Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas (Heart of Texas (Harlequin))

Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas (Heart of Texas (Harlequin))[PDF] ✅ Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas (Heart of Texas (Harlequin)) By Debbie Macomber – Bluevapours.co.uk Welcome to Promise a small town in the heart of Texas where the neighbors are friendly and you might just find love Caroline's Child Everyone in town is curious but no one's ever asked who the father Welcome to Texas Vol. Epub á Promise a small town in the heart of Texas where the neighbors are friendly and Heart Of Epub / you might just find love Caroline's Child Everyone in town is curious but no one's ever asked who Of Texas Vol. PDF/EPUB Á the father of Caroline Daniels's child is and they never will The people of this tight community are Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's PDF \ protective of her and little five year old Maggie They care Especially rancher Grady Weston who's beginning to realize he cares even than most Dr Texas They call her Dr Texas Jane Dickinson a newly graduated physician from California will be working at the Promise clinic but just for a couple years before heading home They call him Mr Grouch Cal Patterson was Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's PDF \ left at the altar by his out of state fiance and he's not over it yet Too bad Jane reminds him so much of the woman he's trying to forget.

Debbie Macomber Texas Vol. Epub á is a New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers Heart Of Epub / with than million copies of her books in print worldwide In her novels Macomber brings to life Of Texas Vol. PDF/EPUB Á compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope Macomber’s Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's PDF \ novels have spent over weeks on the New York Time.

Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas (Heart of Texas (Harlequin))
  • Debbie Macomber
  • 24 August 2016
  • 9780778369875

10 thoughts on “Heart Of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas (Heart of Texas (Harlequin))

  1. Kayrene Smither says:

    Loved this Macomber book about Texas Actually listened to it on CD; very good Love the characters and their stories of Promise

  2. Mareli says:

    In those two books we learn about the third Weston brother a bad seed and the old town Bitter End reveals some of its secrets

  3. Dr. Kaaren Douglas says:

    Not my favorite book but then I'm a family MD myself and I didn't think the author's portrayal was true to what I know about being one I admit I set my standards pretty high and most people won't find her need to fit in by eating high fat food as jarring as I did I lived for part of my medical training in North and South Carolina at different times so not in Texas but it is hard to imagine that bowing to pressure rather than taking care of yourself is the way to get people to trust you

  4. Michelle Molinari says:

    This is the combination re print of two novels in the Hart of Texas saga Caroline’s Child and Dr Texas I do love all these characters and I love how each book spotlights a different set of characters These two highlight two different love stories and we find out who fathered Maggie Instead of following just one character through out the eight books the readers gets to see everyone’s lives A great way to keep the series going and keep the readers’ interest peaked

  5. Kare says:

    I've enjoyed her books because they are gentle in lifestyle than some of my chick lit No pre marital sex cursing is very light and rare Easy reads light hearted This series is on the romances in the town of Promise Texas The Blossom Street series seems to focus on different women issues I've been reading from both sets and find them interesting for different reasons

  6. Carolanne wollin says:

    Much better than the first two The romances are pretty predictable The story about what Richard had done in the past six years came into full view in Caroline's child and concluded in the story DrTexas I do hope we get information and background of Bitter End

  7. Betty Armstrong says:

    Loved the 2 book story

  8. Lynda says:

    Pain was a powerful motivator a bitterness best to avoid in life when possible Whether it was sibling rivalry or a broken engagement romance had an uphill battle in “Texas Nights” Encapsulating Caroline's Child and Dr Texas into one book was a good pairing In Caroline's Child the suffering and pain were understandable and the long lasting effects were realistic Two brothers from opposing sides of the spectrum clashed dramatically love and family bond scarred and tested The pleasing tone of the book the good pacing and the respectable likable characters unfolded nicely in a display of good versus bad I liked the use of a ghost town as the vehicle to extract fear and to put things into perspective As in many small towns and communities the coming together to support at a time of need or joy was accurately displayed within the pages The open friendliness and trusting nature of its people showed how easily manipulation can run a muck Small town charm pain and strong relationships continued to play out in Dr Texas I liked the difference of viewpoints on being alone and single One felt the anguish and the loneliness and it was visible in their interactions with others whereas another embarrassed the safety of being alone closing the door to romance but open to other relationships Characters were good and the eleven short chapters flowed smoothly In both stories strong family ties and values were evident along with the slow reveal of the positive impact when finding love The sense of hope renewal and the heartfelt warmth of love cuddled the heart in an uplifting glow

  9. Cathy says:

    I don't usually read romance novels but I loved this book and couldn't put it down This book contains two complete novels About ten pages into the first one I knew how all the major plot points were going to be resolved but by the time I got to page 20 I didn't care because these books aren't about the plot they're about the characters Macomber does a great job of capturing the inner life of her characters their worries their insecurities their hopes and dreams I instantly connected with most of the people and wanted to be there with them when they found their happy ending Such a wonderful book to read during sad troubled times

  10. Rachel says:

    Why oh why wasn't Caroline honest with Grady from the beginning???? Ugh She made things so much worse by keeping it from him And to be clear what Richard did WAS RAPE I was shocked that it was glossed over as her just being naive and seduced Why does everyone defend that jerk???? He's a manipulative narcissistic creep yet everyone glossed over his behavior especially Savannah It's one thing to be kind and forgiving but it's NOT ok to let someone like that stab you in the back OVER AND OVER Oh and it WAS Savannahs fault that she wasn't watching Maggie well enough You don't promise to watch someone's child then ignore her Once again Savannah being an airhead

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