おもいでエマノン リュウコミックススペシャル

おもいでエマノン リュウコミックススペシャル❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ おもいでエマノン リュウコミックススペシャル Author Shinji Kajio – Bluevapours.co.uk A new series begins from the artist of the Eisner nominated Wandering IslandThe year is 1967 and a young Japanese man is thinking about the future On one side of the water the war is raging in Vietnam A new series begins from the artist of the Eisner nominated Wandering IslandThe year is and a young Japanese man is thinking about the future On one side of the water the war is raging in Vietnam; far away on the other side the Apollo Project has just met with disaster as three astronauts die in a capsule fire And here and now on a long nighttime ferry ride back home he will meet and fall in love with a mysterious young woman who carries a past deeper and profound than his dreams and fears of tomorrow Her name she jokes is no name Emanonand she can never be forgotten any than she can forget.


おもいでエマノン Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • おもいでエマノン リュウコミックススペシャル
  • Shinji Kajio
  • English
  • 12 June 2014
  • 9781506709819

10 thoughts on “おもいでエマノン リュウコミックススペシャル

  1. L.S. Popovich says:

    “Memories of Emanon” by Kajio Shinji is a very interesting short story included in the 4 volume collection Speculative Japan It was not surprising that the manga rendition was just as memorableThe only other thing translated into English by this author is “Reiko’s Universe Box” These two brief short stories are enough to give me an idea of his author’s style I do wish of his stuff was translated but I’m always wishing that and I’ll probably always keep wishing that unless I somehow magically start reading Japanese The concept is uniue as far as my experience has proven – at least no one has come up with this idea in anything I’ve come across It’s an example of what you can do with a solid S F idea You take one idea and make a story out of it What makes the story compelling? It’s not just the idea but the two main characters There are some amusing side characters but the main male character has personality and a good voice and the female character is intelligent and interesting You get their chemistry It has the uality of a Haruki Murakami story but with less rhythm the same amount of humor and science Murakami is like Philip K Dick and Kajio Shinji is in the vein of Heinlein I miss good science fiction with an emphasis on style and characters Even Heinlein gets dry sometimes and recycles a lot But I could see myself reading the whole series of short stories about Emanon if it ever gets the full treatment The manga proved to be good though it offered nothing new to me that the story hadn’t already provided besides fluid and exceptionally good artwork What’s the story is tinged with the nostalgia that you feel when you meet that one person who makes a big impression on you – it has the uality of that cherished memory that you are unwilling to let go of and their imprint of you seems to last forever even if the inspiration they provided was minor brief and unexplainable it is impossible to expunge from memory

  2. Hossain says:

    This manga has a cool concept but the execution was not my liking Mostly because Emanon didn't feel like a person who has the memory of 3 billions years and the first interactions between the protagonist and Emanon felt contrived but the artworks was so beautiful it almost made me forgive the flaws of this book

  3. scar says:

    35 stars the art was very pretty and the science fiction aspect of the plot was cool unfortunately i don't usually vibe with stories about mysterious beautiful girls who change a man's life forever even though their time together was so short blah blah so that wasn't exactly my thing but i still enjoyed reading it

  4. GrilledCheeseSamurai (Scott) says:

    Loved it The art is gorgeous and the story was sullen with just a tinge of hope and romance It's exactly what I have been in the mood for lately a good slice of life with a bit of a sci fi spin on it

