Everyone Counts

Everyone Counts☆ Everyone Counts PDF / Epub ✩ Author Judy Sierra – Bluevapours.co.uk From the bestselling creators of Wild About Books comes a rhyming counting and teamwork focused picture book about the beginnings of a new zoo When Takoda the tiger cub happens upon a tumbledown mall From the bestselling creators of Wild About books comes a rhyming counting and teamwork focused picture book about the beginnings of a new zoo When Takoda the tiger cub happens upon a tumbledown mall the lone cub imagines a zoo All Takoda needs is a capable crew to lend a paw or two or three four or Two rhinos three lemurs four oryx and eventually ten crocodiles turn up to help Soon the animals are finding places to pitch in bears are carving out burrows elephants are stomping the way for a playground and crocodiles are crafting a waterslideIt seems everyone's got something to do everyone that is except for ten eager bugs Will they be underestimated for their size or will this be a new kind of zoo where Everyone CountsJudy Sierra's rhymes and Marc Brown's colorful folk inspired art lend themselves to themes of counting and teamwork in this new picture book all about how a tiger cub and a whole lot of friends to count on add up to one wonderful zooSierra's rollicking rhymes are fun to read aloud and listen to and Brown's gouache and pencil illustrations give children lots of details to pore over This rhythmic imaginative romp practically reads itself aloud Kirkus.

I took a roundabout path to becoming a children's author Out of college I did temporary work in offices and libraries while at night I wrote poetry and made strange life forms from cloth When I teamed up with a puppeteer Bob Kaminski my husband I was able to bring my cloth creations to life We began performing on the streets of San Francisco at Renaissance fairs and at schools After at.

Hardcover  Ç Everyone Counts PDF/EPUB ✓
  • Hardcover
  • 34 pages
  • Everyone Counts
  • Judy Sierra
  • English
  • 12 May 2014
  • 9780525646204

10 thoughts on “Everyone Counts

  1. Abigail says:

    Authorillustrator team Judy Sierra and Marc Brown who previously collaborated on Wild About Books join forces again in the entertaining counting adventure The rhyming text tells the story of how Takoda the tiger cub found an abandoned mall and together with his animal pals turned it into a luxurious zoo for them all Only the bugs are left out told that their contribution doesn't count But when the rhinos begin to bully the other animals once the zoo is built it turns out that the bugs have a role to play after allAs with their previous title I found Sierra and Brown's Everyone Counts to be uite a hoot to read The rhyming text flows uite well incorporating the numbers one to ten into the story while the colorful artwork done in gouache and pencil accentuates the humor and fun of the tale The decorative end papers were also entertaining presenting number related jokes at the front and bug relates jokes at the rear Recommended to anyone looking for fun new counting books or for entertaining read aloud selections for story hour

  2. Beverly says:

    The riddles in the front and back will tickle the funny bones of little ones Cute story too with Marc Brown's large gouache and pencil illustrations

  3. Amy says:

    Reviewed for School Library Journal 9119 PreS Gr 1—When a group of animals decide to transform an abandoned mall into a beautiful new zoo they learn the valuable lesson that everyone has something to contribute The work begins with two burly rhinoceros demolishing the mall; but when a group of eager insects try to join their crew the cantankerous rhinos call them pests and tell them they are too small and that they don't count at all The construction continues with lemurs bears elephants etc all building an amazing zoo which even includes a fantastic water slide Everything comes to a head when the pugnacious rhinos declare the slide their personal property The banished bugs from earlier choose this moment to make themselves known and suffice it to say the rhinos are abashed and soon everyone is having a rollicking good time Sierra takes on numbers and bullying in a playful manner that is well suited for young listeners The rhyming text coupled with detailed illustrations make for a fun storytime read VERDICT Kids will enjoy poring over the artwork and the charming end pages which are replete with silly number puns told by the bugs—Amy Nolan St Joseph Public Library MI

