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Common Ground[PDF / Epub] ✅ Common Ground By Donald V Gaffney – Every time a shooting makes national headlines the same debates erupt Is the problem guns or mental health Why is the United States uniue in its gun violence problem Can we reduce this violence while Every time a shooting makes national headlines the same debates erupt Is the problem guns or mental health Why is the United States uniue in its gun violence problem Can we reduce this violence while protecting the right to bear armsNewtown Connecticut native and Disciples of Christ minister Donald V Gaffney brings a calm and compassionate voice to these complex uestions offering a guide for individuals and groups to reflect on and discuss guns and gun violence Common Ground explores the place of guns in our individual and national histories violence in Scripture the legal issues surrounding gun rights and ways in which we as moral life valuing people can bridge the divide to help solve the problem of gun violence in the United States To move beyond the talking points and rhetoric dominating gun violence discussions Gaffney concludes chapters with uestions for reflection and discussion to encourage self examination exploration and evaluation of potential solutions to gun violence.


Common Ground eBook ✓ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • Common Ground
  • Donald V Gaffney
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9780664264550

10 thoughts on “Common Ground

  1. Gino says:

    I didn't know exactly what to expect from this book I read it based on the title and how it could serve me living and ministering in a city devastated by gun violence I was delighted to read the focus of the book is to create dialogue and environments for discussion among people with varying opinions about gun and wha the laws shouldought to beGaffney does a great job of sharing some history on guns and what I thought was gives an even handed look at situation we find ourselves in This information is important for bring about discussion and Gaffney's uestions at the end of the chapter seem like they would help create these discussions Here's where I think the book lost me a bit It seemed disjointed and didn't flow in the latter portions A huge focus on Sandy Hook the author has roots in that part of the country and kind of lost me on the foundations discussions I'm not saying the information isn't relevant just that it seemed to pull away from the heart of the book and something I think Gaffney does well share a topic with some depth and then introduce discussion uestions I'd recommend reading this book though I think it could be an excellent resource within and outside of the Church

  2. Jamie Moesser says:

    It's hard to rate this book on its merits alone because I agreed so strongly with its point which is that common ground has to and can be found on the issue of resolving gun violence in America without sacrificing the Second Amendment rights that many hold so dear I shall endeavor however first to discuss its merits and why I rated them so highly then the point of the book itselfOf the over 250 books written on the subject of guns and gun violence in America this is one of the few I've found that looks at it from all sides not just those of gun rights advocates or violence ending advocates This in and of itself surprises me as none of the gun rights advocates I've spoken to in real life openly expressed a desire for the violence and mass shootings to continue at least as part of any organized movement and many of the violence ending advocates I know realize that banning all guns outright is not a realistic solution Not only is this book relatively rare then by virtue of that fact but also by virtue of the elouence knowledge and sensitivity with which the author approaches the topicIndeed where many other books on gun violence in America have started with a recap of our nation's history with guns andor a summary of the arguments of the two sides of the debate Gaffney starts his book with a plea for readers to use this book as a basis for group discussion He even provides specific suggestions for doing so The temptation to lead others to your understanding or position seems especially strong when talking about guns and gun violence This is not a debate you can win by employing what you think is a rational argument There has to be an understanding among members of the group that no one will be pressured Everyone is responsible for himself or herself and everyone is responsible to each otherFurther he says Being attentive while others are speaking and thoughtful in our own speaking is hard with a topic as volatile as guns We have to work at releasing our preconceptions and relaxing our mood When we finally do speak we can speak from our own experience It is so important that we each speak from our own core our own feelingsThis isn't to say that Gaffney ignores the fundamentals of either side of the argument but he does explore them from particular peoples' points of view I do not dwell on statistics or numbers related to gun violence he says Those numbers do not speak to life People and their stories speak to life That is why I want to hear people tell their stories Even around instruments of death their stories have life Each number represents a life and that life is lost devalued and made insignificant in the great sea of numbers of individuals affected by gun violence I think we need to move past the numbers and tell the storiesSo what does that common ground look like according to Gaffney It does not start with any particular policy change at least not any that he discusses in this book It starts with people making up their minds to talk across their own aisles before they expect their government to do so It starts with people actively seeking common ground around this topic in their families neighborhoods cities and up from there Because I agree so wholeheartedly with this argument I find it impossible to review the book on its merits alone though it is sound in structure elouent in voice as mentioned and timely I answered the uestions it asked of me and am endeavoring to pursue these hard conversations with my family members and neighbors and even my online friends because we all know that something HAS to be done I encourage every other American within the sound of my voice to read Common Ground too and actively seek common ground on this all important topic

  3. Rebecca Davis says:

    Very well structured well written approach to gun violence for Christian study groups or individual study I appreciated Gaffney's attention to historical context media law and Biblical passages As a gun owner Sandy Hook alumnus and pastor Gaffney has an even handed approach that will engender trust even among those who disagree The book is brief only about 120 pages but substantive enough to reclaim the conversation from its firestorm and push it into empathetic discussionDisclosures I am on the board of Presbyterian Publishing Corporation the publisher of the WJK imprint but had no role in the greenlighting or editing of the book

  4. Beth says:

    I can't wait to share this book with the congregation I lead I found it to be very informative and balanced in its presentation of the multifaceted issues surrounding gun ownership and gun violence People on all sides of the debates and from every place on the spectrum would do well to read this book and discuss it with others

  5. Cristie Underwood says:

    The author's painstaking research and attention to detail is obvious in the writing of this book The author laid out the information in a manner that allowed the reader to form their own opinion

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