Who Wet My Pants?

Who Wet My Pants?➡ [Epub] ➛ Who Wet My Pants? By Bob Shea ➫ – Bluevapours.co.uk In this hilarious tale of blame compassion and forgiveness a very embarrassed bear is reminded that accidents can happen but with the support of good friends life goes onReuben the bear's got donuts f In this hilarious tale of blame compassion and forgiveness a very embarrassed bear is reminded that accidents can happen but with the support of good friends life goes onReuben the bear's got donuts for everyone in his scout troop but his friends are all staring at something else there's a wet spot on Reuben's pants and it's in a specific area WHO WET MY Who Wet MOBI :✓ PANTS he shouts and a blame game starts His buddies try to reassure him there was no crime Just an accident It could happen to anyone But as all the clues begin to point in Reuben's own direction as the culprit Reuben must come to terms with the truth Who Wet My Pants isn't a potty training book It's a witty and wise story about embarrassment and anger empathy and acceptance and ultimatelyforgiveness.

Bob Shea has written and illustrated over a dozen picture books including the popular Dinosaur vs Bedtime and the cult favorite Big Plans illustrated by Lane SmithHis characters and animations have appeared on Nick Jr Playhouse Disney and PBS KidsBob spends his days writing drawing and having “conversations” with NPR.

Who Wet My Pants? PDF/EPUB · Who Wet  MOBI :✓
  • Hardcover
  • 34 pages
  • Who Wet My Pants?
  • Bob Shea
  • English
  • 11 December 2016
  • 9780316525213

10 thoughts on “Who Wet My Pants?

  1. karen says:

    NOW AVAILABLEon the one hand this book is adorable and hilarious on the other hand it is full of daaaaangerous lessons—station break to make clear that i am an adult person reading this book as an adult person strictly for pleasure and entertainment if you are looking for intel about this book’s likelihood to delight your wee nuggets there’s definitely a better review out there for your needs—this is a story about a bear named reuben he seems like a nice guy at first—a real pal thoughtfully bringing donuts for all of his fellow creatures even thoughtfully demonstrating that he knows their individual donut preferences and has purchased their favorites even if they are ‘gross’ like maple bacon which opinion already marks him as an antiherobut then OH NO AWKWARD someone has wet his pants how could this have happened??this spurs him on to a series of interrogations and speculations about which of his friends is responsible for his embarrassing situationthey are all very understanding and patient gently reassuring him that everyone has accidents but that only makes him lash out aggressively with his accusations gradually it becomes clear what really happened although reuben never acknowledges and perhaps is not even self aware enough to identify the true culprit in the pants wetting scandal the drawings are adorable and reuben's roaring investigation is very funny so i loved this book for me as a grown person howeverspoilers ahead it really is setting a bad example that if you are publicly humiliated and uncomfortable you should get irrationally angry and accuse everyone around you of causing your downfall and when it is suggested—however gently—that it is in fact you who are to blame for your own wet pants you should never EVER take responsibility or apologize instead deflecting blame elsewhere no matter how absurd before magnanimously ‘forgiving’ everyone whose reputation you’ve tried to tarnish and handing out donut bribes so you look like an awesome person without even the slightest sense that you realize how your pants ended up in such a state or that you've misbehaved at all which honestly seems like the attitude it takes to succeed in this world so have at it kiddoes oh right i sent all the kids and kid minders away to other reviews guess it’s just me and my double autographed copy of this bookand my well earned empathy badge and while we’re being very mature grown ups this detail of bear scat egories was very much appreciated by meobviously all fist shaking outrage is intended as humor and while reuben's behavior certainly has similarities to the real life antics of various contemporary public figures i do not think that reading this will turn your tadpoles into sociopaths but rock and roll probably will endpapersMAY ALL YOUR PANTS STAY DRY although maybe not those reviews that pearl clutch and tremble at the bear character’s removal of his wet pants and subseuent pantslessness for the rest of the book—even though the bold turtle is pantsless throughout and that whore suirrel is only wearing a freaking neckerchief without being eually horrified over the fact that it features a bear and a hippo and a lion and a dog and a turtle and a raccoon and a porcupine and a suirrel and a sasuatch all hanging out without eating each other building a fire roasting marshmallows tying their shoes i’ve seen bear peen before it is not terrifying lions and hippos with opposable thumbs? raccoons who can make fire? these hands with tiny torchesthat's the real threat folkscome to my blog

