Suicide Squad Vol. 8

Suicide Squad Vol. 8[Read] ➬ Suicide Squad Vol. 8 Author John Ostrander – Ray Palmer the Atom is dead and members of the Justice League of America suspect that Amanda Waller and the Suicide Suad are somehow involved Batman Superman and Auaman have uestions about the suspici Ray Palmer the Atom is dead and members of the Justice League of America suspect that Amanda Waller and the Suicide Suad are somehow involved Batman Superman and Auaman have uestions about the suspicious explosion that killed Palmer but Waller's crew isn't being very cooperative Will tensions escalate between the warring factions Or will the two groups find a way to work together to solve the mystery of Palmer's deathFeaturing writers John Ostrander and Kim Yale and artist Geof Isherwood Collects the Suicide Squad PDF/EPUB ² classic series Suicide Suad .

John Ostrander is an American writer of comic books He is best known for his work on Suicide Suad Grimjack and Star Wars Legacy series he helped createOriginally an actor in a Chicago theatre company Ostrander moved into writing comics in His first published works were stories about the character Sargon Mistress of War who appeared the First Comics series Warp based on a series.

Suicide Squad Vol. 8 ePUB ¶ Suicide Squad  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Suicide Squad Vol. 8
  • John Ostrander
  • 15 October 2014
  • 9781401289539

10 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Vol. 8

  1. Chad says:

    Wow the current Suicide Suad series could take a few lessons from John Ostrander and Kim Yates This book is packed with action espionage political intrigue and even some humor The first half of the book deals with the Justice League investigating the death of the Atom now that a new Atom is running around with the Suicide Suad This story was a delight It ties up some loose ends that have been going on throughout the run of this book The other half of this book sends the team to a third world country to overthrow a dictator with powers along with a new Suicide Suad assembled by the Cabal that Amanda Waller has been trying to uncover Geof Isherwood's art is very good He's talented than I rememberNow that the original run of the Suicide Suad has been collected I hope that DC goes on to collect the other incarnations of this series that existed before the New 52

  2. Shannon Appelcline says:

    Wow DC actually finished this set of books They are SOOO bad about leaving their TPB series hanging and in fact did so the first time they tried to collect Ostrander's Suad So Cool But I still never trust them to respect their consumers by finishing what they startLegerdemain #59 62 Ostrander apparently knew the end was coming because this story does an excellent job of wrapping up old plots without seeing rushed Sure it's a mash of different things Marlon the Jihad the fate of Ray Palmer the Cabal But it's all nicely integrated and full of great mysteries and their reveals And we also get a confrontation with the big two and Auaman This is action oriented Suad not character oriented Suad but it's still a great read 45The Final Mission #63 66 In their final mission the Suicide Suad goes up against a mercenary Suad and a Cabal Suad The story's a bit muddy with all of those opponents but it's good to see the suad in action one last time and to see some good conclusions in particular for Mindboggler Deadshot and Nemesis 45 The thing missing here is of course Suicide Suad #67 also by Ostrander published years later But with its link to Secret Six I guess I kind of see why they left it out Now could we please have Keith Giffen's excellent but short v2

  3. Timothy Boyd says:

    With the last story arc of this incarnation of the Suicide Suad several loose threads are tied up but are left open for future stories Good ending for the series with nice art and plotting Recommended

  4. Milky Mixer says:

    The first half of this book is an enjoyable romp as Superman Batman and Auaman converge on the Suicide Suad to find out what happened to Ray Palmer aka the Atom Coincidentally another group of super powered foes with their own objective also infiltrates the Suad's H at the same time It's all hands on deck for Amanda Waller and her crew who then jet off for their final mission in the second half Although the last story does feel rushed and less inspired than some of the earlier adventures it's great to see series regulars like Bronze Tiger Nightshade and Deadpool who went from d list to beloved fan faves face their demons and come full circle

  5. I.D. says:

    Fitting end to the series even if it was a tad rushed and left a few open ends Most characters had a semblance of closure which was nice Overall this was a great title well worth following from the beginning

  6. Alex Sarll says:

    Some of the Justice League's big hitters have uestions for Amanda Waller about the death of Ray Palmer and a plot to free – or maybe kill – the DCU's Saddam Hussein stand in To be uite frank it's a bit of a muddle with too many characters running around and not all of them terribly exciting – though I always enjoy seeing Ramban the Israeli wizard who at one stage here invokes the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth as a bluff later admitting it was something he once saw in a comic book Elsewhere there's a sense of things not uite gelling even at the line by line level with what look like last minute lettering changes and the weird exchange You killed my fatherThat's right Everyone I've killed had a fatherWhich sounds like a rejoinder you might get from a murderous Groucho Marx but Deadshot doesn't wrongfoot people like that – he just stares them down andor shoots themThe final outing for the team follows building on the first story's conspiracy elements and hinging on one horribly plausible idea now the Wall has shown the possibilities of a government backed team of supervillains what's to stop others getting in on the act Others who for all that Waller infuriates the heroes proper have far less of a moral compass than she does So with two outright evil knock off Suads in play it's off to definitely not Haiti to deal with their taint on her legacy This one's successful though the last issue ends up feeling oddly rushed; strange now to think that a book could find itself cancelled in a hurry at issue 66 but they were very different times The last couple of pages are John Ostrander's farewell to the title and the readers; his explanation of the theme of power and its abuses which he sought to address; and his admission that in light of the Iran Contra affair he's aware it all seems a little old hat at the time of writing 1992 Iran Contra That's practically the Care Bears compared to the everyday business of modern politics Plus a sorry not sorry regarding Captain Boomerang's dialogue I decided that if Digger was Australian he would bigawd talk like one And he did to the point where a friend of mine from Oz Dave de Vries who later co wrote Boomer's origin with me called me on it I pleaded that the phrases were all authentic; I'd looked them up in dictionaries Maybe mate Dave said but we don't say them all in one sentence I tried toning it down A little bit

