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The Testaments[PDF] ✍ The Testaments By Margaret Atwood – An alternate cover edition of ISBN 978 0385543781 can be found hereWhen the van door slammed on Offred's future at the end of The Handmaid's Tale readers had no way of telling what lay ahead for her f An alternate cover edition of ISBN can be found hereWhen the van door slammed on Offred's future at the end of The Handmaid's Tale readers had no way of telling what lay ahead for her freedom prison or deathWith The Testaments the wait is overMargaret Atwood's seuel picks up the story than fifteen years after Offred stepped into the unknown with the explosive testaments of three female narrators from GileadIn this brilliant seuel to The Handmaid's Tale acclaimed author Margaret Atwood answers the uestions that have tantalized readers for decadesDear Readers Everything you've ever asked me about Gilead and its inner workings is the inspiration for this book Well almost everything The other inspiration is the world we've been living in Margaret Atwood.

Margaret Atwood was born in in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario uebec and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master's degree from Radcliffe CollegeThroughout her writing career Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry childr.

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10 thoughts on “The Testaments

  1. Tatiana says:

    I guess I'll have to be the one who says what nobody else is willing to say This novel is terrible and Booker judges are starstruck hype driven sellouts And that no professional literary critic has the guts to tell the truth about how poorly conceived and written The Testaments is is a true shame I can't decide which work Atwood should be embarrassed for Angel Catbird Vol 1 or The Testaments The book doesn't read like a novel written by one of the most lauded authors of the 20st century The Testaments reads like a standard issue feminist YA dystopia filled with every overused dystopian trope and every stereotype penned by an author who writes for teen audience and is published by Harper Teen As such it undoubtedly has some appeal to a part of Atwood's readership but literary merit The Testaments has none If this book had a different name on it I would have DNFed it after 50 pages for its lack of originality predictability and mediocre writing style I’ve read a fair number of similar novels I am not opposed to them I enjoyed some of them and some of them for example the upcoming The Grace Year held my attention much better As an Atwood novel The Testaments gets one disappointed angry heart broken star from me Why did the publishers embargo Atwood's new creation I wonder? Surely there is nothing to spoil Maybe to conceal its poor execution or its transparent shallow simplistic and ridiculous plot? The story is told from 3 POVs Aunt Lydia's and two teen girls' one growing up in Gilead and another in Canada Oh my who those girls might be? Twist You can only glimpse Atwood's former brilliance in Aunt Lydia's POV but just for a few moments here and there If the whole novel was written about Aunt Lydia maybe Atwood would have made her journey convincing but alas The other two girls are uintessential YA dystopian heroines one abused by an evil oppressive regime and the other a bratty teen on the run from bad people but who nevertheless has time for some romance Yum Like I said these POVs are so similar to what's been regurgitated over and over in teen publishing it's uncanny Has The Testaments been partially ghost written by Lauren Oliver? I am not trying to dump on Oliver she has her fans and her place in the industry but I expected something infinitely sophisticated from Margaret AtwoodThe new information about Gilead Atwood promised? Well new details of Gilead made the regime nonsensical and less plausible than ever before Who benefits from living in Gilead becomes unfathomable in this book thus making the entire concept pointless kind of like in Wither Totalitarian regimes work at least temporarily because they are supported by a mass of true believers Where are they in this book? But if you yearn for some torture porn in addition to that supplied by the 3 seasons of the TV show then sure Rapists molesters killers suicide victims galore plus solitary confinement there is an overabundance of that All of it written bluntly rashly exploitatively and without any kind of nuance There is no overarching theme in The Testaments except GILEAD IS BAD The plot to overthrow it is a joke If you are looking for a clever thoughtful well written companion to The Handmaid's Tale you are out of luck If you want a bland basic TV show fanfic stuffed with action adventure and genre tropes enjoy The Testaments was written just for you

