Chinese Spies: From Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping

Chinese Spies: From Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Chinese Spies: From Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping Author Roger Faligot – In 1920s Shanghai Zhou Enlai founded the first Chinese communist spy network operating in the shadows against nationalists Western powers and the Japanese The story of Chinese spies has been a global In From Chairman Mao to PDF/EPUB or s Shanghai Zhou From Chairman Epub â Enlai founded the first Chinese communist spy network operating in the shadows against nationalists Western powers and the Japanese The story of Chinese spies has been a global one from the startUnearthing Chinese Spies: eBook ↠ previously unseen papers and interviewing countless insiders Roger Faligot's astonishing account reveals nothing less than a century of world events shaped by Chinese spies Working as scientists journalists diplomats foreign students and businessmen they've been everywhere from Spies: From Chairman PDF/EPUB À Stalin's Spies: From Chairman Mao to eBook ↠ purges to This murky world has swept up Ho Chi Minh the Clintons and everyone in between with the action moving from Cambodia to Cambridge and from the Australian outback to the centres of Western Spies: From Chairman Mao to eBook ↠ powerThis fascinating narrative exposes the sprawling tentacles of the world's largest intelligence service from the very birth of communist China to Xi Jinping's absolute rule today.


Chinese Spies: From Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 568 pages
  • Chinese Spies: From Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping
  • Roger Faligot
  • 24 October 2014
  • 9781787380967

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  1. Scribe Publications says:

    Chinese Spies is an astounding and unmatched source book on the extraordinary reach of the PRC’s intelligence network Roger Faligot explains in colourful detail the complex links between the spy agencies the Party the Party leaders Chinese companies and the People’s Liberation Army At once fascinating and chilling it’s a book I found hard to put downClive Hamilton author of Silent Invasion Roger Faligot fuses an encyclopaedic knowledge of this murky world and its characters with anecdotes that are sometimes comical and often colourful Le Point The expert Roger Faligot offers an enthralling years long investigation into the Chinese secret services delving behind the scenes of Beijing’s global strategy Le Parisien China is not just a country with intelligence services but rather an intelligence state In this wide ranging book Faligot traces this trajectory from pre revolutionary Shanghai to the present and reveals a phenomenon for which the West is ill preparedNigel Inkster Former Director of Operations and Intelligence MI6 and Director of Transnational Threats Political Risk IISS A landmark book’ Paris Match French journalist Roger Faligot's history of Chinese intelligence from 1921 to the present day is teeming with revelations Intellignce Online Roger Faligot has produced a book stuffed full of scoops on the Chinese secret services Métro The unstoppable rise of the Chinese secret service has seen it grow greater in size than all other intelligence services worldwide Roger Faligot’s study traces in full the history of an organisation that has long been successfully diversifying into technological and economic warfare in a new long term strategy As Faligot puts it ‘China’s manpower is unrivalled’ and its vast diaspora network is uniue Its agents play a decisive role in conuering new fossil fuel sources; in saturating foreign markets; and in conuering the global cellphone market Now is the time urgently to read this absolutely fascinating and highly valuable study No stone is left unturned in Faligot’s astounding and exhaustive who’s who of Chinese espionage The revelations prove as scary as the revolutions Anyone inclined to welcome China’s rediscovered world stature needs to read this bookJohn Keay author of China A History Chinese Spies is impressive in its level of detailRana Mitter The Sunday Times A French journalist and longtime China watcher Faligot has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of China’s spy agencies In an area where so much of even the distant historical record is strictly off limits his extensive research will be useful to academicsGeoff Dyer Financial Times Faligot an intrepid researcher has for 40 years constructed an encyclopaedic private archive of Chinese intelligence The result Chinese Spies is an enjoyable treasure trove Parts of it read like a work of anthropology an account of the competing spy tribes of communist China their chieftains and totems Through this prism he tells the story of a nation that while seeking superpower status is still slave to self doubtRoger Boyes Weekend Australian Chinese Spies is a very timely and important bookAndrew Lownie Wall Street Journal