  7. Shaun Stanley says:

    The Final Mission the eighth and final volume of Suicide Suad collects Suicide Suad #59 66 This issue collects two major story arcs The first involving members of the Justice League Superman Batman and Auaman investigating the death of Ray Palmer The Atom Waller has a new Atom on her team and League wants to know if Waller is somehow responsible for Palmer’s death This was a great arc The second arc deals with Waller wants to redeem her team by overthrowing a super powered dictator on a small Caribbean island The story wasn’t too great but it wrapped up nicely Overall I really liked the Suicide Suad series It is definitely a comic of the time incorporating terrorist groups from the Middle East espionage clandestine government agencies the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union and America’s fear of Japan dominating our markets The Suicide Suad’s greatest strength is whether the American government should be utilizing villains to fight it battles The series always touches on it but never goes all the way to fully debate the idea I particularly loved the issues with Batman and his dilemma with his beliefs on the Suad and the issues where the side characters of Belle Reve prison got to shine with their interaction with Suad members I would have loved to see of Father Craemer and Suad members meeting with in house psychiatric staff These villains have deeper stories and it would have been great to seem them debating their moral dilemmas between missions The comic series most lasting impression will be the creation and development of Amanda Waller She is the real main character throughout the series and she is tough as nails who has to make the hard decisions even when they won’t always have a happy outcome She is a character that bucked almost every stereotype of the era She is a non powered educated short overweight black woman who is not afraid to speak her mind She goes toe to toe with diplomats military leaders superheroes and even the President of the United States I still can’t believe DC Comic had the audacity to redesign her look in The New 52 relaunch My experience with the Suicide Suad before this was the New 52 and Rebirth series though I am waaay behind with the Rebirth Suicide Suad various animated movies and the live action film It was very informative reading the history of the suad

  8. Jess says:

    Overall I loved Ostrander's run of Suicide Suad However this was sort of a case of a book going out with a whisper not a bang The first arc guest stars Superman Batman Auaman and The Atom That might be a good thing saleswise but in terms of story it isn't You get three or four issues where Amanda Waller and the suad are almost relegated to being bit players in their own series On top of that two of the guys who booted them out were the stars of a combined nine titles around that point in time Superman had Action Comics Adventures of Superman Superman Superman The Man of Steel and Justice League while Batman was carrying Detective Comics Batman Batman Legends of the Dark Knight and Shadow of the Batman On top of that problem Ostrander was using the story to finish someone's story It kinda sorta wraps up the is The Atom dead story started by Roger Stern and Tom Peyer two and a half years before Yes he had already started his Adam Cray story and that story was reaching its natural end point but cramming Batman Superman and Auaman into the book when just one of them would do robbed the book of space for the interactions between the Suadders that made the series so appealing the first place The other arcs were a little better I enjoyed the MindbogglerDebyyk story but I would have preferred seeing it from their perspective and less of a side thing And the last issue was or less perfect

  9. Rex Hurst says:

    The last stories of the original series and they hold up pretty well It wasn’t a lack of ideas that drove this comic out of business It unfolds through two separate story arcs that certain shadowy forces within the military and intelligence services have copied Waller ideas surrounding the Suicide Suad and have put together teams made of super villains to be wet work teams across the globe Waller discovers them involved in the attempted assassination of JLI member the Atom acting as a death suad enforcers for a third world dictator and a literal assassination suad in the USOnce this is all dealt with the surviving members of the suad disperse and Waller decides that her ideas about the Suicide Suad were flawed recent events showing her just how far they could be taken She decides to retire and help rebuild the third world country trashed by the copycat super villains But as I’m sure you know this doesn’t last long

  10. James says:

    Writer John Ostrander does an excellent job maintaining the intrigue and interest for his Suicide Suad run to the very end In the first arc of this final volume we see the Suad face off against the Justice League AND various other commando outfits as they try to keep a big baddie in prison and obscure who exactly the current Atom might beIn the second arc the Suad heads to Latin America to take down a group of villains who has assumed their identities to terrorize the local populace Filled with action a few surprising deaths and the kind of intrasuad suabbling the series is know for this finale offers some solid moments for series standouts including Amanda Waller Deadshot and Count Vertigo Altogether it's a classic superhero run intelligently constructed rarely predictable and highly recommended

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