  2. Emily May says:

    I can sum it up simply this book is not needed I hoped that wouldn't be the case I really really hoped Atwood had something important to add to the world of Gilead with this book but she honestly doesn't If anything The Testaments serves only to weaken the power of The Handmaid's TaleIn the past I have spoken highly of authors who are not afraid to be evil with their books This may give the impression that they are doing something particularly nefarious but in fact it’s not so much something they do but everything they don’t It’s an act of self restraint to not say everything to leave some things unanswered some happy endings unexplored That I feel is one of the greatest strengths of The Handmaid's TaleBecause there is so much we don't know; can't know Everything we experience comes from Offred's narrow world view Everything Offred doesn't know we don't know The ending too is famously ambiguous And these are extremely powerful tools What we don’t know is powerful Ambiguity is powerful Knowing when to finish is powerful As Aunt Lydia notes herself in this very book Where there is emptiness the mind will obligingly fill it up Fear is always at hand to supply any vacancies as is curiosity The Handmaid's Tale forces us to wonder to imagine to fear the worst and hope for the best The Testaments not so much What this book does is remove the ambiguity It provides answers to thirty five year old mysteries that were best left unanswered I am reminded somewhat comically of Jojo Moyes' inability to let go of her Me Before You characters repeatedly opening up the story after leaving it on an emotional high Not every ooh I wonder what the characters did next? should be answered Sometimes not knowing is so much effective And that's Moyes I didn't expect Atwood to indulge in this sentimentality The Handmaid's Tale uses one limited perspective to make us think; The Testaments uses three perspectives and an epilogue in the future to colour in all the corners leaving nothing to the imagination I gave this book two stars for Aunt Lydia's perspective Without her contribution I am honestly not sure I would have pushed through the second half of the book The rest of the book is told from the perspective of two teenage girls one living in Canada and the other in Gilead and the twists regarding them are so glaringly obvious that it is actually a bit embarrassing to read the scenes with the dramatic reveals chapter cliffhanger obviously The whole infiltration by the resistance thing was straight out of every other dime a dozen dystopiaI had so hoped this was going to do something new and important I hoped it was going to impart a new message perhaps relevant to modern times I hoped it was going to be smart and thought provoking I am disappointed Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  3. Marchpane says:

    Return to GileadCheck your expectations at the door The Testaments is a highly entertaining page turner but it is also probably uite different from whatever you were anticipatingIt differs from its 1985 antecedent The Handmaid's Tale in tone voice and literary heft That earlier book had a power and a gravitas that is not recaptured here For me the most striking thing about The Handmaid’s Tale has always been Atwood’s choice of narrator Offred in the book she has no other name is so confined by her circumstances; her isolation is claustrophobic She is essentially passive keeping her head down and daring to aim only for survival while other characters have agency Moira and Ofglen both find proactive ways to thwart the Gilead regime either would have been a natural choice for a protagonist Offred is an Everywoman – with her passivity she confronts the reader Well what would you do in my place? And don't kid yourself It's bleak but the novel's power is in its intimate portrait of powerlessness The Testaments is action driven hopeful and by extension less realistic We follow three characters who are prepared to buck the system to risk everything to crush the patriarchy That two of them are teenagers feeds the sense of buoyancy you get the feeling that Atwood too thinks the kids are gonna save usThe shift in tone will be familiar to viewers of Hulu's TV series — perhaps both Atwood and the showrunners 'read the room' and recognised that the catharsis of a feelgood fightback is what we crave and need most right now If the idea of a book set in Gilead being entertaining — even fun — dismays you best skip this one Indeed The Testaments rather shrewdly on Atwood's part functions as a seuel to both the first book AND the TV adaptation — deftly combining elements from each while avoiding the show's most glaring faults eg its over reliance on a single character and tendency to get bogged down plot wiseThis novel isn't flawless either One of the narrative voices is by far compelling than the others no prizes for guessing that it's the mature morally compromised Aunt Lydia not one of the idealistic teenagers It's a little too TV ready in the way the characters intersect Certain plot twists are loudly telegraphed and the narratives don't always jive with the historical documents they purport to be And my eyes rolled than once Underground Femaleroad really?Still there's much to enjoy The conniving duplicity and monstrous ambivalence of Aunt Lydia makes for thrilling reading Atwood's prose and story spinning have lost none of their magic and for an 80 year old she writes teenage voices surprisingly well Most importantly it's compulsively readable The Testaments is unlikely to become a perennially relevant classic like its predecessor and it's unreasonable to expect that kind of greatness from it As an expansion of the Gilead mythos though it than satisfies

