Death Blow

Death Blow[Read] ➳ Death Blow By Isabella Maldonado – Homicide detective Veranda Cruz takes on the most ruthless member of the Villalobos cartel in this fast paced follow up to Phoenix BurningPhoenix homicide detective Veranda Cruz is on a mission After Homicide detective Veranda Cruz takes on the most ruthless member of the Villalobos cartel in this fast paced follow up to Phoenix BurningPhoenix homicide detective Veranda Cruz is on a mission After Hector Villalobos tried to destroy her family Veranda vowed to take down his powerful crime family Beautiful shrewd and lethal Daria Villalobos is on a mission of her own Determined to be the first woman to take the reins of her father's notorious cartel she hatches a plot to eliminate Veranda framing a rival to take the fallWhen the investigation blows up in Veranda's face the hunt is on to stop the bomber Now she must battle her department and her personal demons as she takes on Daria To survive her most cunning adversary yet will she make a pact with a killerPraise for Phoenix Burning Book in the Veranda Cruz Mysteries Maldonado's a writer to watch and she showcases her own extensive law enforcement background in this tightly plotted police procedural Publishers Weekly Starred ReviewMaldonado a former law enforcement officer brings her experience and expertise to this gripping police procedural With its gritty heroine this action packed mystery will attract readers who enjoy crime novels about the war on drugs Library JournalPhoenix may be burning but Maldonado's star is rising Gritty and gripping J A Jance New York Times bestselling authorMaldonado's writing always bristles with urgency and authority MysteryScene MagazineDelivers a brilliant and complicated heroine accented by a take no prisoners plotIt's spicy smart and entertaining definitely worth your time Steve Berry author of The Lost OrderPraise for Blood's Echo Book in the Veranda Cruz Mysteries Finalist for the Mariposa Award for Best First NovelA highly entertaining police procedural Maldonado rises to her written challenge to entertain enthrall and engage readers in this high octane thriller Suspense MagazineA tense thriller with a strong sense of place and an insider's look at some of the most dangerous work in law enforcement Jan Burke New York Times bestselling authorThe Phoenix sun isn't the only thing burning in this thrilling debut and I look forward to Shannon Baker bestselling author of the Kate Fox mystery seriesAn ex narc leads a war against a powerful crime family The payoff is satisfying Kirkus Reviews.


Death Blow eBook ✓ Unknown Binding
  • Unknown Binding
  • Death Blow
  • Isabella Maldonado
  • 13 October 2016
  • 9780738755601

10 thoughts on “Death Blow

  1. Skip says:

    Like Brendan DuBois I think Isabella Maldonado one of those very talented writers about whom nobody has ever heard One can only hope that the surprising popularity of the TV show Breaking Bad about neighboring city Albuuerue will bring readers to the Southwest Maldonado own experiences are a resource as she herself was a Phoenix police captain with FBI training at uanticoThis series about Latina Phoenix Detective Veranda Cruz and her campaign against a Mexican cartel headed by the ruthless Hector Villalobos aka El Lobo In this third book Cruz is targeted by Hector's daughter Daria in her own power play to become Hector's successor Daria wants to prove herself and is an expert in munitions However El Matador who has always been Hector's enforcer is vying for the same glory Veranda's real family continues to play an important role in her life especially cousin Chuy and her police family as well especially her partner Sam Taut thriller 45 stars

  2. Grace Koshida says:

    Phoenix detective Veranda Cruz is determined to stop the deadly Villalabos cartel once and for all With two sons dead it is now daughter Daria who wants the honourable task of killing Veranda Framing rival Salazar would be an added bonusBut a booby trapped coyote body and another bombing that destroys Veranda's house both fail to kill the feisty detective Daria is demoted by her father but the crazed woman ignores his orders to stop and sets up a final plan to kill both Veranda and Salazar in order to claim her place as heir to the Villalobos cartel And Veranda defies a direct order from her boss in order to end this stand off for goodThis was a gritty thrilling read in the Veranda Cruz mystery seriesI received a digital ARC from Netgalley and Midnight Ink with no reuirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and provided this review