  4. Sandra Downs says:

    Judy Sierra’s Everyone Counts is a delightful counting book for children ages 7 8 This rhyming story is about Takoda the tiger cub looking at a run down old mall and imagining a beautiful zoo in its place All Takoda needs to accomplish this is a willing crew Two rhinos three lemurs four oryx and a few These giant animals turn away some helpful bugs because they’re too small “Not a chance” said the rhinos“You bugs are too small”“You’re pests You’re annoyingYou don’t count at all”As the zoo is completed the territorial bully rhinos get attacked by the bugs and uickly apologize for their bad behavior Takoda then exclaims “Our zoo is the best because everyone counts”Marc Brown’s illustrations are colorful and bright He brings focus to the size of the rhinos and the work it takes to build a zoo I would read this book aloud to children from Kindergarten to 2nd grade when discussing the importance of teamwork and how student’s are individually special no matter their size shape color gender etc

  5. Barbara says:

    Gouache and pencil illustrations fill the pages of this lively book that combines counting building a new zoo and a positive message While two rhinos seem to think that they can do the heavy lifting and then aren't willing to share access to the zoo's water slide the bugs they've dismissed earlier teach them a lesson about strength and cooperation leading to the book's title and message the everyone matters or counts No matter how small everyone has something to contribute Readers won't want to miss the jokes on the end papers which feature all sorts of insects Clearly this creative team knows what it's doing and how to appeal to the book's intended audience While I was already familiar with some of the riddles I still enjoyed them I'm certain plenty of youngsters will read them and then share them with friends and family members

  6. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Everyone Counts by Judy Sierra illustrated by Marc Brown PICTURE BOOK Alfred A Knopf Penguin Random House 2019 18 9780525646204BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 ESSENTIAL AUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEWith rhyming text this is a number book about animals determined to build a zoo where there was an empty lot before Two rhinos make it hard for the bugs to join in too and when the rhinos block other animals from enjoying the final product those same bugs step in and irritate the rhinos until they allow everyone to join This book is a lot of fun to read aloud and flows perfectly with rhythm and rhyme The illustrations are pastel and lean toward the younger set The book also includes a great punny message about including everyone Jen Wecker HS English Teacher

  7. Lydia says:

    Several animals work together to renovate an old mall into a fun zoo but some of the animals think they should be the only ones doing the fun stuff and that the little animals don't matterThere is actually a solid story in here which almost makes you forget it's a counting book In the end the bully animals change their minds and the animal that started the whole plan reminds them all that everyone counts Some good notes on teamwork and using your skillstalents for the team doesn't make you or less important than the other members even if they aren't very flashy No content issues

  8. Karen Johnson says:

    Another fine book by Sierra Great read aloud to my young nieces who also liked it a lot important than my liking it honestlyWhat I likeMarc Brown as illustrator is hard to beat Math fun important for kids The math jokes on the front inside cover and the zoo jokes on the back inside cover are terrific additions see what I did there?Themes of working togetherBeing able to do predictions with each successive number and then counting the animals for one to one correspondence learningEveryone counts is such a good message for kidsEven as an English teacher I love math and embrace teaching it with picture books

  9. Michele says:

    Judy Sierra and Marc Brown famous for drawing Arthur the Aardvark team up again in this preuel to the wildly popular Wild About Books which introduced the zoo animals to the joy of reading Everyone counts on its surface is a cute rhyming counting book; but the plot reveals how the zoo came to be in the first place The contributions of all the adorable animals were necessary This fun read aloud teaches character development and the value of cooperation and includes clever animal and number jokes

  10. Peacegal says:

    Everyone counts is a great title It's both a pun on the fact this is a counting book and the anti bullying message to be found inside I think it was than a little weird that the animals were all getting together to build a zoo I don't think zoos are always bad or always good but even at their most altruistic they exist because people are pushing so many species to extinction Although the zoo in this story is much of an amusement park complete with playground euipment and lots of wild water slides

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