The Dark

The Dark❰Ebook❯ ➧ The Dark Author Mark Sable – After a worldwide cyberwar ends technology as we know it a former super soldier teams up with a biopunk to fight the rise of a biological internet forcing humanity to connect to it—whether they want After a worldwide cyberwar ends technology as we know it a former super soldier teams up with a biopunk to fight the rise of a biological internet forcing humanity to connect to it—whether they want to or not An original graphic novel Part of the comiXology originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle On release this title is available as part of comiXology Unlimited Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading with a print version available exclusively through com.

Mark Sable is a writer for stage screen television and comics He is most noted as the writercreator of the comics GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES GROUNDED FEARLESS and HAZED for Image Comics and UNTHINKABLE for Boom Studios Mark has worked on WHAT IF SPIDER MAN DARK REIGN for Marvel Comic and SUPERGIRL TEEN TITANS COLD CASE TEEN TITANS SPOTLIGHT CYBORG and TWO FACE YEAR ONE for DC Comics He h.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • The Dark
  • Mark Sable
  • 23 March 2015

10 thoughts on “The Dark

  1. HornFan2 says:

    Disappointed slogged through this just doesn't make sense didn't get the Trans theme or the pregnancy

  2. Alex Murphy says:

    Confused Cyberpunk This had a interesting concept to start with A hyper connected world that gets shutdown during a war by Russia Now a time after the world recovering from a internet shutdown; Carver a former special forces soldier who after losing his eyes in The Dark what the crashing of the internet was called who had been 'improved' by the NSA to be a secret agent and linked to an attack dog in some way that was never made clear With a new threat emerging threatening the worlds internet Carver gets caught up hunting Camille an NSA analyst who has stolen some dangerous information With a threaten war with China Carver and Camille are thrown together as a shadowy force that is manipulating events gets closerThis was promising up until it wasn't It had a uite few decent ideas milling around but unfortunately none of them meant much in the end The whole point of the plot was a muddled badly explained and planned and introduced so late with no real build up or gathering of meaningful clues that I couldn't really get it While ideas of The Dark bio computers and biotech were decent and good points it didn't help with understanding the plot and was just like fancy dressing to a messier whole Carver is your standard ex forces operative used and exploited by the higher powers Camille was? Bland There's stuff about transhumans in this book but I'm not sure the author was making Camille transhuman or transgender She's trying to change her body and looking for a reproductive system transplant So is she a man trying to be a woman or vice versa? I'm not sure and don't think it was explained either Further confusingly view spoiler she ends the book pregnant with Carver's kid somehow that isn't explainedpoiler The rest of the characters including the villain add nothing really and the dog Mars has personality The art is better in places than others 3D art doesn't always bother me some of the stuff here is decent but some of it towards the end does look pretty bad in some shotsOverall while having decent futuristic cyberpunkish background and lore this was not enough to carry what was a confusing poorly told story I read it free on prime so don't feel too bad but I'd find it hard to recommend for someone to buy this Shame hide spoiler

  3. Phil says:

    I really liked the worldbuilding in this story The idea that military units would be able to be so intimately connected via something akin to the Internet is rather cool And then there is the backlash to such a thing coming into existence There is a bit of a mystery as two of these characters try to find out who is orchestrating the destruction of this network The art was pretty good Not uite what I would expect from some of the larger publishers but done well overall

  4. Alan says:

    My partner is traveling for work so another evening of planting the rear and tablet in the living room with the fireplace on Not a complaint no really When it just the overgrown puppy and I there's fewer interruptions but chores to be done because the dog lacks opposable thumbs for helping with the dish washing and food prep he is uite good at eating the foodIn a novella as short as this there is not going to be much space for characterization but what Sable does well is move the story along as it overs a little than a decade Sable does a nice job with Cam and handles her emotional issues pretty well primarily because he does not hit the reader over the head with them Carver does not have much emotional development but again this is a novella and if I was to offer another shorthand description How much characterization for Carver would you get in a two hour movie? The answer is not much But as a character reuired to move along the action portions of the story he served wellI would say this is for fans of slightly old style cyberpunk mixed with near future biotechdystopia fiction

  5. Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) says:

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  6. Xavier Hugonet says:

    Near future A cyber bomb has shut down technology as we knew it A bio enhanced US super soldier chases a bio hacker he’s tasked to apprehend and go rogues when he finds out other groups are chasing her and that she might be the key to prevent another world warComplete story in an action packed graphic novel Another fine comic in what’s beginning to be a nicely curated line from this editor A Comixology original available for free to Prime customers

  7. Benjamin Shehu says:

    Not the finest storytelling and not the finest art at times however this book isn't too bad We get a neon dark future with biocomputers and Russians forcing a world wide EMP that kills the internet and all electricityIt also has the usual Texas and Conservatives bad storytelling elements that not everyone finds up to parLet the man die for fucks sake

  8. Doctor Doom says:

    15 stars Convoluted story not necessarily a bad thing with so called social justice warrior propaganda scattered unnecessarily throughout Decent art

  9. John says:

    I almost gave this a four star rating for originality but the choppy storyline in parts distracted me Great premise though and I starting characters but not fleshed out all the way

  10. Jefferson says:

    The art is stiff and unexpressive but the writing is very cinematic and contains a lot of interesting ideas

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