  5. Pip (Bookish_Pip) says:

    Thought provoking and meditative This first volume is set in our world but there is a twist which is provided through a brief romantic encounter with a science fiction fan and our main character Emanon This simple meeting over the course of a 5 hour ferry journey soon takes an interesting turn as whilst sharing a meal Emanon reveals she has a memory spanning 3 billion years This subtly complex story weaves a new and modern interpretation of a story about immortality and memory where we learn that Emanon’s memory isn’t gained through reincarnation but is passed down from one individuals’ experiences from mother to daughter with memory transferred to her child so only one ‘copy’ of the information exists at a time Definitely one of the uniue immortality narratives I’ve ever read which had me intrigued throughout and left me eagerly awaiting the next volume The concept for this seems to have been inspired in part by ‘Hausur’s Memory’ by Curt Siodmak which appears in this manga and I enjoyed the sense of magical realism this brought to the story; it felt like there could really be someone out there like Emanon The realism that is felt in the narrative is enhanced by the artwork by Kenji Tsuruta creator of Wandering Island a series I’d recommend if you enjoyed this Tsuruta has a beautiful art style clean and detailed with incredible background art The way the panels are composed gives a highly cinematic uality when reading this manga I also love the inclusion of the colour pages at the front and back of the book which not only show off Tsuruta’s skill as a mangaka but as an artist as wellMemories of Emanon is a beautifully produced manga that anyone would be happy to add to their collection Like in all Dark Horse manga it is a joy to read the added afterwords or translation notes so reading the included postscripts from the creators was very insightful Overall it was an interesting read and I hope we spend time with Emanon in the next volume Can’t wait to pick it up •Thank you to Turnaround Publishing for sending me a copy

  6. Sean O& says:

    This is an adaptation of a short story and after reading it I wish we just had the short story The narrative is very talkative and not much happens by way of action which is perfectly fine on prose but for a visual medium well it's a good thing Tsuruta is really good at drawing waifish women looking pensive because that's 90% of the book

  7. Golnoush says:

    This plain ordinary life of mine will be etched into the annals of human history and the history of the EarthI found the premise uninteresting and its execution poorly done I've included the uoted line only because though it seems that was the much intelligent message the author was trying to convey to the reader coming across it in the final pages only reaffirmed my views on how badly the story was told So here you are the only interesting line of thought you'll find in this manga

  8. Bárbara says:

    I wish this manga was longer Amazing story beautiful art work and such an interesting and fascinating topic

  9. Michael Scott says:

    Pursuing my goal of reading a bit of every type of manga Memories of Emanon Omoide Emanon is a masterpiece manga about a girl whose memories preserve intact the 3 billion history of all creatures it descends from Manga type mystical psychological romance Overall beautiful really beautiful artwork a somewhat intriguing story and a strong female characterArtwork Truly great There's slice of life photo realistic uality on display There's also manga at its best with movie like creative angles and seuences The shading is also fine; for example the sparse use of black adds drama where dueCharacters Emanon anagram of No Name is a heroine that carries the world's history and much knowledge in her memory yet is light and hippy all jeans and an eternal cigar The prototype once in a lifetime no strings attached lucky encounter kind of girl heh I'm starting to sound middle aged and fantasizing There's also the young guy impulsive compulsive scatterbrain with a love for sci fi who personifies the person to whom happiness might happen at any step or just as well could miss the fortune sitting in front of his eyes a rather inconseuential character constructed to make Emanon look even betterStory The main story is about the concept of persistent memory In short Emanon is in possession of a faculty not known to other humans This faculty is not due to reincarnation only the result of passing all information as a form of individual experience a single entity's persistent memory There's also a bit about passing information only through the maternal line and only to girls and about mothers losing their memory while their girls grow up so that there's only one copy of the information at any given time so no inconsistency In this direction Emanon seems to be inspired and indeed includes as a story object Curt Siodmak's book Hauser's Memory which features the power to remember beyond the owner's body in Siodmak's story as well as in its preuel Donovan's Brain the persistent memory leads to nefarious effectsThen there's the travel romance which happens on a ship on the route Nagoya Kochi Kagoshima This part is realistic and syrupy a boy meets girl without conseuences There's the flirt the semi dangerous situation the get together the kiss etc Simple and lovelyLast but not least Memories of Emanon is also a discussion about the meaning of life I'm not ruining anything when I say that this is not the strong part of the manga especially since it ends in the hippy idea that nothing really matters and we should just enjoy the moment can also call it hedonism but it would be too pretentiousRelated Wanderings of Emanon Sasurai Emanon in which Emanon is wandering through what seems like an eternal forest

  10. Carol says:

    loved it but the history definitely could be better worked

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