Love Sick: Heartbreaker (The Mafia's First Love)

Love Sick: Heartbreaker (The Mafia's First Love)JustinNo Food No Energy No Money.F Ck My Life Nothing Can Get Worse Than This I M About To Go Out On That Boxing Ring To Fight For That 200 In Cold Hard Cash.It Should Be Easy I M Primed For This I M Trained For This But I M Hungry I Have No Food I M Going To Die Then I See Her She Stumbles Into My Path.One Look One Lick One Taste That S All I Need To Confirm She S Mine.Lily A Kiss, In Exchange For Saving Your Life That S What He Says To Me After He Steals My First Kiss Under The Moonlight.I M Trying To Search For My Freedom, Escaping From My Suffocating Family, Only To Find Him Justin Valenti, The Heartthrob Idol Of Our College Campus, Dubbed Heartbreaker.He S Hot He S Dangerous Like His Name Implies, He S A Heartbreaker There S No Way I M Falling For A Guy Like Him But The I Know Him, The I Realize He S An Honest And Quintessential Hardworking Man.As Each Day Goes By, With The Events That Bind Us Together, I Sink Deeper And Deeper Into This Condition Which I Can Only Name Love Sick.Long SynopsisWhen Innocent Lily Loren Escapes Her Suffocating Family By Going To College In Brooklyn, She Encounters An Incident With A Brilliant But Jaded Fellow Student Whom Everyone Dubbed Heartbreaker He Is The Type Of Man She Wants To Avoid But One Kiss From Heartbreaker Had Her Questioning Her Belief Of What Is The True Definition Of Freedom Lily Is Scared To Admit She Wants Heartbreaker, But Would Her New Found Freedom Be Another Suffocating Cage For Her If She Chooses To Enter A Relationship With Heartbreaker Justin Valenti, Dubbed The Heartbreaker, Has His Own Demons To Deal With Beneath His Cool Fa Ade, He Is Nothing But A Conscience Hard Working Student, Working To Make Ends Meet One Look From Lily Brings Out His Protective Instinct, An Innate Side He Never Felt Before With Other Girls But How Could He Ever Choose To Be With Her When His Past, Present And Future Choose To Torment Him.

Wanitta Praks was born in Thailand in the Cambodian refugee camp to Cambodian parents, but grew up in New Zealand, where she now calls home Wanitta is a dental hygienist by day, working in the University Dental School and private practice, but by night, she s an avid romance writer Her love of writing steams from when she was young, reading the many romance novels that kept her late into the night, and her sister, Alexia Praks, who is also a romance author.Wanitta likes to write about love issues relating to today s society, whether they be age gape, gender issue, or racial issue, she tackles them all, usually with an added dose of comedy, angst and some spice Her main books are contemporary romance fiction but she can also be seen writing YA, new adult, paranormal and fantasy.Subscribe to her mailing list for new releases, free reads and advance reading copy ARC.http contactConnect with her on facebook and twitterhttps pages Wanitthttps WanittaPraks

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  • Love Sick: Heartbreaker (The Mafia's First Love)
  • Wanitta Praks
  • 15 February 2018

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