Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets #1)

Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets #1)❴KINDLE❵ ❅ Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets #1) Author Zuri Day – Childhood crush Shrewd businessman Billionaire playboy Totally off limitsLauren Hart is escaping trouble not starting But her new boss's son Christian Breedlove is too tempting to resist Christian wan Childhood crush Shrewd businessman Billionaire playboy Totally off limitsLauren Hart is escaping trouble not starting But her new boss's son Christian Breedlove is too tempting to resist Christian wants no strings attached so Lauren tries to ignore the simmering passion between them But when the fiance Lauren fled appears in Sin City the runaway bride claims she's married to Christian Now their relationship is a tangled weband only 'I do' can Sin City Kindle - fix it.

Zuri Day is a hopeful romantic She believes in happy endings half full glasses and dreams coming true That's why she's thrilled to be a contributing writer to this genreone of her favoritesZuri doesn't remember exactly how old she was when she picked up her first romance novel but she does remember it was love at first sight It was probably a Harleuin she recalled during a recent inte.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 224 pages
  • Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets #1)
  • Zuri Day
  • 23 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets #1)

  1. Maria Rose says:

    Sin City Vows by Zuri Day is a sexy romance featuring close family ties and a couple who have to get over some minor hurdles to get their happy endingWhen Christian Breedlove new president of his family’s hotel conglomerate receives a jet from his wealthy family for his birthday he gets an extra surprise A childhood friend has tagged along for the ride and she’s all grown upLauren Hart hasn’t seen much of the Breedlove family since her younger days but her crush on older teenager Christian is still in full force when she takes a job opportunity with Christian’s mother Victoria as an assistant to help plan her charitable events Her mother Faye and Victoria have been friends for ages and this job has come at exactly the right time For reason’s unknown to her her father has been pushing her to get back together with an ex boyfriend Ed whom she has no interest in but is the son of her dad’s boss The chance to go to Las Vegas and work with the Breedlove family is a welcome escapeChristian and Lauren soon find themselves interacting on than just a business level But Christian isn’t sure about Lauren’s motives in accepting the job with his mother and he’s been burned before by women after his money Plus Lauren hasn’t told Christian the real reason she’s there When all the secrets come out will they still have a chance at a happy ever after?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

  2. Timitra says:

    I liked certain aspects of Sin City Vows but some of the word choices especially in the sex scenes took me out of the story and affected my overall enjoyment of it I'm looking forward to reading by this authorCopy won in a contest hosted by author

  3. EuroHackie says:

    Its not often that I read books and feel musical inspiration but that's exactly what happened with this one Two songs swirled in my head as I made my way through this novel Hungry and Tension from Fergie's 2017 album Double Dutchess both of which are filled with delicious tension and ambition This book was straight up wonderful It wasn't just a billionaire hero and a Cinderella heroine it was the setting Las Vagas Rome London Djibouti it was the secondary characters the Breedlove family which I'm hoping will supply the other heroes for this series and their friendship with the Harts it was the camaraderie it was the fact that everyone acted like grown ass adults except maybe the villain but I just found him to be so pathetic that he wasn't worth it The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because it didn't hit my personal suee buttons but it came pretty closeChristian Breedlove is our billionaire hero; just promoted to the president of his family company CANN International he has ambitious plans to expand their hotelier fortune into a new as of yet untouched area Africa by way of Djibouti This was an interesting side plot and it was a lot of fun taking in a new exotic locale even if it was the ultra rich fantasy version of it PLauren Hart is our heroine she is a PR whiz and has been hired by her mother's best friend Victoria Breedlove Christian's mother to be her personal assistant during an upcoming whirl of galas for the CANN Foundation the charitable arm of CANN International Lauren is intelligent savvy confident and a harddedicated worker She impresses everyone with her work and is soon brought on board the corporate side Christian and Lauren grew up together and Lauren had a puppy love crush on him when they were kids but he was much interested in her older sister back in the day Now he finds himself attracted to Lauren and wanting to do something about it He's a very private man and he's been hurt in the past but he can't uite resist mixing business with pleasure Lauren is running away from her own problems back East but considering she's wanted his attention for most of her life she is beyond ready to accept it when he offers itEverything is going swimmingly until her awful ex our villain tries to force her to marry him to cover up a family secret Back against the wall Lauren blurts out that she and Christian are married to fend him off She doesn't count on that being Christian's sore spot than one woman has tried to trap him before and it opens a rift between them that seems to be unrepairable Luckily we are dealing with adults here so nobody can take the easy way out Instead still forced to work together professionally Christian and Lauren manage to work on their personal relationship as well with an ultimate HEA but not after a few speed bumpsAs mentioned before I really enjoyed the entire canvas of characters Christian has a great bond with his family brothers and parents alike and it really comes through here Lauren has a similar albeit strained relationship with her parents and she gets along with almost everyone she meets in Vegas Ms Day writes her characters so well that I feel like their must be other stories connected to this one like Ace and London the fashion designers or hell even Christian's parents Here's hoping that his 3 brothers will become heroes in their own right there was just enough of them on display here to make them distinct and interesting charactersThe story was structured very well the prose was lovely and flowed beautifully I found the love scenes a bit on the cheesy side but nothing out of the ordinary for mainstream romance and definitely better than the previous Desire title I'd read Christian and Lauren are euals in every sense of the word there are no power dynamics spoiling the funI'm definitely looking forward to of this family and am eager to try out of Ms Day's work