  3. Andrea says:

    This is the third book in the Veranda Cruz Mysteries Although I did not know this when I read it However the writer gives enough and key background information for the reader to feel as if this was a stand alone bookVeranda Cruz is a Phoenix homicide detective who has vowed to take down the Villalobos Cartel and is now facing the only woman in the Villalobos family Daria Villalobos Daria is ruthless and fearless and wants to be the head of the cartel All she needs to do is to eliminate VerandaThis is a good pace mystery action thriller that engages you from the very first page The writing is really good and the story flows effortlessly All of the supporting characters are well thought out and interesting And of course it is also great to have a book with two very powerful female leadsOverall I give this book 55 I would definitely recumbent it to my friends and familyI received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley

  4. Jim says:

    Third book in series Clearly a step down from first two books of series Phoenix detective Veranda Cruz breaks every policy and procedure she can still battling the deadly Villalobos cartel Daughter Daria is bringing the challenge this time around I found it very tiring she's still doing almost everything over and over in all three books Yes the plot did flow pretty well The characters were lively and opened up pretty well Took me five days and several reading sittings for a 320 some odd pages book I was just bored with all things Villalobos Veranda's character needs to move on to other adventures and open up some type of personal life Three stars out of possible five stars If you've read first two in this series you've pretty much read this one

  5. James Winchell says:

    I picked up this book based off the recommendation of the RealBookSpy I will say I was not disappointed Veranda Cruz wants to destroy the Villalobos Cartel and will not stop until she has taken the Cartel down Because what the Cartel has done to her and her family she is out for revenge The worst part is the head of the Villalobos Cartel is her father She will not let anything get it her way even if it cost her family friends or co workers

  6. Steven says:

    The very talented Ms Maldonado has become uite the local celebrity with appearances on TV and at book fairs while winning awards for her writing This is the third book in her Veranda Cruz series and it is the best yet Pitting Veranda against the female wannabe head of her father's drug cartel the author is able to give us two strong female characters From the tight action filled opening chapter the author keeps up an unrelenting pace that makes the pages almost turn by themselves Book one set the scene and introduced us to Veranda her family and her dark secrets In book two the action was relentless and the ending left the reader anxiously waiting for the next book The author delivered big time She brings her vast experience as a law enforcement officer to every crime scene so that they all ring with truth This terrific series is a natural for the big screen Veranda is a complex fully realized character who is headstrong and driven This series is a great addition to the burgeoning Phoenix crime writing scene Mark your calendars for the March 2019 release date

  7. Sharon Grow says:

    The third book in the Phoenix Homicide Detective Veranda Cruz series begins with a body found in a warehouse The man has been tortured shot and bears a tattoo on his chestthe sign of the Villalobos cartel Veranda knows that this is the work of Daria Villalobos daughter of El Lobo aka Hector Villalobos head of the cartel Veranda is the illegitimate daughter of El Lobo and has spent the past two years trying to bring down the cartel Daria wants to kill Veranda to find favor with her father as she has every intention of becoming the new head of the cartel This is a gritty story and there is no forgiveness only death for those who fail at what is expected of them It is a little violent than the murder mysteries that I usually read but for those who like a thriller that will keep you up all night turning the pages this book and series is for you Veranda will fight the cartel and is not afraid to take on the members of her own department as well I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review by paytonpuppy

  8. Robin St. Clare says:

    Death Blow is a really great read for lovers of hard hitting crime thrillers I haven't read any previous Veranda Cruz novels but I was able to jump right in and enjoy the story The characters were all very engaging even the villains frightening as they are were interesting to read about Veranda is a likeable heroine who is definitely not perfect Although she made some decisions I was yelling at her not to there was always a well developed motivation for it She's a great tough kick ass protagonist I loved how many characters were Latinx something I don't often see in the genre In addition the plot was well paced and I never felt bored Overall I really enjoyed reading and I look forward to the next one

  9. Kathleen Gray says:

    Veranda versus Daria Yes this is a showdown between two women one a law enforcement officer and the other a cartel head Veranda Cruz won't back down when she's trying to fight the drugs which are ruining lives in Phoenix which is why Daria wants her gone This is the only series I know where there are two women facing off against one another Both of them are well written and believable Maldonado has made good use of her own background to keep this from going over the top Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC A good read and I'm looking forward to the next one

  10. Bunny Hopkins says:

    Veranda Cruz is a character you can fall in love with Maldonado pens an exciting easy read that has a satisfying ending all the while drawing the reader into the Latina culture of the US southwest I'm looking forward to the next installment of the series

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