Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts

Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts➽ Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts Download ➺ Author Esta Spalding – The third book in a Dahl esue middle grade series by award winning poet and screenwriter Esta SpaldingThe plucky Fitzgerald Trout siblings who live on a tropical island where the grown ups are useless The third for the PDF Ê book in a Dahl esue middle grade series by award winning poet and screenwriter Esta SpaldingThe plucky Fitzgerald Trout siblings who live on a tropical island where the grown ups are useless but the kids can drive are back After losing the boat that had become their home oldest Fitzgerald Trout Kim has put finding a home back on her to do list When her sixth grade history assignment offers a clue about the Shout Out PDF or ruins of a volcanic house built by an explorer on Mount Muldoon she and her siblings set out to find it The castle they discover surpasses their wildest dreams But having a permanent home offers challenges than the Fitzgerald Trouts expect especially when they begin to suspect their home is haunted The siblings must figure out how to fix the cracks in their family foundation before one of them is lost for good.


Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts eBook ✓ Out for
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts
  • Esta Spalding
  • 11 July 2016
  • 9780735264519

10 thoughts on “Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts

  1. Allison Parker says:

    Another wonderful adventure with the Fitzgerald Trouts This time the only thing threatening these plucky kiddos is secrets? At the beginning of this story the Fitzgerald Trout children seem to finally have found a permanent home But less time crowded in a car together means time apart Soon every one of them keeping a secret from each other threatening to break the family apart perhaps literally as one strange woman in snakeskin pants starts to show great interest in the youngest Fitzgerald Trout Penny Great fun of course and I love the new illustrator Lee Gatlin whose artwork is really zany and expressive just like the stories

  2. Kathie says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and Tundra Books for an eARC of this upcoming middle grade bookThe Fitzgerald Trout family is back for the third time and it's possible they've finally found a home to call their own But as the physical space between them increases so does the emotional and the siblings are so caught up in their own issues that they neglect to see what's happening with the others around them It takes a major event to make them realize that life is better together than apartFans of this series will enjoy the latest installment and the heartwarming message

  3. Sam says:

    Huge thank you Penguin Canada for this ARCHave you ever read a series that just make you laugh so hard you cry? That's what I love about the Fitzgerald Trout series The Fitzgerald Trout kids are just so charming and lovable and they get into some interesting mischief This particular installment involved a baby a crazy lady who sells baby products and what it means to be homelessI swear this series is up there with the Penderwicks It just has such a fantastic balance of humour and heart and it's hard not to love all the characters in the story Kimo continues to be my absolutely favourite because anything that boy does is pure comedy gold He also just has such a sweet heart and he means so well in everything he does Sometimes I just want to read a series that makes me feel good about the world and this one does it What I love about The Fitzgerald Trout series is that it is full of heart and it makes you feel so good This series is such a uick read and so engrossing given how comedic and kind it is Sometimes you need a light hearted series to remind you that the world can be a good and gentle place and every time I read this series it just gives me the warm and fuzzies I cannot wait to see if this series will continue because I am going to miss the Fitzgerald Trout kids if they don't have another adventure soon

  4. Debra Schoenberger says:

    They've done it again With their trusty little green car flashlights and Goldie's great advice the kids are on the go exploring their island and finding than they bargained forThis is the third book I've read in the Fitzgerald Trout series and I can't help but admire how these little guys manage to stay together as a family attend school and solve mysteries at the same time Now that they are five plus Goldie the goldfish they are growing out of their little rickety car Finding a home for all of them is high on Kim's to do list and she's found them their very own mossy castle But with space comes independence And secrets There are display shelves There are weird tracks in the mud and strange noises at night Did I mention baby food in a jar? How can that be scary?Although this is a middle grade book you'll be drawn into a whirlwind that threatens to break up their family Plenty of humour self reflection and common sense are thrown in for good measure A wonderful series and great summer reads for both young people and adults alike Have fun with the Fitzgerald Trouts

  5. Anne Chellas says:

    Loved this book Another romp with the five Fitzgerald Trout kids who have to take care of themselves because their parents are so terrible Once again Kim Kimo Pippa Toby and Penny stole my heart with their witty observations and their madcap adventures The writing strikes a beautiful balance between light hearted fun and the kind of deeper thoughtfulness that my kids love it's a hilarious story that takes kids seriously and lets their feelings matter It really digs down into what truly makes a family and what it really means to be home

  6. Teresa Grabs says:

    Another fantastic entry into the Fitzgerald Trouts series As their family grows they find that a car is no longer the perfect home but sometimes getting what you want asks for than you're willing to give Spalding explores the idea of home and family in this uick read that will engage many young readersThank you NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy

  7. Brenda says:

    Being part of a family can be challenging in the best of times The Fitzgerald Trouts have each other until they don't and it takes a while to notice and realize what is truly importantA fun reminder to share all the parts being in family the celebrations the challenges the problems and the doubts

  8. Jaclyn says:

    Similar in style to A Series of Unfortunate Events the Fitzgerald Trouts are still living on their own with no adults and working on finding a permanent home Kids will love reading about others their age who can drive cars outsmart adults have adventures and even solve a ghostly mystery or twoI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

  9. Sandra says:

    Thank you to Penguin Canada for the chance to read this wonderful book for the tween age group My granddaughter is excited about getting to read it

  10. PWRL says:


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