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We Never Told❮KINDLE❯ ➜ We Never Told ❤ Author Diana Altman – Bluevapours.co.uk Set in an era when unmarried women were shamed into relinuishing their newborns and the Hollywood lifestyle was at its height We Never Told is a slice of American history from a female point of view T Set in an era when unmarried women were shamed into relinuishing their newborns and the Hollywood lifestyle was at its height We Never Told is a slice of American history from a female point of view Those relinuished babies did not disappear Now they are grown up and searching Now is the time of reckoning All across America strangers are knocking on the doors of families that welcome them or reject them This era of the wandering adoptees is uniue It won’t happen again We Never Told is a coming of age saga We Never MOBI :✓ Sonya is determined to unearth her glamorous mother’s secret but when she does she discovers that her mother was hiding something worse than anyone could have imagined.

Diana Altman is the author of Hollywood East Louis B Mayer and the origins of the studio system Carol Publishing ’ a nonfiction book still uoted in movie star biographies and books of film history She was a guest on TV’s Entertainment Tonight Her award winning novel In Theda Bara’s Tent Tapley Cove Press was described as “sophisticated storytelling” by Library Journal and as “ent.

We Never Told PDF/EPUB ð We Never  MOBI :✓
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • We Never Told
  • Diana Altman
  • English
  • 05 October 2014
  • 9781631525438

10 thoughts on “We Never Told

  1. Jen says:

    This book started off very slow for me and I almost put it down Luckily I stayed with it because it did pick up This was an interesting look at family dynamics and sister relationships Unfortunately I had a hard time connecting with the characters and found most of them to be intensely unlikable The plot slowly moved along and while I finished it I was left feeling pretty “meh” about it I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

  2. Themis says:

    At first I wasn't very captivated by the story but as it developed it became difficult to put the book down The story of two sisters Sonya and Joan starts out in the present then we're brought back to their childhood The story is told from the perspective of Sonya the younger sister Through Sonya's eyes we learn about her family dynamics and her relationship with her sister Joan From the first few pages we know that the sisters discover a secret their mother had been hiding from them since they were teenagers I don't want to say because I'd hate to spoil this captivating story I'd recommend to readers who enjoy books about family secretsThank you Booksparks and its publisher for providing me with a gifted copy of this book

  3. Anissa says:

    The story opens with a discussion between sisters Sonya and Joan after their mother's death They're going through her papers and find information about the baby she gave away when they were teenagers This is the crux of the title the secret they never told It isn't until the very end of the book that this situation comes back full circle and is hardly the main thrust of the story as related Usually I'd be annoyed that such a big thing was strung out so very long but in the reading of this book I found I didn't mind It was so engaging a read that I often had to remind myself about the big revelation at the beginningGoing back and being told through Sonya's eyes about the life she and her sister lived with and usually without their mother Violet was a very engaging story I enjoyed the contrast between the Adlers and the Greenhouses and what both sides of the family brought to Sonya and Joan's sensibilities as they grew into adulthood The writing is bright and engaging and it winds up that it's all the little things that add up to make it a well done whole Sonya as the narrator was funny infuriating insightful selfish and sympathetic She was all around well done I can't give spoilers but I did find that the parts that showed Sonya Joan's relationship with their father and what it was like to have a father so much your mother's senior even though my parents marriage didn't break up in divorce and having him die when you're just into your twenties was personally relevant to me and felt very trueI'd read another by Diana Altman This reminded me of The Swans of Fifth Avenue because while it's not historical fiction it feels like it is to me as it begins and spans a part of the last century that is in my mother's memory and experience not my own I'm going with this being contemporary fiction as it ends in the present day Siri is asked to do something on the last page however Oh the genre conundrums Many thanks to the publisher for the advanced reader copy

  4. BookTrib.com says:

    If you were asked to keep a potential life threatening secret could you do it? What if it was your own mother who asked and you were only a teenager? What if the secret involved left you with uestions than answers? In Diana Altman’s We Never Told She Writes Press this is exactly the situation that Sonya Adler and her sister Joan are forced into when their mother’s dark secret is revealedThis secret leaves teenage girls Sonya and Joan without a mother for several months The daughters have few details on her absence so they let their imaginations lead them to their own conclusions “The Secret” is kept because it never really occurs to them to do anything other than what their mother asks However secrets always have a way of coming out and when Sonya comes across the intimate details of her mother’s secret she uncovers an entirely new version of the truth and is left with uestions than she ever thought possible Even worse no one seems to want to find the answers as desperately as she does so she is left to search on her ownDiana Altman’s story unfolds with Sonya accidentally discovering the truth about the secret she has kept her whole life This revelation triggers flashbacks to recount her life story beginning with childhood Narrated by Sonya much of the book is spent insightfully revealing strange family dynamics allowing the reader to speculate justification for the “secret” Sonya’s mother Violet is a repeated focus in her story As we watch both of these characters develop in the novel it seems that they are much alike than either one of them would want to admitThe rest of the review

  5. Meirys says:

    I’m not going to say I LOOVEEED this book but I really truly enjoyed it The book starts in the present when violet Sonya’s mother is dead and Sonya’s finds herself rumbling her past Then the story fades into Sonya’s past and retails her journey as a girl growing up after World War II Recalling her childhood teenage years and later independent woman years Sonya is found carrying her mother’s deepest secret In the process to revealing such secret we learned about her Jewish family and what is like to live the big rich Hollywood lifestyle during that period of time But once the author reveals the secret it’s not what you can have possibly imagined

  6. Rebecca Delgrosso Kennedy says:

    It was so hard to decide on a rating for this book It took me a while to get into the story but once I did I didn’t want to put it down All of the family dynamics were so interesting I really found myself drawn in by these people who weren’t always very likable but were definitely always very real So while this book is out of my normal genre I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it

  7. CG says:

    I couldn’t put this book down

  8. Eileen Sanchez says:

    Introspective and honest This story will remind you of the dangers of secrets

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