Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride

Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride[Epub] ❤ Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride By Jennie Lucas – Swept from her ordinary world into the royal bedchamberAmong the many beautiful accomplished candidates hoping to be chosen as Sheikh Omar’s wife shop assistant Beth can’t believe this powerful de the Sheikhs eBook ☆ Swept from her ordinary world into the royal bedchamberAmong the many beautiful accomplished candidates hoping to be chosen as Sheikh Omar’s wife shop assistant Beth can’t believe this powerful desert king would even notice her Yet Omar does select her—and his heated gaze sets her alight making her innocent body crave caresses she’s only dreamed about She’s instantly thrown into his world of unimagined luxury but can this shy Cinderella ever be a ueenA Cinderella story with a royal twist.

the Sheikhs eBook ☆ Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore and she grew up surrounded by books dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little; when she was ten her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager Jennie covere.

Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride MOBI ê as the
  • Kindle Edition
  • 224 pages
  • Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride
  • Jennie Lucas
  • English
  • 01 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride

  1. Ivy H says:

    35 stars Cheesysexycute romance with a high feel good factor;A goody 2 shoes underdog Mary Sue heroine from Texas with a heart of gold;A sexy 36 year old sheikh H who devises an unorthodox scheme for choosing his ueen;A skeevy stock character villain who poses as the H's best friend and advisor;A storyline that will be entertaining for fans of the reality show The Bachelor;A love story that's sweetly romantic before it's temporarily derailed by the Mary Sue heroine's deception;Lots of OTT drama and many TSTL moments from the lovable heroine;Caution you'll have to suspend your disbelief a couple of times towards the end LOL This story begins when Omar the sheikh king of Samarara decides to organize a Bride Market according to the ancient traditions of his ancestors He's 36 years old is not in love with anyone and decides it's the easiest way to find a wife so that he could start producing the reuisite heir and spares He tells his advisor Khalid to invite 20 of the most suitable women from around the globe so that they can all audition for the role of his ueen in this HPlandia version of The BachelorThis is the H Omar The man turned and she gaspedHe was black haired black eyed in a black suit And his eyes were the blackest of all The stranger was so handsome she lost her voice She wished she hadn’t come over She didn’t know how to talk to a man like this Beth the 26 year old heroine is a downtrodden Mary Sue from Texas whose identical twin sister is Dr Edith Farraday a child prodigy scientific genius who wants to find the cure for cancer Edith is one of 20 bachelorettes invited to participate in the Bride Market Each woman is offered a million dollars just to turn up and a million extra if she's chosen as a finalist Edith begs the heroine to take her place; she's reluctant to give up her career to be a ueen but wants the money to fund her research The sisters both think that they won't get into trouble for fraud Why ? Because neither have any confidence in the heroine's ability to attract a hot guy Beth's very pretty with an endearing personality but she's also got zero self esteem because she's still emotionally scarred after being dumped by her former boyfriend Beth's a 26 year old virgin who as my GR's friend Boogenhagen would say is still playing with her cute unicorn pal LOLThis is the heroine Beth Then he’d been interrupted by a beautiful sensual surprising woman He’d been violently drawn to her first by her incredible body lush and ridiculously curvy in that tight dress Then he’d been drawn by her frank artless words Poor Beth's been second best her whole life second to her genius sister and second in the eyes of her former boyfriends She's so downtrodden with just 41 in her bank account and accustomed to being relegated to the background that she jumps at the opportunity to trade places with her sister She's never been outside of Texas and this is her first chance to visit Paris where the first stage of the contest is taking place Beth doesn't even know what the H looks like because she never bothered to google him She's only excited to get a chance to visit Paris for free and never stops to seriously consider the fact that she's engaging in identity fraud by using her sister's passport There were many times in this novel when Beth annoyed me a little not because she's mean but because she's just so passive and naive I also got a little fed up of her pity party She practically wallows in self pity most of the time constantly deriding herself She looked down at her hands folded in her lap as she mumbled “I’m not used to men paying attention” But it's impossible to hate her; hating someone as nice as Beth would be akin to kicking a 3 legged puppy while it's trying to reach a bowl of milk that's 2 inches higher than its cute furry head When the MC's meet they're both struck with the full force of insta lust Omar thinks she's the most beautiful sexy and refreshing candidate and she's awed by the power of his rugged sensuality The novel unfolds at a fairly rapid pace as both MC's get to know each other during the dating portion of the Bride Market contest It's very romantic and the H is so chivalrous and charming during this portion of the story Omar's aware that Beth isn't the most suitable candidate she's kind goofy the opposite of snobbish regality and believes in true love Beth didn’t have the imperious edge the formality the arrogance of a ueen She was unorthodox a little undignified and yetAnd yetOmar wanted her Suddenly and beyond reason He also believes that she's a dedicated career woman scientist who will never be happy living the life of a socialite ueen She's got her head buried in the sand and refuses to think about what will happen if he discovers