Love on Lavender Lane

Love on Lavender Lane[KINDLE] ❄ Love on Lavender Lane By Karis Walsh – For corporate consultant Paige Leighton the ends always justify the means She does whatever it takes to make her clients’ businesses profitable She has no room for sentimentality in business or in h For corporate consultant Paige Leighton the ends always justify the means She does whatever it takes to make her clients’ businesses profitable She has no room for sentimentality in business or in her personal life and loves nothing better than pushing others out of their comfort zones Kassidy Drake has spent a lifetime creating her comfort zone and she has no intention of leaving Her home is as orderly and as beautiful as the rows of lavender surrounding it but she needs to make Lavender Lane Farm Love on PDF or solvent or she might lose everything She agrees to listen to Paige’s advice as long as Paige doesn’t expect much from her than changing the font on her business cards Accompanied by the buzz of honeybees and the scent of lavender Paige and Kassidy must find a way to compromise if they want to save Lavender Lane Farm―and find a way to make room for love along the way.

Karis Walsh is a native of the Pacific Northwest and an adopted citizen of Texas When she isn’t wrapped up in a book—either reading or writing one—she spends her time with her animals playing music on her viola or violin or hiking among the prickly pears.

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  • Love on Lavender Lane
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  • 23 December 2015
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10 thoughts on “Love on Lavender Lane

  1. Lex Kent says:

    375 Stars This was another good book by Walsh I’m a fan of Walsh but I was really disappointed in her last book Seascape Walsh has a uniue style to her books that I feel very comfortable with and it was missing in Seascape I’m happy to say this was book was a big step back to the Walsh that I have come to expect and enjoy While this wasn’t one of my favorites by her it’s very readable and Walsh like so I’m happy with thisThis is a slow burn romance where not a lot happens This is part of Walsh’s style She takes characters with jobs like lavender farmer that you would not think would be that interesting but she makes it interesting It is obviously Walsh does a ton of research for her books and she brings these lower key jobs to life Her type of romances I normally find on the boring side I like some excitement action or just pep in my romances but Walsh somehow has a magic wand attached to her keyboard because when she writes she transforms these slower storylines into something I want to read about My favorite part of this book was the character of Paige Paige is someone I would want to know in real life and it was easy to connect to her while reading I actually wonder if Walsh patterned Paige a little bit after herself Paige is a job consultant who learns everything she can about different jobscompanies and helps turn them around It feels like what Walsh does learning about all these different jobs to make her stories so interesting Another aspect I really enjoyed was the light humor all through the book Since it is a slow burn romance Paige and Kassidy have this flirtyhumor that I really enjoyed To be honest I chuckledlaughed at this book than I do most rom coms so I was surprised and happy about that My one main complaint is I was missing some passion in this book I felt that flirty ness of two people just starting to connect but I needed chemistry and finally passion to seal the deal that these two could be a potential long term couple There was one rushed sex scene that I thought didn’t really add the intimacy I was hoping forI’ll mention again this was not my favorite by Walsh but it’s still worth the read I was hooked from page one and was never bored for such a low key story If you are a Walsh fan I think you will be happy with this book Or if you don’t mind a slower paced romance this might be for you too An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review

  2. Bethany says:

    To be super honest here I didn't have high expectations going into this one Karis Walsh is a wonderful author but her last book Seascape really irritated me with it's way too prose y style and underwhelming plot I'm happy to say that this one was a very pleasant change and back on par with the some of my favorite Walsh novelsI do have to mention from the outset that this one is slow burn And by slow I mean SLOW There's a ton of little flirtations and a kiss or two between MCs Paige and Kassidy and it's really sweet humorous and just downright cute and to see in many places but it takes almost the whole book before the two actually get together If you're looking for a uick payoff this isn't going to be for youI have a few complaints First off the secondary characters just weren't well fleshed out at all I wanted a bit with the twins and even with some of the local community characters Secondly Kassidy's backstory seemed a bit odd I really don't see how Kassidy could have raised two newborn twins all on her own starting at age 6 without ending up facing a Child Protective Services house call Also I'm not so sure that the two MCs actually really connected much outside of Kassidy's farm and business they spent a lot of time apart and we really didn't get to see a ton of their dialogue that wasn't about the farm or the business directly Meaning that as a reader I didn't feel privy to the parts of their relationship that would have made their bond believable as a long term thingEven with all that being said I still truly enjoyed this book I think the playful chemistry between the MCs really helped and something about both of them was just truly likeable I found myself rooting for them even despite the issues outlined aboveI'm not going to say that this is hitting my favorites list or that I will even re read it but it's still a very enjoyable book if you're looking for a slow burn romance All in all I'm going to say this hits around 375 for me and I'm rounding upMany thanks to Bold Strokes for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review

