It Had to Be You (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou #6)

It Had to Be You (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou #6)[PDF / Epub] ✅ It Had to Be You (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou #6) By Livia Quinn – Love happenswhen you least expect it Even after you push it away Jed’s had a change of heart When he started dating Samantha Larue he knew she was pregnant and still he found her wildly attractive B to Be Epub µ Love happenswhen you least expect it Even after you push it away Jed’s had a change of heart When he started dating Samantha Larue he knew she was pregnant and still he found her wildly attractive But when their relationship turned serious Jed broke it off with saying he’d sworn off marriage and kids years ago It Had Kindle - after an abusive childhood THen six months ago he delivered Sam’s baby and every time he sees little Nina he wonders if he made a mistake New developments from Jed’s past turn his long held beliefs upside down and when Sam is threatened and her secret is exposed can he protect her and Nina and convince her Had to Be ePUB ✓ to give him a second chance A series with so much love and heart you’ll be cheering for each couple to get their happily ever after From the author Livia uinn is the author of the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou a contemporary small town romance series centered around the Calloways and their cousins the Larues in the Rainbow Bayou area of Louisiana About Rainbow Bayou The bayou that surrounds the town was named by the Native Americans for its reflection of the colorful sky as it flowed from the river to the lake Rainbows bring to mind hope renewal second chances and the promise of new beginnings In their legends double rainbows represented serendipity The Calloway series is a contemporary small town romance with stories of love community and family—of hope and second chances reminding us that love can happen out of the blue when you least expect it More about the series If you love emotional heartfelt stories with a little suspense built in this is one for you The first four books in the series were previously published but have been revised and rebranded with new content to reflect its true romance genre that of a contemporary small town family romance series Are the books standalones Yes the books can be read as standalones but secondary characters’ stories progress throughout the series so some readers may wish to read them in order books in the series When the Right One Comes Along Too Good to Be True Only the Heart Remembers Christmas Wishes At Long Last Love It Had to Be You Christmas Vows Love will Find You .

to Be Epub µ Livia uinn grew up near DC—go Redskins—then moved to the bayous of Louisiana—go Saints Yes she’s a huge football fan With a life long fascination read that phobia of storms and with severe weather a part of life in Louisiana it was only natural that it would play a big part in her world Livia’s Storm It Had Kindle - Lake series encompasses paranormal on the West end of the lake in Destiny and military r.

It Had to Be You PDF/EPUB Ö It Had  Kindle - to Be
  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • It Had to Be You (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou #6)
  • Livia Quinn
  • 15 December 2015

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  1. N.N. Light says:

    Jed is a man conflicted When he and Sam were together it was bliss It was only when the topic of marriage and kids came up that Jed freaked out He swore after what he went through as an abused kid he’d never get married and have a kid But now after Sam had little Nina he wonders if he’s thrown away his only chance for happiness When Sam’s dark secret is exposed Jed has a choice to made can he rectify his past and show Sam just how much he loves her and little Nina or will he be lonely forever We first met this couple in Christmas Wishes and I fell in love with them instantly Sam is a feisty woman who can take care of herself but she also has a soft side which few get to see Jed broke her heart when he left but also always stayed close by I loved this second chance romance Not only is it about Jed and Sam’s relationship but there’re also serious issues explored here such as military families child abuse rape forgiveness and embracing love It Had to be You is an emotional roller coaster ride and I cried when certain truths were revealed Livia uinn doesn’t gloss over anything and gives the reader the same experiences as the characters You feel what they feel and frankly it’s dramatic romance at its very best If you’re looking for a military romance with depth pick this up today You’ll see why I think Sam is the strongest heroine I’ve ever read Favorite Characteruote Sam She is one of the strongest heroines I’ve ever had the pleasure to read She’s gone through so much and at the end of the day she’s vulnerable just like any woman I loved how Livia uinn gave her flaws and made her so relatable My Rating 5 starsReviewed by Mrs NThis review first appeared

  2. Bookworm2721 says:

    ClosureWhen Jed met Samantha he was tongue tied There is always a way to find those who can help you heal from a trauma To find the love of your life is wonderful This is the 6th in series One to go

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