  4. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Winner of best fiction category but it’s not my winner That’s my opinion and I respect fans’ opinions 😣😣 Two stars for the love of Aunt Lydia If she wasn’t in this book I could do something first by giving minus five stars to a book See how I disliked and how I felt frustrated about this hope stealing time wasting one of the biggest failures of the year One of the tasteless testament you could ever have2019 could be one of this year I got really disappointed by movies series books They were like several ugly stabs to your stomach I was unlucky to read Cari Mora After 13 years of waiting patiently Thomas Harris released thishmmitshouldnotbenamed yes this is worse than Voldemort Mister My bad I shouldn’t pick this one The joke is on me several romance books released by Jewel E Ann Karina Halle K A Tucker Renee Carlino etc I watched GOT’s final and started to fantasize how to punch the screenwriters who are also series killers worse occupation than being serial killer in 101 different waysAnd now I’m holding a book which is the worst betrayal to the memory of Handmaid’s Tale one of the best dystopian books that have ever been writtenI didn’t understand the writer’s motive stick to the characters of their previous works Did I want to know what happened to June? Never I just wanted to move on and get rid of terrifying penetrating mind numbing affect to book left on me And here we are with 3 different POVs Aunt LydiaIf it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t add two stars but at least her parts kept me reading because too many times I wanted to drop it and added to my DNF and HNITF have no intention to finish list and two teenage girls one from Canada and one from Gilead I really think on those teenagers’ narration parts the author stopped writing and summoned her interns who returned back from getting her clothes from dry cleaner and her coffee orders and made them take her seat and write all those parts as she had a meeting with Hulu for the future episodes of Handmaid’s TaleAnd twisty part about teenagers oh please you don’t need to have spider senses to foresee it even my ten years old nephew caught the surprise when I told him some specifics about the book I’m good with kids and their intellectual evaluation What about the details of Gilead? Still senseless illogical and irritating than before True believers supporting the system work properly But I just wanted to learn something new different exploring something astonishing shocking and provoking But nonada Now I’m sulking fists clenched but this time as a big change I don’t want to punch any characters I think the creator of them deserved my slaps I already sent my bill to the publishers for wasting my priceless time for nothingbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  5. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    I haven't even finished season 2 of the tv show since it was so emotionally draining but here I am reading this

  6. Sean Barrs says:

    A review in 5 words Unnecessary Pointless Ruining Bland Spoilers

  7. Felicia says:

    This was my most anticipated book for 2019Wait I should amend that statementTHIS WAS THE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF MY MISERABLE FRIGGIN LIFEAnd much like my life it was an epic disappointmentThe Handmaid's Tale is on my Top 10 shelf It is in my opinion the greatest dystopian novel of all time It is everything you expect from the genre and Shocking terrifying an unflinching account of a fucking nightmarish scenario that could actually happen At the end of The Handmaid's Tale I was left devastated and bereft of words I loved the ambiguity and found myself never wanting to know what happened to June I consider this decision by Atwood to be the crowning achievement of the novelWith The Testaments Atwood took that crown and crushed it beneath her penObliterated itAnd nearly took The Handmaid's Tale with it

  8. Justin Tate says:

    It's not easy being the most anticipated book of the year I would argue that most of the negative reactions including my own are based largely on expectations Since published in 1985 The Handmaid's Tale has become sacred ground in the literary world; a true modern classic further amplified by the successful show and current political tensions Stakes for a seuel couldn't be higher and even for the ever talented Margaret Atwood that's a tough performance to deliver All in all this is a well written adventure story that expands the world building hinted at and alluded to by the original But it's also boring mostly unsurprising and generally feels like a cash in opportunityMore specifically I was turned off by all the young characters About 67% of the book is narrated by youth Their lack of maturity creates a Middle Grade narrative voice that is jarring and undesired Not necessarily unrealistic just annoying Their kiddish thoughts go on for pages and pages when a few brief lines would have sufficed to assure us these characters are indeed children Another downer is how many uestions this book doesn't answer The original ended with such a dramatic cliffhanger but the unresolved threads there remain largely unresolved here I won't say which ones to keep this spoiler free but it's important to read this book with appropriate expectations than what was set up by the publisher You won't get all of your burning uestions answered Probably not any of themAs for its positive attributes the few sections narrated by Aunt Lydia are truly spectacular Aunt Lydia has always been a captivating villain and pulling back the curtain on her thoughts is endlessly intriguing Listeners of the audiobook are in for an additional treat since they brought in Ann Dowd from the show to reprise her role for the readingAgain all in all this is a decent yarn It's not going to be a classic but it's an okay pop novel I knew pretty much from the first chapter that it wasn't going to deliver everything I desired for a seuel and by a uarter of the way in it was pretty clear what the ending surprise would be but it still moved at a good pace and kept me moderately in suspense For Handmaid’s Tale fans as long as you lower your expectations there's no reason why you can't find enjoyment in these further adventures of Gilead

