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Body Battlegrounds❮Download❯ ➽ Body Battlegrounds Author Chris Bobel – Body Battlegrounds explores the rich and complex lives of society's body outlaws individuals from myriad social locations who oppose hegemonic norms customs and conventions about the body Original res Body Battlegrounds explores the rich and complex lives of society's body outlaws individuals from myriad social locations who oppose hegemonic norms customs and conventions about the body original research chapters based on textual analysis ualitative interviews and participant observation along with personal narratives provide a window into the everyday lives of people rewriting the norms of embodiment in sites like schools sporting events and doctors' officesTable of Contents Introduction Chris Bobel and Samantha KwanPart I Going Natural Body Hair Battlegrounds The Conseuences Reverberations and Promises of Women Growing Their Leg Pubic and Underarm Hair Breanne Fahs Radical Doulas Childbirth Activism and the Politics of Embodiment Monica Basile Caring for the Corpse Embodied Transgression and Transformation in Home Funeral Advocacy Anne EsacoveLiving Resistance Deconstructing Reconstructing Challenging Medical Advice Following Mastectomy Joanna Rankin My Ten Year Dreadlock Journey Why I Love the Kink in My Hair Today Cheryl Thompson Living My Full Life My Rejecting Weight Loss as an Imperative for Recovery from Binge Eating Disorder Christina Fisanick Pretty Brown Encounters with My Skin Color Praveena LakshmananPart II Representing Resistance Blood as Resistance Photography as Contemporary Menstrual Activism Shayda Kafai Am I Pretty Enough for You Yet Resistance through Parody in the Pretty or Ugly YouTube Trend Katherine Phelps The Infidel in the Mirror Mormon Women's Oppositional Embodiment Kelly Grove and Doug SchrockLiving Resistance A Cystor's Story Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the Disruption of Normative Femininity Ledah McKellar Old Bags Take a Stand A Face Off with Ageism in America Faith Baum and Lori Petchers Making Up with My Body Applying Cosmetics to Resist Disembodiment Haley Gentile I Am a Person Now Autism Indistinguishability and Nonoptimal Outcome Alyssa HillaryPart III Creating Community Disrupting Assumptions Yelling and Pushing on the Bus The Complexity of Black Girls' Resistance Stephanie D Sears and Maxine Leeds Craig Big Gay Men's Performative Protest Against Body Shaming The Case of Girth and Mirth Jason Whitesel What's Love Got to Do with It The Embodied Activism of Domestic Violence Survivors on Welfare Sheila M KatzLiving Resistance Your Signing Is So Beautiful The Radical Invisibility of ASL Interpreters in Public Rachel Kolb Two Shakes Rev Adam Lawrence Dyer Showing Our Muslim Embracing the Hijab in the Era of Paradox Sara Rehman Doing Out A Black Dandy Defies Gender Norms in the Bronx Mark Broomfield Everybody Making Fat Radio for All of Us Cat PausPart IV Transforming Institutions and Ideologies Embodying Nonexistence Encountering Mono and Cisnormativities in Everyday Life J E Sumerau Freeing the Nipple Encoding the Heterosexual Male Gaze into Law J Shoshanna Ehrlich Give Us a Twirl Male Baton Twirlers' Embodied Resistance in a Feminized Terrain Trenton M Haltom That Gentle Somebody Rethinking Black Female Same Sex Practices and Heteronormativity in Contemporary South Africa Taylor RileyLiving Resistance Showing Up as Myself Embodiment and Authenticity in the Classroom Ryan Ambuter Sitting and Resisting How Using a Wheelchair Confronts Ideas of Normal Margaret Stran Against Diabetic Numerology in a Black Body or Why I Cannot Live by the Numbers Anthony Ryan Hatch My Women's Studies Professor Uses Botox Dana BerkowitzAfterword Bodies of Resistance Sonya Renee Taylor.


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  • Body Battlegrounds
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  • 02 October 2016
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