Blade of Memories (Black Shadow, #1)

Blade of Memories (Black Shadow, #1)❰Ebook❯ ➠ Blade of Memories (Black Shadow, #1) Author Tina Hunter – When Lynn’s criminal employer shows up with a piece of her broken past she will do anything to get it back And as Iridan city’s foremost thief 'anything' means an impossible heistBut stealing magi When Lynn’s criminal employer shows up with a piece of her broken past she will do anything to get it back And as Iridan city’s foremost thief Blade of PDF or 'anything' means an impossible heistBut stealing magic crystals from the most regulated facility in the world is only the start of her problems; which includes a team she doesn't trust or like a runaway with magic abilities an ex who still makes her weak in the knees and family drama that could change Lynn's whole worldBrimming with action adventure and intrigue fans of The ueens Thief or Six of Crows will be gripped by this imaginative tale of a magic filled world on the cusp of change.

Tina Hunter is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author She’s been published in several anthologies and her first novel length work is Blade of Memories Black Shadow Blade of PDF or Tina has spent many years working in the publishing industry including co founding a small Canadian science fiction and fantasy publishing houseSo basically she is; a geek a mother a science fiction fan and a super cool lady who.

Ebook  ☆ Blade of Memories PDF ↠ Blade of  PDF or
  • ebook
  • 340 pages
  • Blade of Memories (Black Shadow, #1)
  • Tina Hunter
  • English
  • 14 December 2014
  • 9781999440206

10 thoughts on “Blade of Memories (Black Shadow, #1)

  1. Nicole says:

    This novel was a good read It involves action and adventure with magic The Inborn has magical abilities which many places outlaw Lynn is a thief known as the Black Shadow She plans on leaving a life of thievery after this last heist However her employer does not like to let his employees go He has her mother's necklace once believed to be lost She strikes a deal with him to steal the crystals in return for her mother's locket She does not know how important the locket until later on Lynn has to face people of her past including her cousin an ex and her uncle who has his own agenda She has to bring her employer's goons on her task which needs to be accomplished in 2 weeks She meets a Inborn girl who has run away but promises to help her get someplace safe Lynn learns about her family much of it kept secret from her She tries to deal with her ex who might have some feelings towards her but has his own secrets to which Lynn discovers Lynn needs to accomplish the job in time otherwise she will become a servant to her employer With so much betrayals in the mist will Lynn be able to succeed?

  2. Marie says:

    What an action packed story I couldn’t put the book down Can’t wait for #2 Awesome read

  3. Christina D.Z.A. says:

    Full spoiler free review here

  4. Fiona Andrew says:

    I was totally enthralled with the main character Lynn She was a well written character who whilst living in a man’s world proved that girls can do anything Strongly written characters with a well developed world Recommended read

  5. Christina Morley says:

    Blade of Memories is the first book in an exciting young adult fantasy series by Tina Hunter The main character Lynn is a young woman and thief known as the Black Shadow She steals to survive but ends up working for a ruthless self serving boss who finds a way to trap her into further service She has learned not to trust people and besides being the best thief she’s also extremely intelligent and uses her wits to stay ahead of the game But when her boss sends her on an impossible mission with a team of untrustworthy men she might just be out of her depth This story has it all It’s full of action adventure and intrigue with a bit of chemistry and unreuited love The descriptions are vivid the characters are complex and the magic elements or rules are uniueIt has a good balance with relationships Most of them are dysfunctional but there are a few people that Lynn can trust I like how some of the characters aren’t all bad or all good You wonder about them and since they will probably be in the seuel there’s opportunity for them to support or hinder Lynn The author also develops the chemistry well and uses the little moments in a powerful way to great effect There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat The story has an element of closure but the author also sets up the seuel with the epilogue And there are a few unresolved issues in the story that are great hooks I can’t wait to find out what happens next I received an ARC of this book This is an honest and voluntary review

  6. Irene S says:

    This is a good read With Drakan holding Lynn's family heirloom she will need to do steal one item for Drakan With three untrustworthy and unhelpful men accompanying her provided by Drakan Lynn will need to keep her wits about her to succeed I received a free copy of this book This is my honest and voluntarily given review In this book there are an interesting cast of characters that I am sure will be in future books in the series This book was suspenseful and the characters are well drawn This book kept me captivated I look forward to reading in this series and recommend this book

  7. Crystal says:

    The first book in a new series starts off with a lot of action and a good cast of characters Lynn is a thief to survive but her boss has something that belongs to her family She is willing to do anything to get it back Dorjee was an awesome character as well and I am looking forward to seeing where the journey takes them all

  8. Forrest Weldon says:

    Blade of Memories is a book that looks to rekindle your YA Fantasy nostalgia but without the eye rolling cringe that you'll have to endure in many other books of it's type and I couldn't be happier for itIn so much YA Fantasy you usually have to endure the worst kind of character The Power Fantasy Insert Lynn while still competent and resourceful fortunately lacks the most annoying trait of these characters a lack of challenge Lynn has everything stacked up against her from the start and plays catch up while trying to prevent further disaster and makes watching to see how she unravels it all the enjoyableThe main cast are dynamic endearing and carry most of the novel something that is also usually lacking in similar stories While the secondary cast suffers a bit and maybe could have used a little bit of compressing there's enough there that nobody feels unneeded narratively Overall this all speaks to book's main hook to me tight storytelling Nothing feels out of place pointless or like filler and the smooth pace made this book hard for me to put downIs this a book that is going to knock your socks off with a huge message or themes? Nah To me this isn't a book made to be pondered over a book club but a fun read to blow through when you're looking to relive some YA Fantasy nostalgia with coherent design in world and characters I enjoyed my time with it and I look forward to Overall Rating 455

  9. Silver Surfer says:

    This is uite a good book Epic fantasy isn’t the sort of thing I read usually but this one had magic involved so how could i resist Looking out for book two that’s for sure Highly recommended

  10. Jacquie Stewart says:

    review because I can't be bothered to type it all again lol

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