Beneath the Shadow

Beneath the Shadow[Download] ➽ Beneath the Shadow By Justin Gardiner – In February 2010 with the help of a friend who works as a photographer with a National Geographic sponsored cruise line Justin Gardiner boarded a ship bound for Antarctica A stowaway of sorts Gardiner In February with the help of a friend who works as a photographer with a National Geographic sponsored cruise line Justin Gardiner boarded a ship bound for Antarctica A stowaway of sorts Gardiner used his experiences on this voyage as the narrative backdrop for Beneath the Shadow a compelling firsthand account that breathes new life into the nineteenth century Beneath the PDF \ journals of Antarctic explorers such as Captain Robert Falcon Scott Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and Captain Roald Amundsen Beneath the Shadow is centered on journal excerpts by eight famous explorers which Gardiner uses as touchstones for modern day experiences of harsh seas chance encounters rugged terrain and unspeakable beauty With eual parts levity and lyricism Gardiner navigates the distance between the historical and the contemporary the artistic and the scientific the heroic and the mundane The bold and tragic tales of Antarctic explorers have long held our collective imagination almost as much as the mythically remote land such explorers ventured to and this book makes those voices come to life as few ever have.


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  • ebook
  • Beneath the Shadow
  • Justin Gardiner
  • 20 July 2014
  • 9780820354965

10 thoughts on “Beneath the Shadow

  1. Jenny Podesta says:

    35 StarsAt times captivating and at times a bit redundant Justin Gardiner weaves his personal journey to Antarctica with the great explorers of Antarctica His flawless transitions from his own experiences and thoughts to the diaries of the explorers to the historical tales are fascinating As someone that has always wanted to set their eyes on Antarctica I enjoyed learning the history of the continent much of which I never knew Gardener’s book was an enjoyable history lesson The book slowed down for my at the end and it started to feel like forced reading The details of the groups’ misfortunes and mistakes felt a bit redundant and the reduction of Gardiner’s personal anecdotes pulled me away from the book a bitStill Gardiner did an exceptional job at putting so much history into one book while still adding a poetic and cheeky element and confronting so many misconceptions and controversies I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is outdoorsy or into arctic exploration #BeneathTheShadow #NetGalley

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Beautiful prose meets a captivating reflection and is finely bundled in a history of the Heroic Age of Antarctic adventure Multiple passages stopped me in my tracks as Gardiner was able to pull deeply honest and personally relevant axioms about life from the sometimes banal but usually majestic experience upon his cruise Similar stop me in my tracks moments were found when realizing the humanity of those old explorers and how their flaws motivated them toward and obscured them from their goals While his adventure isn't nearly as globally heroic as those of the Antarctic explorers and he admits that in the book he finds the small personal heroism that many of us hope to find on a day to day basis What a joy to understand myself and understand myself better through a different time and place but that's why we read He does what makes for the best nonfiction poetically finds the personal in a isolated moment in history Bravo Read this book

  3. Kathy says:

    Beneath the Shadow is a compelling look at the history of Antarctic exploration as Gardiner ventures on his own modern day voyage of this fascinating land This book is well written and well researched and I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about the heroic characters who were drawn to the lure of the Antarctic Highly recommend

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