The Baby They Longed For

      The Baby They Longed For
One night in the surgeon s arms One miraculous surprise Obstetrician Addie and surgeon Noah s relationship has always been complicated since he broke the news that her fianc had jilted her Years later, finding themselves working and living together, they both agree to keep things professional Until one intense day leads to one magical night, resulting in the miracle neither ever believed possible Now they must put the past behind them if they want to build a future together What an emotionally charged, fast paced, extremely engaging read Ms Lennox has delivered in the second book of this Bondi Bay Heroes series where I loved everything about the main characters Harlequin Junkie on Finding His Wife, Finding a Son Reunited with Her Surgeon Prince is a beautifully written romance with amazing characters who are about to have their lives changed forever The plot is fast paced with surprises throughout the story RT Book Reviews New Download The Baby They Longed For author Marion Lennox For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Writing romance sounds fascinating Huh I m a writer I m boring Day after day I sit behind a word processor making up people in my head Why do I do it I love it My husband, Dave, gets up in the morning, puts on a suit and heads out into the ice and cold of Ballarat s winter Sadly I live in one of the tiny parts of Australia that qualifies as cold I make myself another cup of coffee, head up to my study, choose what music I want and sit and daydream And I get paid for doing it Hooray My first attempt at writing romance, Dare To Love Again , a Medical Romance, was published by Harlequin Mills and Boon in 1990 It still stands today as a monument to my family s ability to survive on cheese sandwiches and spaghetti.Since then I ve written over 80 Romances for Harlequin Mills and Boon, withon the drawing board I used a pseudonym Trisha David for the first few Romances but suffered with a split personality and have since reverted to being Marion Lennox all the time In between romances, I ve co authored a non fiction history, I love local history done the odd very odd spot of housework and done a heap of travelling research I come from a farming community You can probably tell this from my books There s not a skyscraper in sight I m very much a pets person Chloe and Harry were my constant canine companions for many years as I wrote, demanding walks and air freshener at frequent intervals Sadly I lost them, and for a while I vowed not to get another My heart was broken and my study smelled so clean But. The cat and I missed them so badly we weakened and bought Mitzi Mitzi s a black and silver mini schnauzer who makes me and the cat laugh Expect to find her in future stories.If you re interested in formalities, I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a teaching diploma I have a couple of kids and a huge extended family who look on me with affectionate tolerance Marion The crazy one who talks to people in her head I ve had nine nominations for the Rita, winning twice, and fourteen for the Australian Book of the Year After years of thinking of my writing as a hobby I guess I finally now qualify as a real writer.Thank your for taking the trouble to check out my web page Now try my books We might even end up having fun together And write to me I show my family See Real people do like the things that go in in my head.

      The Baby They Longed For
 By Marion Lennox IBN : 133564136X Format : Paperback –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Baby They Longed For
  • Marion Lennox
  • 23 May 2017
  • 133564136X

10 thoughts on “ The Baby They Longed For

  1. Kay (aka) Miss Bates says:

    I DNF ed a little before 50% I m deeply disappointed I love Lennox, but this book had many nopes for me Firstly, I have a pet theory that romance plots are turningto issues of infertility, etc See my review of Alward s latest with its surrogate heroine Women having children older, sperm counts down, and there are all manner of reasons why childbearing is a painful, acute subject Thankfully, it slikely to show up in women s fiction, ...

  2. Char (1RadReader59) says:

    This was an interesting story of surrendering to love Of these two well educated doctors who had been burnt by love or the idea of it Get thrown together You see Addie Blair is a doctor, Specialist Obstetrician and Gavin her childhood sweetheart are due to marry Gav asks Noah McPherson to be his best man Now mind you he had been asking Addie to marry him since he could talk almost But here she is arriving at the church on the day of the wedding and Noah is sent to speak ...

  3. Jessica Figueroa says:

    Noah seems to pop up every time Addie is having a tough moment which makes their relationship strained It started back when Noah had to break the news to Addie that her fiance ran on out on her right before the wedding Now they both see eachother year later and finds her again in a tough spot but now that they work together they want to make sure things stay professional That is until one heated night that ended up with her pregnant with a baby that she wants to keep This was a pretty good c Noah seems to pop up every time Addie is having a tough moment which makes their relationship strained It started back when Noah had to break the news to Addie that her fiance ran on out on her right before the wedding Now they both see eachother year later...

  4. Janet Hendricks says:

    Lovely, Heartwarming StoryLife hasn t been kind to Dr Addie Blair and Dr Noah McPherson in the relationship department Both Drs have been let down by their partners Both are wary of becoming involved At least until that night when wine and loneliness combine to create a night of passion an...

  5. Frankie says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review While I wish I could say that I enjoyed it, it would not be the truth because it contained triggers that I loath aka, infertility, miscarriage, ex drama, child by OW, etc I read romances to escape real life and be entertained This di...

  6. Crystal Gray says:

    3.5 StarsThis brought out all the emotions Heartbreak for Addie, time after time Then Noah and his story, whew There were times that I wanted to smack Addie, she was very melodramatic towards the end The ending was perfect though

  7. Bec says:

    Review posted at HarlequinJunkie.comNoah and Addie have a very complicated relationship ever since the day of her wedding that didn t happen However, it s been years since they ve seen each other, but now they find themselves working together Being the professionals they are, they know they can t afford distractions Still, their chemistry is hard to resist But when Addie discovers she s pregnant, she knows she must tell Noah Yet, n...

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