Familiar Beginnings (Demon Magic, #2)

Familiar Beginnings (Demon Magic, #2)❮BOOKS❯ ⚦ Familiar Beginnings (Demon Magic, #2) Author Alice Winters – Bluevapours.co.uk Smart men uit while they’re ahead—they lay low and hope disaster blows on by them Not me Especially when disaster seems to follow me and my soulmate Havoc a demon I bound to me three hundred years Smart men uit while they’re ahead—they lay low and hope disaster blows on by them Not me Especially when disaster seems to follow me and my soulmate Havoc a demon I bound to me three hundred years ago with my magicThe dark mage Geoff is back from the dead and creating chaos by devouring the hearts of people with magical abilities giving him overwhelming power as his followers grow And since I’m one of the strongest mages alive and am leading the resistance against him he’s coming for me next Oh and it might have something to do with the fact that I was also the one who originally killed him But you can’t blame me; the guy needed to dieHavoc and I along with our unlikely band of I don’t want to say heroes I can’t give them that much credit annoyances will stop at nothing to end the destruction It doesn’t hurt that there’s a sexy demon by my side every step of the way For the first time in three hundred years I’m finally with the person meant for me and I will do anything to keep from losing him Familiar Beginnings is a k word seuel to Happy Endings It contains a powerful mage who just wants to be left in peace a mysterious curly haired troublemaker gargoyles that are literally dumber than stone a river trip that doesn’t feel at all like a vacation and a “cat” with some unusual features and deadly claws.

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Familiar Beginnings Epub ✓ Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 214 pages
  • Familiar Beginnings (Demon Magic, #2)
  • Alice Winters
  • English
  • 10 January 2016

10 thoughts on “Familiar Beginnings (Demon Magic, #2)

  1. ☆ Todd says:

    I loved loved LOVED this follow up story to Happy Endings which left off with one bad guy dealt with but the Major Big Bad still on the loose and out for blood While the first book took the MC's from a centuries long platonic working partnership to a romantic relationship full of snark and banter this story firmly cemented their HEA if they could stay alive long enough to actually enjoy it This time around to me at least it seemed as if there were uite a few touching moments which I thoroughly enjoyed “You were the only thing I managed to care about I’ve made your life difficult I’ll admit that but humans had lied to me and gained my trust so many times that it took me a long time to realize you were different You were worth caring about And only now do I realize how much I care about you Even if you occasionally irritate me or sass me”“I like sassing you”“I’m aware Another cool aspect of this story was how Miles used his ability to push some of his memories to Havoc to share those past events I loved that concept with both MC's sharing in the remembrance instead of only one MC having an info dumpy flashbackOne aspect of Alice's stories that her most die hard fans tend to enjoy is when she unleashes completely over the top humor and situations which was also done here but to a slightly lesser degree than in some of her previous books They are definitely still there though so don't fretI especially liked the antics of the cat??? that Miles inherited and the reappearance of Marco the egotistical narcissistic angel “What could I do to get you to like me ?” Marco asks “You could stop harassing me stop pretending like you’re better than everyone and stop reminding me that you have a penis; that would be an amazing start”“Can you think of something easier?” While both steam and mild angst are present in the story the happily took a slight back seat in comparison to the romance action and intrigue which made me very happyIf I had to point out any possible shortcomings I'm talking a gun to my head situation I'd probably say that when The Big Fight finally happened the Evil Asshole's defeat may have been over an itty bit uicker than I usually preferBut it was a great book and would absolutely love to get books fearing either these MC's or some of the weird cast of side characters so fingers crossed on that front45 “ What the fuck are you riding?” stars This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membershipSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links

  2. Mrinmayi says:

    35ME THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE TOGETHERI think this series is so underratedTHERE WERE SO MANY LAUGH OUT LOUD MOMENTSAnd trust me the humor did not feel forced or cringe worthyWhat I liked the most was the chemistry between Havoc and MilesHavoc the demon had a sarcastic sense of humorPair him with the sweet and charming Miles who is a Mage btwand you have the perfect pairThe MC's are fabulousThe side characters add an extra punch to the storyThe romance is swoon worthyyou root for these two to get their HEAI would have rated this higher if the plot was less pretictableBut overall I enjoyed it

  3. Deborah says:

    I absolutely loved Happy Endings Miles Havoc and the whole posse of weird and wonderful creatures And therefore I couldn’t wait for this book I was up at midnight trying to download it and fell asleep at 130am with my kindle on my faceIt’s all my favourite characters from the previous book Plus some interesting new ones As Miles yet again takes on GeoffThere’s humour of course and some fabulous moments I just can’t get enough And I hope we get of the cute little cat And of all these charactersFingers crossed there’s

  4. Verdelite says:

    Have I mentioned that I love Havoc yet? I love Havoc so I made a thing 3

  5. Daesy says:

    grm some spoilersAlso this 2nd book was funny and with a charming plot Miles and Havoc were just too cute and the catdragon was a good addition to their family We also found out that mages too can have familiars and Miles finally found his in the way of that sassy cat We met a lot of new characters and also if we didn't really learn much about them they still were essential to the story and interesting I actually think that this series could end like this we saw a lot of flashbacks about their pasts and understood many things but who knows maybe the author wants to add books to it

  6. Amanda says:

    Wow I can't believe it took that long for this seuel to be released Thank goodness I only found out about Book 1 just days ago and able to read it back to back Love love love the shenanigans between Miles the powerful yet understated mage and his crazy and incorrigible demon Havoc They are now all coupled up and so in love with each other yet they still bicker like always Fun times Even with the homicidal and back from the death Geoff didn't deter my enjoyment My favorite part is always when Miles and Havoc shared a memories of their past I could have read an entire preuel about them together when Miles was much younger A shout out to their magical group of friends that are pretty amazing too

  7. Stephanie ✨ says:

    4✨I swear I don't have a dragon fetishUnless maybe I do 3This book was a good follow up to the first one I liked it but it didn't make me laugh out loud like the first one did so that's why it's rated just a little bit lowerBut this was a great conclusion to the story of Miles and Havoc And the epilogue killed me view spoilerI was actually supposed to be in Disney today so it was bittersweet that these lovelies got to eat chocolate there Sigh hide spoiler

  8. Micah says:

    A good follow up to the original book Likable characters some action adventure all made for a fun tale Plot line felt a bit too rushed though There’s a lot of build up to a climax that’s over in like 3 paragraphs I’ll be honest I was a little underwhelmed with this but can’t win em all

  9. Bookreader87(Amanda) says:

    Dragons are nrealMiles and his crew of misfits are back at it again They are on the search for Geoff the evil mage who is consuming magical hearts to build up his power Miles beat him once before but can he do it again? This was another solid read My favorite parts were the growing love between Havoc and Miles It really shines bright in this one

  10. Alex says:

    Freaking amazingAnd the cat 😂So much fun reading

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