  3. Joc says:

    This was a really pleasant read and I much preferred it to Seascape Paige Leighton was hired by Kennedy Drake to streamline his business and maximise his profits At the end of the contract he employs her to take on his oldest daughter Kassidy as a client His intention is for Paige to advise Kassidy to give up her farm and get a regular job but fortunately Paige doesn’t work that way However insulting your client before you’ve even officially been introduced might not be the best way eitherPaige and Kassisdy’s interaction is filled with lots of flirty clever and humorous banter Even though they still spend uite a bit of time apart which was my main complaint in Seascape their communication when they’re together makes up for it I liked both main characters but Paige and her dog Dante had me giggling at their antics The ending was a little on the sudden side but it was still a playful enjoyable read Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

  4. Farah says:

    Despite the lengthy inner monologues my first by MsWalsh was still an enjoyable and a calming read The way she set up the leads' first meeting followed by one of the most original pick up line involving potatoes light flirty conversations and laughters before one of them put her foot along with lavender into her mouth causing the other to do the Cinderella's midnight disappearing act during dinner time The leads liked what they saw but didn't allow their attractions to monopolize their business arrangement Both were experts in their fields and their brainstorming sessions were among the highlights of the story as Paige's easygoing and optimistic attitude often clashed with Kassidy's introvert and pessimistic but they never walked away from such sessions nor argued like two cocks in a cockfight no animals were harmed in the making of this story The description of the lavender farm and its potential products were exceptionally written I was intrigued and planning to give this herbflower a chance the next time I burn something up The scenes with Paige and her on sugar coma dog Dante were entertaining and the food featured in this book were mouth watering recipes should be included The leads had one of the best food ever during their first date chapatis Sigh I wonder if Sarai will get her own book and if yes then her love interest will be named Farah Can't be five beautifully coloured stars because of the damn talking to readers instead of conversations with each other and the leads' sketchy backstories

  5. Rosi says:

    This book offers what its title says a romance between lavender fields Even with the fact that initially both protagonists do not seem to have much in common and also with the way they are going to start their professional relationship through Kennedy's father who after using Paige's consulting company to improve his business hires her to do the same with his daughter's lavender farmThis complicated situation taking into account that Kennedy has no relationship with his father since he abandoned her and her mother and brothers when she was six years old seems doomed to disaster But thanks to several uite funny situations between Paige and Kennedy some caused by Paige's dog and fundamentally because of the attraction they feel instantly towards each other what was going to be a conflict becomes a collaboration that will change the way the two women in facing their personal relationshipsThe lavender environment that traps Paige has also caught me during the reading very pleasantly I must say And in spite of Kennedy's indecision and some other hurdles they finally find their way to each otherI liked the personalities of both protagonists strong but at the same time vulnerable and without fear almost always to say what they feel And with a sense of humorIn some parts of the book I've missed a little dialogue and less description of the environment and the inner thoughts of the protagonists I would also have liked a little intimacy between them But the book as it is is very good and I really recommend it An advanced reading copy has been sent to me by the publisher Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review

  6. Carrie says:

    This is an enjoyably sweet love story Paige is a self employed consultant that evaluates struggling corporate businesses to provide proposals that should repair and cultivate future success One client commissions her to evaluate his daughter Kassidy's farm with the intention of getting her to admit it is a failure and sell it so she can go work for himThe best aspect of this book was the slow build of feelings We get to understand how the main characters are feeling as they develop emotions I felt the giddiness of falling in love along with them I liked all the characters There was fun and realistic dialogue The main characters were flirty and had some snarky banter I was interested in the lavender farm But the book slowed down for me a bit when they got too heavily into conversation about the details I understand that a large part of this book is about providing ideas for improvement but it felt a bit weighed down by itOverall I recommend this to those who like to read about romance farm life family issues cute dogs and crime scene tape I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for an honest review