that she's just an employee in a small Texan thrift shop During the first half of the novel Omar behaves as a beta H This man was so nice that I had to double check the book to make sure that it's written by Jennie Lucas LOL It's obvious that he only has eyes for Beth to the chagrin and envy of a nasty rude Hollywood actress OW named Sia The MC's romance is almost ruined when this jealous hagbitch lies to the heroine and says that she had sex with the H The truth was far pathetic Sia had offered Omar a blow job and he'd declined politely In true OW fashion she tried to get her revenge by causing trouble for the MC's Unbeknownst to the MC's there's a traitorous villain working hard to manipulate the outcome of the Bride Market contest by ensuring that a certain lady named Laila gets chosen as ueen The H trusts Khalid the traitor because this man's his childhood friend and political advisor Beth's presence was a threat to Khalid's plan because the latter could see that the H was totally enamoured by the artless Texan heroine Beth soon falls in love with Omar and decides that she will throw caution to the winds and sleep with him She intended to tell him the truth about her deception before they have sex but all logic and sense disappear when she gets a look at his virile nude perfection After all it's her first time seeing an impressive aroused penisOur H is so honorable that he decides to use an archaic Samarari wedding ritual and marry her before taking her virginity The heroine is oblivious and has no idea what's happening when he speaks to her in his native language and asks her to repeat the words back to him “If you truly want me habibi then say my name and those same words back to me” Honestly I had to pause laugh and roll my eyes a few times at the ultra cheesiness of this scene But the story was going so good that I just brushed off my skepticism and rolled with itSome extra hot sex ensues and all of the heroine's unicorn friends fly away never to be seen againThe mood of the novel shifts suddenly after the MC's relationship is consummated They're both happy and enjoying their blissful sexual aftermath when Khalid storms into the royal bedchamber to arrest Beth for identity fraud I really felt sorry for the H at this point because he was truly heartbroken and disillusioned when he realized the full extent of her deception She's not arrested but the H undergoes a 180 degree personality change Omar became hostile rude and cruel to Beth and I didn't blame him because she's really one of the most TSTl heroines in modern HPlandia There were points in this novel where Beth behaved in a borderline pathetic manner She's forced to stay in Samarara until they wait to see if she's pregnant or not During this part of the story Beth grows a tiny backbone and stands up for herself even though her heart is breaking The situation becomes a crisis after Khalid leaks her real identity to the press and a small group of disgruntled citizens protest by throwing tomatoes at her while she's making an official public appearance in the capital city When her pregnancy test result is negative the H gives her 50 million dollars divorces her and sends her back to Texas It's at this juncture in the story that things started to resemble a cheesy soap opera Both MC's are depressed because the stupid H allows the villain Khalid to persuade him to marry the wannabe OW Laila Omar is apathetic and doesn't even care who he marries because he's missing Beth but is under the impression that she's happy to be back in Texas where she can start a new life and find true love The MC's impasse ends on a dramatic note after Beth's former lady's maid phones her to tell her of Khalid's plot to poison Omar What follows is so OTT ridiculous that I had to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy it Beth rushes back to Samarara and arrives just in time to prevent Omar from drinking the poisoned wineWas this novel cheesy and filled with tons of cliched concepts and plot points borrowed from TV and the movies ? YesDid I enjoy it ? Yes because it's romantic and it brought a smile to my face in spite of the heroine's TSTL moments and I was vastly entertained by the first half that reminded me of a reality TV series The epilogue was set a year or so in the future when the MC's are the proud parents of twin one month old babies The H is also determined to have at least 7 kids but he's a billionaire so I guess he can than afford to pay for Beth's vaginal rejuvenation surgery after she's given birth to the 7th child LOL OK I couldn't resist putting that in but it's just that the thought of giving birth to so many kids and the possible ruination of my vagina is scarier than Freddie Krueger on steroids The 3 villains get their comeuppance Khalid and Laila's father are imprisoned for life Laila is exiled and penniless because all of her father's assets have been seized by the authorities in Samarara Reasons why I couldn't rate this higher1 I was irritated at the H for ceding so much authority to the villain Khalid Omar hadn't even been aware that Khalid had offered to pay each bridal candidate one million dollars What kind of king is that irresponsible with money ? The H never even analyzed the possible reasons for Khalid's obsessive demand for him Omar to marry Laila 2 The prose was not uite up to Jennie Lucas' usual standard of storytelling She seemed to skimp on the descriptive prose and I couldn't help concluding that maybe she'd written this novel in a hurry There were no grammatical errors but the storytelling wasn't as compelling as in most of her novels She has a certain undefinable and distinctive romantic style of storytelling that stands out and it seemed to be missing from this novel Her dialogue was as good as it normally is though 3 The heroine's pity party low self esteem martyred naivety and TSTL doormat behaviour was too much to take at timesSafety No cheating no OM and no OW The H's interaction with the other women in the Bride Market competition is purely platonic Unlike in The Bachelor Omar doesn't test his compatibility with any of these females by kissing them Both MC's are celibate during their short separation

