place and the life and death of Emmett Till deserves our attention; it should inspire a steady resolve to commit ourselves to continued action What Tell refers to as an ecology of memory creates a powerful frame to understand the way concepts we daily take for granted intermingle and implicate big systems of power The past is never really dead because rivers historical markers bayous and human witnesses continue to rememberAndalsothis is one of the most beautiful book covers I have ever seen Haunting Sad

  8. Jill says:

    There is no arguing that this book has an important message that everyone would benefit from hearing This book exposes how commemorating important events is often only an afterthought in how historical grant monies are often used and specifically how racism is perpetuated by ignoring the important lessons of a hate crime like the death of 14 year old Emmett Till in a grab for money for self gain However this book is often repetitive There were several times in the book that I stopped thinking I had mistakenly got on the wrong page and was reading something I had already read In fact I had already read it but it was appearing again in a later chapter It's also an extremely dry account reading like a debate case or a doctoral thesis Tell provides excellent source material and arguments making this a valuable resource for someone but not an engaging read

  9. Paul Peters says:

    This an academic text that reads a bit like a novel I had no idea how political historical markers can be In Mississippi at least historical markers can be largely ignored In the case of the Emmett Till murder the location of the murder and the courtroom of the foregone conclusion of a trial has been moved An insignificant filling station gets hundreds of thousands in grant money for preservation while the actual store where the murder occurred is allowed to fall down It's not hard to imagine that it's all about racism and political cronyism Disgusting

  10. Evie says:

    dnfthis felt like reading a textbook and a lot of the language used was too smartintellectual for meI’m not rating it as I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading it because there were some very important topics covered however I wasn’t enjoying the reading experience so I stopped there are plenty of other books about racism for me to read there’s no point in spending time on one that isn’t working for me

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