HarvestWhat Counts As A Bad Day For A Vampire Of Kaz S Age One Would Think The Arrival Of Two Council Vampires One Capable Of Ending Eternal Life And, The Other, The Secretary Of The Great Maker Would Rank Quite High On The List But Toss In Creatures Made By The Hand Of Man, A Corporate Founder With Deadly Secrets, And A Matriarch Determined Not To Be Chained By The Council, And It Goes From Bad To WorseEveryone Around Kaz Has Their Own Plans, Their Ideas On How The Night Should End All But Ashley, Who Just Wants To Hide At Home But Is Stripped Of The Right To Do Just That By The Command Of The Great Maker The Creator Of All Vampires Wishes To Know About The Young Woman Who Started It AllWhen Dawn S Light Trickles Over The Horizon, The City May Be Little Than A CraterNo Amount Of Time, Or Experience, Could Prepare Kaz For The Night He Is About To Face, Or What Might Happen To His Family In The Process

Aya DeAniege is a Canadian author who wrote for years, first to please herself then writing stories for free believing no one would ever pay to read her stuff before pursuing indie publishing She still writes mainly for personal pleasure, with topics ranging from romance, fantasy, science fiction, on to whatever takes her fancy in the future World creation fascinates her, and when she finds one she likes, she dabbles endlessly.

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  • Harvest
  • Aya DeAniege
  • 08 July 2019

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