  2. Jenny says:

    Cheesy and romantic read with wonderful characters Omar is a sexy king and Beth a warm kind and compassionate heroine Adorable epilogue with their twins Another winner by my favorite Harleuin author

  3. Aou says:

    It was just like an oldie light romantic Turkish movie; with incredible MCs with OTT situations and easily guessed villain ; 4 stars

  4. Vashti says:

    This was a wonderfully light romantic read by one of my favorite hp authorssome might say even cheesybut I love cheeseThe premise was a new one for mea Bride MarketOut of 20 potential brides1 would be the chosen ueen The groom to be is a King and the heroine is a shopgirl who works in a thrift storeThrow in the magic of romantic Paris for the first part of the story and a fictional Middle Eastern country for the later and I actually was riveted by this storyThere were some lovely tender moments briming with passion and also moments of light angstbut love in the end conuers Beautiful epilogue with twins

  5. Chitra *CJ* says:

    Chosen as the Sheikh's Royal Bride is the story of Beth and OmarA VERY sweet fairytale isue romance with a brooding Sheikh hero who is forced to hold a bridal ball to choose a ueen for his kingdom of Samarara The curvy and selfless heroine is there to stand in for her twin a doctor needing money for cancer research They meet under false pretenses spend days courting each other in the moonlight travel cities make wild love get secretly married and then exposed which is followed by separation revelations and HEALike a sugary chocolate cake this book has too much goodness Safe45

  6. Carol Storm says:

    This story really grew on me and moved steadily from two stars to four by the time I finished The weakest chapters are all at the beginning the cheesy reality show premise of the Bride Market even the heroine says it's cheesy and the cookie cutter scenes of Romance in Paris almost made me give up before the story really got started But what I really loved was how the heroine Beth changed over the course of the book from a shy nice girl from Texas who works in a thrift shop and never met a piece of cake she didn't like to a glamorous and seductive woman who can win over a whole country with her combination of innocence down home sweetness and very grown up sex appeal I loved Omar the hero as well At first I thought he was going to be just another wallpaper modern sheikh but with each new chapter Jennie Lucas skillfully reveals of his troubled past his anguish over a romantic tragedy that goes way beyond the usual no good Other Woman lying to him or dumping him I loved how the kingdom he comes from is depicted as genuinely backward and cruel and how that has exacted a terrible personal toll in his life And I loved how Omar genuinely tries to do what is right for his kingdom even when it means trying to break free of his uncontrollable passion for Beth It's so unusual to read a romance where the hero and heroine are obviously right for each other and obviously care about each other even when they are having the black moment that suggests they won't be getting a happy ending Omar and Beth treat each other with respect and kindness even when they are on the edge of losing everything And that made the happy ending all that much touching and real in a way that I found excitingThis story really was much better than the worn tropes that give it structure There's an arranged marriage a twin sister at least two nasty Other Women a storybook Middle Eastern kingdom and yet by the time I finished I really felt like I was reading the work of an original talent I loved this book and I also loved THE CONSEUENCES OF HIS VENGEANCE I'm definitely going to look for books by Jennie Lucas

  7. lily waheed says:

    Are u sure its JL who wrote this? 🤔 because I can't believe it It was so cheesy I read it ignoring that it's written by her 3 stars for the sweet and kind h Beth and the cute epilogue

  8. Maria Kramer says:

    Spectacular romanceJennie L comes true for me yet again Loved the ueen contest and the kookyshy heroine is adorable Omar's not my fav JL hero but he pulled through in the end

  9. RomLibrary says:

    Swept from her ordinary world into the royal bedchamberAmong the many beautiful accomplished candidates hoping to be chosen as Sheikh Omar’s wife shop assistant Beth can’t believe this powerful desert king would even notice her Yet Omar does select her—and his heated gaze sets her alight making her innocent body crave caresses she’s only dreamed about She’s instantly thrown into his world of unimagined luxury but can this shy Cinderella ever be a ueen?A Cinderella story with a royal twist

  10. Geraldine Sadiku says:

    A strong but shy heroine who is willing to do anything for her family meets Sheikh Omar when she takes the place of her sister Sheikh Omar comes across as someone who is bound by duty to find a wife and after the way his last relationship ended he doesn't trust himself Beth has a sweetness that may reach jaded Omar's heart a well written romantic read

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