Modernist Bread Spanish Edition

Modernist Bread Spanish Edition✻ Modernist Bread Spanish Edition Epub ✾ Author Nathan Myhrvold – Modernist bread presenta una nueva y revolucionaria forma de entender uno de los alimentos básicos más importantes de nuestra dieta Creada por el mismo euipo ue publicó el aclamado Modernist cuisin Modernist bread presenta una nueva y revolucionaria forma de entender uno de los alimentos básicos más importantes de nuestra dieta Creada por el mismo euipo ue publicó el aclamado Modernist cuisine el arte y la ciencia de la cocina esta monumental colección —El mayor estudio sobre el pan hasta la fecha y ganadora del Premio James Beard— aúna conocimientos prácticos y técnicas INNOVADORAS y es el resultado de más de cuatro años de investigación y colaboración con los principales líderes del sector Las impresionantes Modernist Bread ePUB ✓ fotografías ue ilustran la historia del pan a lo largo de cinco volúmenes permiten descubrir sus fascinantes orígenes panes de todos los rincones del mundo y la asombrosa belleza de los fenómenos científicos ue se producen por encima y por debajo de la corteza En Modernist bread encontrará recetas y técnicas INNOVADORAS desarrolladas por el euipo de Modernist cuisine ue no se han publicado en ningún otro lugar La obra se presenta en una impecable caja de acero inoxidable y sus cinco volúmenes contienen más de recetas tradicionales y vanguardia Cuenta además con un manual de cocina encuadernado en espiral ue le permitirá disponer de todas las recetas en un único libro Con más de páginas Modernist bread se convertir en un recurso inestimable para todos auellos ue uieran saber más sobre el pan o deseen mejorar sus habilidades Este libro es una invitaciones a los panaderos —desde los tradicionalismo más estrictos hasta los entusiastas de lo modernista los aficionados los chefs de restaurante y los panaderos artes Ana les— para ue aprovechen todas las posibilidades ue ofrece la imaginación y sigan su intuición para hacer pan a su manera.

Nathan Myhrvold founder of The Cooking Lab has had a passion for science cooking and photography since he was a boy By the age of Nathan had already cooked the family Thanksgiving feast and transformed the household bathroom into a darkroomMyhrvold holds a doctorate in theoretical and mathematical physics as well as a master's degree in economics from Princeton University He holds addit.

Modernist Bread Spanish Edition PDF/EPUB ´ Modernist
  • Hardcover
  • 2642 pages
  • Modernist Bread Spanish Edition
  • Nathan Myhrvold
  • Spanish
  • 17 March 2016
  • 9780999292945

10 thoughts on “Modernist Bread Spanish Edition

  1. 987643467881 says:

    Is this a life changing book set to replace all other bread books? No Is it a set that you definitely need in order to make great bread? No Is it a fun indulgence? It definitely is Had it not been marketed as a set offering “a revolutionary new understanding of one of the most important staples of the human diet” I might have even given it 5 stars Apart from the “stunning photography” which actually really is stunning by the way and the convenience of having all the various methods and techniues used and developed by different professionals all in one place I'm not so sure that I personally found anything particularly uniue let alone revolutionary in any of the books For example one of the many things that's presented as radically new is the fact that glutathione found in certain fruit juices relaxes gluten and can improve challah results by making the dough easier to work withshape and by producing a softer crumb – which is something already known not just to most professionals but many home bakers tooThat being said as someone who has gone through dozens of bread books in varying styles some focused on science others on intuitive baking etc I was definitely impressed with the thoroughness of the documentation of various bread experiments and Myhrvold's systematic analysis and methodology which are perhaps a result of his background in mathematics and physics Rather than intimidating the reader the experiments are presented in a way that actually encourages creativity So I would say that rather than presenting some “revolutionary” or “groundbreaking” new information the set's strength lies in how it presents and combines the already existing vast body of knowledge on bread

  2. Emily says:

    As much as I enjoyed reading this and would enjoy having a set of these books of my own one day I feel like it was such a shame that the design and layout of the recipescontent are so dated Despite the minimalist and clean outsidecover design the inside wasn't impressive it looked like one of those '100 things you need to know about bread''A Z bread recipes' kind of books that one can easily find in a pile of books in a car boot sale There were a lot of good infotips about breadbreadmaking I just wished that it was visually appealing and that better photos were used Even the way it was written felt like they needed a better editor That being said I am not ignoring the fact that despite all of its rushed mess and aesthetic displeasure it is still a good collection to haveown It's also uite pricey so I was very disappointed with the lack of careattention towards the details Nevertheless it is definitely worth reading if you're looking to make a good loaf I didn't know that 'vital wheat gluten' could be a fun ingredient to use with whilst making bread like for making a high volume big open crumb rye bread I guess 'seitan' isn't just vegan fried chicken

  3. Popup-ch says:

    This is an impressive work investigating various aspects of baking with the same rigour resources and revealing reproductions as in 'Modernist Cuisine' There are lots of interesting anecdotes surrounding the main text such as the surprisingly recent inventions of the baguette and ciabatta 1930s and 1986 respectively but the main text of the book is a systematic analysis of what happens when flour of various kinds is mixed with water salt and yeast or levain in various proportions and under different conditionsGiven that the book spans 2500 pages the scope is surprisingly narrow The treatment of flat breads is rather superficial and apparently laminated dough falls completely outside the purview so there's only scant mentions of croissants or pain au chocolat Maybe there's a 'modernist pastry' in the pipeline?

  4. Bojana says:

    Must read for any serious bread baker home or professional

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