  2. Calista says:

    uote on back cover Compassion is no accident I love that Bear is camping with his friends and he is be sweet and bringing everyone donuts He announces his donuts to his friends and one of them notices his pants are wet Bear gets embarrassed and gets angry He is accusing his friends and asking Who wet my pants? He thinks they all wet his pants and he doesn't accept that he wet his pantsHis friends are so compassionate No one laughs at bear they all say we've all done that It's no big deal I love that part of the story I'm in my 40s and when I laugh too much or sneeze at the wrong time I'm getting some incontinence It is a horrible part of being 40 I was able to go all day long without having to use the bathroom as a kid Now I have to deal with wetting my pants when I laugh too hard I mean it's the worst and so embarrassing It is just humiliation So it's a part of life and most of us have an experience with this So I'm so glad this book deals with this issue It is something we have to deal with I don't think the artwork in this story is much of anything but the story is funny and has a great message It's importantThe nephew cracked up at this book He did laugh at me saying it's just like you when you get laughing too hard They've seen me run to the bathroom several times after making me laugh Nephew giggled through this and gave it 5 stars

  3. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    2 starsA silly and absurd story that left me confusedI don’t know if I missed something or maybe this was trying to be super silly while leaving things up to your imagination I don’t understand what happened in this book and while it was a cute idea I wouldn’t recommend it I wasn’t sure how to explain the ending to my children when they asked if he actually peed his pants or not Perhaps it’s trying to show kids that we should be kind if someone has an accident? I don’t know Maybe this book is just above my head hah Give it a try and see for yourself Maybe it’s just me?Thank you to Hachette Book Group for sending me a physical copy to read and review with my children

  4. Lisa Vegan says:

    Ages 3 5 and adults? I think 6 would feel embarrassment than reassurance at this story too close to home to be funny for most kids?If meant for lessening embarrassment or bullying for a wet pants incident not sure it would be useful especially for the formerMaybe one to one or in a therapeutic setting?But not with peers???? Unless paired with a discussion especially one stressing kindness and empathy and identification Cute idea though and the pictures are amusing The “mystery” was definitely solved but I’m not sure I like that the pants wearer never admits to the deed though perhaps it’s realistic?

  5. Tatiana says:

    My son found it to be hilarious and so did I to a lesser degree but we are left with an unsolved mystery on our hands What the hell happened to these damn pants? We flipped through this book over and over trying to pinpoint THE moment they got wet but to no avail I am leaning towards the idea that the bear just got sweaty in his butt area It was a hot day and he walked a lot I can personally relateA very unsatisfying mystery if you ask me

  6. Jon Nakapalau says:

    Wonderful book that lets small children know this is alright it can happen to anyone

  7. Jillian Heise says:

    Denial of own guilt accusations toward friends blaming bribing othersI don't know Even after reading it again I feel meh especially as I'm not sure the final page made sense as the payoff for where the whole story was leading up to I'm not sure I get what message the story is trying to send and so I'm not sure it's stays consistent it just didn't work for meAnd yes even though it's a bear and not every animal has a full outfit I am bothered by the fact that the bear ends up pantsless and butt out near the end that doesn't sit well with me as a resolution or message sent to kids I'm sure kids will laugh because it's pee butts but I don't think I'd share it as a read aloud

  8. Destinee Sutton says:

    This is seriously my most anticipated read of 2019AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINTI just have to laugh at the reviewers giving this a low rating because the bear is a bad example to kids Children's literature is full of bad examples for kids The Cat in the Hat Max from Where the Wild Things Are Curious George I could go on and on Not every children's book is a morality tale Sometimes we just need a good laugh Still this is a great book to start a discussion about social and emotional issues It's pretty clear that the bear peed his pants and is so embarrassed about it so he lashes out irrationally Some reviewers are saying they don't understand how the bear's pants got wet but come on people He drinks a ton walks by a waterfall and falls asleep with his paw in a fish tank Pretty big clues there Who can say they have never acted badly because they were embarrassed? I feel like it happens to everyone and it's good to talk about it My husband read this to our five year old in a hilarious loud and indignant voice and we all laughed so hard we almost caused our pants to become dysfunctional

  9. Olivia says:

    I bawled my eyes out I was laughing so hard at Bob Shea's Who Wet My Pants?No joke I seriously needed tissue afterwardsMy co worker and I read it together when we had a uite moment at the library and it did not stay uiet for long since we found it to be one of the funniest books we have read all year and one of the funniest children's books of all timeThe dialogue in the book will be hit or miss with certain age groups but adults and those with a good sense of humor and comedic timing will ADORE this book Please do yourself a favor and read this book And if need be make sure to bring an extra pair of pants in case you laugh so hard you too ask Who Wet My Pants?

  10. Lisa Marie says:

    Hey kids Let's wet our pants blame others and live in denial while eating donuts uite a missed opportunity

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