Purgatory (Chief Inspector Walter Eekhaut #2)

Purgatory (Chief Inspector Walter Eekhaut #2)❮Epub❯ ➥ Purgatory (Chief Inspector Walter Eekhaut #2) ➤ Author Guido Eekhaut – Bluevapours.co.uk The second novel in the acclaimed best selling Euro crime series that began with the Hercule Poirot Award winner Absinthe If the world will end in flames who is stoking the fireWalter Eekhaut the vete The second novel in the acclaimed best selling Euro crime series that began with the Hercule Poirot Award winner Absinthe If the world will end in flames who is stoking the fireWalter Eekhaut the veteran chief inspector from the Brussels police force who has a problem with authority remains in Amsterdam where he was dispatched to aid the Dutch security service When his boss Chief Superintendent Alexandra Dewaal receives a tip from one of her informants the two find themselves across the border in his home country tramping in the Belgian Ardennes on a frigid January day What they find is macabre and horrific seven charred human bodies attached to tall stakes with chains in an almost perfect circle From the look of it these people were burned alive in some sort of ritual On the wall of a cabin Eekhaut and Dewaal find the enigmatic message This World seems to last Forever But it is merely the Dream of a SleeperSimilar events occur elsewhere in Europe as well as Africa where Eekhaut's new girlfriend has gone on temporary assignment for an international aid agency operating in Somalia There have long been stories of an apocalyptic religious cult The Church of Supreme Purification along with a shadowy militant offshoot Are these events tied to them Is this some sort of worldwide conspiracy to cleanse human society by fire or is there a sinister explanation.

Guido Eekhaut writes crime novels speculative fiction and Young Adult science fiction He was formerly a journalist and futurist and worked in the financial sector His books and stories have appeared in several languages from Dutch and English to Chinese His crime book 'Absinthe' received the Hercule Poirot Award He was twice shortlisted for the Dutch Golden Noose crime award.

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10 thoughts on “Purgatory (Chief Inspector Walter Eekhaut #2)

  1. Jannelies says:

    Although Walter Eekhaut and Alexandra Dewaal make a second appearance after their adventures in Absinth 2009 and several other characters also return in Purgatory the book can easily be read as a stand aloneWhen seven burned bodies are discovered in Belgium and even in Somalia it is clear there must be a real organization behind this And there is an organization that had very strange ideas about our world and how it will end so they want to give a helping hand so to say It is up to Walter and Alexandra to end this before many many victims will fallIt is funny to read a book in English while knowing the original language of the book is my own Dutch The translater did a great job though because there are hardly any mistakes and those that there are will probably not be found by native English speakersUnfortunately the story itself was uite slow in places and sometimes it was difficult to follow who was thinking what and why There are some developments in the personal live of Walter but what exactly is happening is not 100% clear What I'm missing too is just that little extra to give 4 stars instead of 3 It is a good read and it has some really great insights but all in all it is a little unbalanced in places Thanks to Edelweiss and Skyhorse for this digital copy

  2. Abibliofob says:

    Once again we follow Walter Eekhaut in his new position in Amsterdam where he is trying to settle in with his new colleagues This time the story covers big parts of the world and also history I must say I really like this series and must strongly recommend it I have to thank #Netgalley and #SkyhorsePublishing for letting me read #Purgatory by #GuidoEekhaut

  3. Mark says:

    The second entry of Guido Eekhauts Amsterdam Trilogy starts with Walter and his chief taking a trip to a remote part of the Ardennen adjacent to the German Eiffel PARC where they find something horrible a circle with seven charred human remains This all through a tip by a source of Walters chiefSo the AIVD unit starts a hunt to the responsible killers who a re uickly being identified as a group of religious fanatics that belong to a radical wing of a church by the name the Society of Fire a cult whose members believe they must cleanse impure people in flames before the imminent end of the world which is led by a successful businessman At the same time Eekhauts female friend and lover from Amsterdam has gone to Somalia to find out what she wants to do about their relationship and her own future finds a similar place of human sacrifice On the eve of a major tropical storm she finds herself uestioned by a Saudi colonel who does appear in the Dutch investigation Who does he represent and what is his role in the sacrifices and religious content And like a true thriller you get some answers at the end of the novelOnce again Guido Eekhaut does deliver a very dark thriller with an international cast and background while it part of the Amsterdam trilogy his story goes like the previous one well beyond the Amsterdam city borders Eekhaut does a very good job in writing interesting and original thrillers and they are well worth your reading time

  4. Vanessa Van says:

    A than decent crime story in a European setting and for once not Scandinavian We need of this Most European crime writing is unknown in the US and the UK for the wrong reasons Eekhaut this is his second book in the US gives us an deeply felt story about crimes perpetrated for religious reasons Very timely even if this was written in its original version ten years ago

  5. Elias Richter says:

    English translation of an earlier book of Eekhaut a bit shorter than the original but with a strong story line and engaging characters Religious convictions leading to massacres all over the world lead chief inspector Eekhaut and the team of the Dutch security services to a vast conspiracy that has of the same in mind

  6. Zeb Kantrowitz says:

    This is the second book in this series and if you can get by the idea that the author named the main character after himself it's an easy read Chief Inspector Eekhaut has been exiled to Amsterdam as a liaison by his bosses in Belgium as a way of getting him out of their hair He has worked out a contentious relationship with Chief Superintendent Dewaal the head of the Homicide division and is happy in his own wayThere is a main crime story and a connected ancillary crime The main story related to the finding of nine burned bodies tied to poles and arranged in a semi circle Most are burned beyond recognition Though it takes a while they are able to tie one of the bodies to a splinter armageddon cult called the 'Society of Fire' The head of the cult calls himself Baphomet and believes that only through fire can people be 'cleansed' of their sins and go to heaven when the 'end times' comeThe cult kidnaps the girlfriend of on of the homicide detectives who is working to find out why the cult stole a tanker truck full of liuid natural gas Gee duh what would a cult with fire in their name want with a truck full of liuid gas? By holding his girlfriend they hope to keep the cops away long enough for them to create a massive blast killing hundreds of people The death of the people will help cleanse the members of the cultIt's worth reading this story for the characters than the action but it makes an easy summer beach read

  7. Marl Delrue says:

    See my review for the main thoughts about the first book This one the second volume in the series takes us into a religious plot to assassinate large groups or people and cleansing the world of undesirables through fire Again a strong plot and interesting characters

  8. Tmittman says:

    I look forward to the next installment

  9. Dennis Richards says:

    Good character development but weak and predictable plot

  10. Patricia says:

    I haven't read the first in the series Absinthe but certainly will now Great detective series aet in Amsterdam While part of a series it stands alone Loved it

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