  9. Lisa says:

    How tedious is a tyranny in the throes of enactment It's always the same plot So why does Margaret Atwood choose to tell the story again? That uestion has haunted me since I heard the announcement of the project almost a year ago WHY? I was convinced I would hate the hype and the gushing reviews and the book itself and started reading with the attitude of someone who knew the story didn't need telling againTo my surprise I liked it from the start and soon engaged in the thriller unfolding with a rare reading joy still wondering why Atwood wasted her precious time on a seuel like this Not much new was added to the dystopian plot of Gilead I thought But then a shift occurred in my mindI always saw The Handmaid's Tale as a warning of the slow normalisation of religious fanaticism and of the strengthening of patriarchal structures in our modern era and the story itself as a mirror of our all too human tendencies to adjust to the most absurd situations if we are caught off guard and left confusedThe Testaments has a different purpose and it comes as a challenge in the era of #MeToo Don't accept the unacceptable Act on injustice Speak up Do what has to be done to make the world safer for women and children Say no to the objectification of your body No tyranny will last forever if you are brave enough to do your individual bitWhenever Aunt Lydia's badly executed statue was mentioned I had this strange feeling that it was some kind of Atwoodian insider joke but I could not put my finger on the reference In the end I gave up trying to figure out what she meant as I found my own truth And I had to wait until the very end the last page made me laugh out loud Another scientific conference on Gileadean Studies another reflection on the difficulty to find truth in details Truth is in the symbol though and that noseless broken statue of Aunt Lydia that was found after the breakdown of Gilead spoke of the ephemeral immortality deliberately oxymoronic from the start that Ozimandias fell victim to in Shelley's famous sonnet I will close with him as he speaks of the timelessness of powerlessness and immutabilityI met a traveller from an antiue landWho said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stoneStand in the desert Near them on the sandHalf sunk a shattered visage lies whose frownAnd wrinkled lip and sneer of cold commandTell that its sculptor well those passions readWhich yet survive stamped on these lifeless thingsThe hand that mocked them and the heart that fed;And on the pedestal these words appearMy name is Ozymandias King of Kings;Look on my Works ye Mighty and despairNothing beside remains Round the decayOf that colossal Wreck boundless and bareThe lone and level sands stretch far away”Nothing beside remains to be said I leave my earlier testimonies as a tribute to the process of discovering the truth of the storyteller in each hisstoryMy predictions will face realityor fiction? check now I can't believe I am actually holding a brandnew copy of The Testaments in my hands we are writing the date of 911 Anno Domini 2019Let the journey beginThoughts on hearing it was coming in 2018Based on the scary prophetic power of some of Margaret Atwood's other dystopian social studies I am not sure I can even stomach the idea of what will happen to Offred next May I suggest a feel good start changing her name into Nofred?No that's not going to happen I think the world is currently growing into Margaret Atwood's new novel demonstrating the insanity a bit each day Getting very very impatient by now If I were to embrace a religion No it would have to be the religion of literature and I would praise the special god in Atwood's MaddAddam every day by now Oh Fuck as Snowman the Jimmy said only when it was really really bad which was uite often

  10. Maria says:

    345 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️“You don’t believe the sky is falling until a chunk of it falls on you”I'm very conflicted I don't know if this book tricked me into liking it or if I actually do or don't Because when I think about the characters and the plot a little I find problems I'm very confused though This was a very anticipated and surprising book for many of us We all know it happened because of the tv show but luckily they concealed it by developing a completely different plot with different characters that connected somehow to the original ones Yes because they could doesn't mean they should but it was a story that indeed could be told But it ruined the mystery that first book left in us you know? There is a trend in media these days with patronizing the fans and explaining to us through exposition every single thing like we're imbeciles I love media which keeps all the mystery and lure you in without making everything blatantly obvious This book explained too many thingsFirst of all there are three different perspectives we see the world through here Baby Nicole the Famous Aunt Lydia and a random but not so much at the end daughter of a commander Agnes Aunt Lydia's side was the most engaging and interesting to me Yes I have watched the show yes I fucking hate that bitch but we see a different side of her here that I didn't anticipate I will definitely be seeing her with a different light once the show is back on I found Nicole and Agnes to have the same voice and were kind of annoying sometimes At first I needed like half a page to understand which POV I was reading from Especially with scenes when they ware together I feel like Nicole gained character when she went to Gilead but this was just because she was different than all of them Yes I enjoyed the swears Duh But I wanted something character wise? I didn't feel as whole as with JuneOffred She was such an engaging character Maybe this happened because we had many POVs to read from? I can't sayThe plot felt somewhat basic and expected? The book was definitely bigger than it should be Too much exposition man It wasn't boring at all for me but I think the length could be lowered I don't know what to tell you people I'm still very puzzled Read this book of course but don't have the expectation that you'll like it as much as the first one But I gotta admit this book gave me a big thirst for the show now I can't wait for it to be back honestly Even though there we are in a completely different path I want to see if anything will stay the same once we get seasons and when it ends Anyway till the next one K BYE

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