  4. Charles Clarke says:

    This book is complete trashBut I loved it The ridiculous names the absurd conversations the hundreds of sex scenes the abrupt resolutions that in the normal world would take years to achieve I love it all It's derivative and regurgitates many tired tropes enjoyable for all thatTrigger warning There's an insane amount of sexual objectification in this book and many others in the Mills Boon series Which was kind of refreshing At the time of reviewing there is much shaming of the act of objectifying the physical characteristics of a person and while much literature today particularly the mainstream hits excluding 50 Shades of Gray there will always be a place for objectification of the male and female figure in literature I loved the Michael Jackson reference of MJ Live Concert But this puzzled me somewhat as the Cirue concert in Las Vegas is entitled MJ One And finally there are brief references to world geography which is not something I've seen before in these novels and uite refreshingOverall great book for all its flaws

  5. Angela Anderson says:

    Sin City Vows is a hot sassy captivating read Zuri Day holds nothing back in her beautiful craft of writing to bring the fire and create a headlining introduction of the Breedlove family Starting with Christian Breedlove and Lauren Hart this fast pace page turner captures your attention and keeps you turning the page one after the other The words on the pages create an atmosphere that uickly sucks you into a roller coaster ride of high fashion lavish trips high roller society activities alongside Christian and Lauren as they discover no strings attached is easier said than done when it comes to matters of the heartSin City Vows is one read that will leave you longing for long after the story has ended I thoroughly enjoyed Christian and Lauren’s story and I look forward to the next book in the Sin City Secrets series

  6. Alice says:

    Great storyline and character rosterThe famous Breedloves does everything on a grand scale so it stands to reason this story began with a birthday gift to the oldest Breedlove son the rest of us can only fantasize about The budding love between the birthday man and one of the daughter's of his mother's childhood friend was fraught with many issues due to how he Christian had been misused by former lovers causing Lauren to be in the perpetual doghouse when she lied about their relationship to get out of being forced to marry her abusive and low ex The truth of all occurrences finally came out forgiveness was offered and accepted and all except the wicked ex moved on from there I thoroughly enjoyed this story

  7. Dj says:

    Childhood crush Shrewd businessman Billionaire playboy Totally off limits Lauren Hart PR is escaping trouble an ex who is trying to force her into marriage not starting But her new boss Victoria Breelove’s son Christian Breedlove is too tempting to resist Christian wants no strings attached so does Lauren but she tries to ignore the simmering passion between them But when the fiancé Lauren fled appears in Sin City blackmailing her father with jail time the runaway bride claims she’s married to Christian Now their relationship is a tangled weband only “I do” can fix it And he is furious

  8. Tracy says:

    An enjoyable bookZuri Day did a great job with this book I love her style of writing Christian Breedlove and Lauren Hart have hot chemistry together and what better place than Sin City to have them come together Sin City Vows touches on a lot of emotions and is very enjoyable

  9. Sassha Reads❤️❤️ says:

    Unexpected LoveChristian was not expecting to see Lauren on his thirtieth birthday nor was he expecting to fall madly in love with her but both happened Lauren was running from family drama and ended up running into the arms of her childhood crush I'm glad that they got their HEA in the end

  10. Geri Evans says:

    Loving Christian and Lauren I loved this book The Breedloves are all that but they are also level headed and loving The instant chemistry between the grown versions of Lauren and Christian was amazing I was enthralled with this book from the beginning throughout the end This series is going to be off the chain Highly recommended for sure Kudos Zuri 💜🔥💜

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