Diamonds and Scoundrels

Diamonds and Scoundrels❰PDF❯ ✅ Diamonds and Scoundrels Author Adrienne Rubin – When Adrienne Rubin enters into the jewelry business in 1970s Los Angeles she is a maverick in a world dominated by men She soon meets a young hotshot salesman who doesn't seem to struggle at all and When Adrienne Rubin enters into the jewelry business in s Los Angeles she is a maverick in a world dominated by men She soon meets a young hotshot salesman who doesn't seem to struggle at all and when he asks her to be his partner she is excited to join him She doesn't know him well but she does know his Diamonds and PDF or father and she believes he is as trustworthy as the day is long Diamonds and Scoundrels shows us how a woman in a man's world with tenacity and sheer determination can earn respect and obtain a true sense of accomplishment Following Rubin's experiences in the jewelry industry through the 's 's and 's with the ups and downs good guys and bad this is a tale of personal growth of how to overcome challenges with courage and resilience It's a story for the woman today who in addition to a rich family life seeks a self realized fulfilling path toward a life well lived.


Diamonds and Scoundrels PDF/EPUB ↠ Diamonds and  PDF
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Diamonds and Scoundrels
  • Adrienne Rubin
  • 04 July 2014
  • 9781631525131

10 thoughts on “Diamonds and Scoundrels

  1. Sydney says:

    I really enjoyed this memoir of a determined and bold woman Although some parts are repetitive in the beginning it’s interesting to follow her story of all the hard work she put in and how it paid off and how sometimes it didn’t I enjoy how the book covers both failures and successes as Rubin learns how to navigate an industry usually dominated by men Her experience was absolutely insane and I can’t believe some of the things she dealt with I knew nothing about the jewelry industry going in but the author explains everything in detail and I was fascinated Thank you to Booksparks She Writes Press and Adrienne Rubin for the free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

  2. Chelé-----4 The Love of Books says:

    WOW This is the extraordinary story of Adrienne Rubin and how she through struggle hard work perseverance and being a boss became a success in the male dominated world of the jewelry business It was so amazing to read about a woman ahead of the times in the 70's 80's and 90's learning and building a legacy She went through so many situations some that were not always positive but she never gave up and this about how she balanced all of that while still being a wife mother and daughter This story is very fascinating and at times jaw dropping from the things she endured but what a journey and story

  3. A_Stylish_Bookworm says:

    ⁣I loved how this memoir shared a story of Adrienne and how she needed than being a housewife in the 70s and surviving in the business world ⁣⁣The chapters read like a short story and each chapter is as entertaining I am shocked at how much danger she faced creating this business ⁣⁣Thank you booksparks and shewritespress for the copy for my honest review ⁣⁣

  4. Debra Neuman says:

    This is the amazing story of a Bel Air Los Angeles housewife's journey of self discovery through the building of her diamond and jewelry business A woman ahead of her time Adrienne Rubin tangles with the best and worst of the wheelers and dealers in the industry to become a successful player in the high end side of the wholesale and retail jewelry business All the while fulfilling her role as a devoted loving and high energy wife daughter mother and grandmother A moving story of triumph reward struggle and love Though it's her first book Rubin's writing is sophisticated and the pages turn uickly She is no novice; expect from her

  5. Sheryl Fleischer says:

    Mild mannered demure west side housewife in the 70’s in fashionable Brentwood California Adrienne Rubin could have easily continued her very suburban and comfortable life raising her two children with her wonderful high powered attorney husband Stan A credentialed French teacher but soon uninspired with a part time teaching gig she became restless to do and be She wanted to be her ‘own woman’ and be able to make her own money and a lot of it Something burned inside of her to try to be a success on her own terms After several trips the couple made to Mexico in search of finding great deals on silverware and jewelry Adrienne instantly found her callingshe would start carrying silver jewelry lines which seemed to hit just the right note in LA during the seventies Finding the right distributors and with her keen eye for what was trendy she would make a killing Her natural inclination to go for the larger prize led her to diamonds and gold but as she was soon to discover where there are diamonds there are scoundrels and Rubin was unprepared to recognize and deal with them until her sheer determination and chutzpah much harder than any diamond led her to take them on in a way they were not prepared for There are some introspective and insightful moments throughout the book as Ms Rubin delves into her childhood to share some difficult moments which forged her characterA scintillating tale of justice and retribution that will keep you spell bound and page turning to see how she was able to take on the scoundrels keep reinventing herself in the process and be fearless to take on any challenge coming her way

  6. Lee Hausner says:

    Adrienne Rubin has written a wonderful fascinating and life affirming account of her experience as a entrepreneurial in the cut throat jewelry business Adrienne delightfully opens the door to her varied life experiences both positive and negative into not only a wonderful read but this is a book which offers many important life lessonsShe exemplifies the determination and persistence necessary to create any successful business the importance of creating a personal identity the willingness to step outside ones comfort zone the challenge of balancing career and family and most importantly the power of a loving supportive spouse

  7. Sarah Bowe says:

    Thanks to Booksparks for the free copy and being part of this tourAdrienne's time in the jewelry business was fraught with people that took advantage of her She always seemed to trust the wrong people which resulted in loss of money and merchandise Not only by the men that seemed to dominate the jewelry business when she was starting out but even by some women I felt that she would have been careful in all her dealings if she had had some kind of business degree It was interesting to see where her journey took her She taught a lot in this book about the industry for people who obviously don't know about it and it was educational

  8. Davee Kaplan says:

    Loved this book and following Adrienne through her adventures It was amazing that she built up her businesses from dust to millions Great job on drawing us in to all the stories of intrigue learning disappointment betrayal business friendship and loyalty Would recommend this book to anyone interested in hearing how a woman made it in a man's world doing business mostly dominated by men

  9. Yana Sofer says:

    Everyone should read this book You learn a lot about what motivates people to do the things they do

  10. Shannon says:

    Elegant prose and authentic storytelling will keep you turning the pages late into the night Adrienne Rubin’s story is at once gratifying and inspiring

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