  2. John Fullerton says:

    Anyone following news in the UK will know that Boris Johnson and his Tory government are embroiled in a row over Huawei's role in the country's 5G network Johnson has ignored protests and advice as well as an apparently 'apoplectic' Trump and gone ahead with a deal which Johnson claims is a safe compromise But we can't take Johnson's word for it the man's a proven and inveterate liarWhile I admit I would do practically anything to upset the egregious Mr Trump and his administration along with the mendacious and far right Johnson I don't know enough about Huawei's products and services to hold an opinion Until nowI'm in the process of reading the extraordinary revolutionary and encyclopedic 'Chinese Spies from Chairman Mao to Xi Jinping' by Roger Faligot the English edition having been published in Australia and New Zealand by Scribe this year The translator of the original French is Natasha LehrerIt's an enormous dense work It's not always easy to read especially if one isn't familiar with Chinese names history and culture I was a little confused by the backwards and forwards of the timeline and the author's oft repeated word 'meanwhile' and had to go back and forth trying to pin down the year of one event or anotherBut the book is a magnificent body of research an education in itself and a frankly a very scary one For a start Chinese intelligence isn't simply a tool a service a supplementary method of the PRC It's central to the very being of a state that was born in clandestine circumstances It's the essence of Chinese domestic control as well as its global ambitions Its leaders past and present were born raised and trained in intelligence work It informs everything they do and Faligot is especially good at tracking family and clan ties with the multi headed hydra and shifting landscape of Chinese intelligenceThis means there's no data control no limit on what is or is not considered appropriate for intelligence gathering It's what Faligot calls the 'sea lamprey' tacticHuawei Technologies was founded in 1987 by a former PLA officer Ran Zhenfei in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and it is the author tells us the perfect symbol of China profiting from and buying up the rest of the world By the early 2000s Huawei counted 31 of the top 50 telecoms operators among its customers It had about 30000 researchers worldwide Some 62000 employee worked in RD By 2018 its workforce had tripled in size to 180000 globally with 79000 in RD'Its competitors are convinced that it exploits every kind of technological intelligence strategy pointing out that it has shown very little concern for geopolitical ethics since it signed lucrative contracts with Saddam Hussein's Ira and the Taliban in 2001 to set up both civilian and military communications networks'He adds 'As Deng Xiaoping liked to say it doesn't matter if a cat is black or grey so long as it catches mice'Huawei has developed a gigantic business intelligence apparatus to unearth everything about its competitors its potential markets and the RD of other companies it is interested in buying 'this apparatus also works to the benefit of the state apparatus including the PLA in which Ren still serves as an officer in the reserves and of course unavoidably in China the CCP'It 'presumably enables access to vast amounts of personal data It is difficult to know what to make of this last point especially if one thinks of the potential overlap with ministries like the Guoanbu intelligence and the PLA's 3rd department in charge of communications warfare'The author points out that in 2013 the Joint Intelligence Committee which co ordinates security and intelligence in the UK warned that in case of cyber attack 'it would be very difficult to detect or prevent and could enable the Chinese to intercept covertly or disrupt traffic passing through Huawei supplied networks'The French prime minister's General Secretariat for Defence and National Security SGDSN suspected Huawei of being a Trojan horse that provided Beijing with the ability to freeze 5G networks in case of conflict while French intelligence DGSE uncovered efforts by Huawei agents to build a private biographical data system on leaders of French competitor Orange'Together with the Australians Germans and other European security services agree that despite disclaimers by its leaders Huawei was intimately linked to the PLA interception and cyberwar effort'Maybe just maybe Mr Trump and his meretricious aides are right after all at least on this issue

  3. Tilopa says:

    Il est intéressant de prendre connaissance et de comprendre les enjeux historiues de l'espionnage en Chine L'auteur relate u'il fut un temps où Washington espérait modeler à sa façon la montée de la Chine et semble maintenant coincé avec cette idéeLe grand intérêt de ce livre est ue l'auteur décrit comment les Washington craint des états ui se dotent de moyens agressifs de surveillance et d'intelligence afin de parvenir à ses fins et ue désormais l'acronyme «Guoanbu» en chinois simplifié 国家安全部 en pinyin Guójiā Ānuánbù fait partie de notre vocabulaire familier comme l'était au siècle dernier CIA KGB M16

  4. Hamed Marial says:

    Incredibly detailed book which was hard to following in the beginning but as you find your rhythm you find it hard to put down Some of the stories Roger has detailed will blow your mind and make you uestion everything that seems logical 100% recommend this book

  5. Russell Holloway says:

    Reader likely has difficulty keeping up with all the characters or following the many similarly named foreign spy agencies Interesting stories but seemed stretched to correlate Still worth the read

  6. Yann Roshdy says:

    Livre passionnant et d'actualité À noter cette version de 2019 traite donc de nouvelles informations ui n'y avaient pas dans la version de 2008

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