  7. F. says:

    A sweet love story with some very weird food moments I guess if you grow lavender then you might be tempted to add it to everything Resist that temptation The story is hyper focused on the blossoming romance between lavender farmer Kassidy and consultant Paige My favourite parts of the book are their dialogue On several occasions I had to reassure my wife that I was totally fine and the sudden snorting chuckle sounds didn’t herald my impending doom Where so many books tell us that there’s a spark the exchanges here might set a few pages on fire So why 4 not 5 stars? The angst at 80% was frustrating and even by romance novel standards frankly ridiculous The resolution felt rushed and not very believable And after such a slow getting to the erm end it was a little rushed and didn’t live up to the build up A number of times I felt that stuff in their history and behaviour didn’t uite make sense and I was hoping for some explanations for it But those didn’t come Read it for the fun of learning about lavender some cracking dialogue and the whole coziness of it Don’t read it if psychological inconsistencies nag you for hours after finishing a book Blast

  8. vacatedboat says:

    The synopsis here does well enough at laying out the happenings of this book so I’m not going to get into all of that Walsh does many things well here and I’m pretty happy knowing that she has a whole library for me to explore since I’ve only read one other book of hers before Walsh does a great job immersing the reader in the environment of a lavender farm As it’s currently chilly and wet and dreary up here in New England I could almost feel spring seeping into my bones I could imagine being in the middle of a lavender field and inhaling the freshness of new growthand I could almost feel the sunshine on my shoulders The MCs Paige and Kassidy are well developed and have great chemistry Their interactions and banter were highly enjoyable reading and their connection felt authentic Both were also highly likable Always a plus It’s obvious that the author either did a great deal of research or just happens to know a hell of a lot about lavender I certainly learned a thing or two not that I’ve ever spent much time mulling over my knowledge of lavender Still interestingMy biggest complaint is that Love on Lavender Lane ended too uickly after our protagonists finally get together We spend all of these pages getting invested in their connection to not even really get a glimpse of it The one and only sex scene was a bit disappointing because the chemistry was so well developed that I didn’t expect the scene to be sowham bam thank you ma’am In that way I feel cheated We are given this really great build up and then it’s over Regardless I enjoyed this read for exactly what it was a pure romance and as previously noted will definitely read Walsh in the future This would have been a 4 read for me except for the end Unfortunately because of the hastiness of it I'm dropping this to 3 Recommended to romance fans Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

  9. Betty says:

    Love on Lavender Lane is a lovely romance the type of story I expect and look forward to when I see the author is Karis Walsh Ms Walsh seems to excel at stories that are character and relationship driven rather than action adventure tales This book is a good example of her style With Paige Leighton and Kassidy Drake Walsh has created two vibrant and realistic characters The two characters have an instant attraction to each other that is evident throughout the story The setting is nothing short of spectacular and Walsh’s descriptions make you feel like you are right there She doesn’t describe the setting she makes you live it I’ve always loved the settings of her booksThis is a very slow burn romance Most of the book has the two flirting and trading jokes with each other I saw a good deal of romance but not a lot of passion except in the characters thoughts The one sex scene seemed rushed and happened rather late in the story I would have loved to see the two come together a bit sooner with maybe one or two of the sex scenes the two characters fantasized aboutLove on Lavender Lane is a flirty humorous sweet relationship driven romance that will make you smile chuckle and say “aww” as you read If you like a good slow burn romance you will like this one If you love Karis Walsh romances you should love this oneI received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest reviewRainbow Reflections

  10. Kennedy says:

    Paige Leighton the business consultant Good at what she does I really liked her disposition and her dog Dante Kassidy Drake the lavender farmer Talented shy and recovering from an unhealthy relationship While reading I thought about finding your passion and the role of family and friends This read was a slow burn with much flirtation and reflective self talk by Paige and Kassidy In general an enjoyable story of discovery of self and finding happinessARC provided by Bold Strokes Books Inc via NetGalley

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